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  • Superb teleplay of Ayckbourn's stage hit taking us to three kitchens of three business associates and their spouses on three successive Christmases (last Christmas, this Christmas, next Christmas). Over the three years fortunes and fates are reversed and the manic laughter of last Christmas turns to surreal abandon next Christmas. Super perfs all-around but of note by Maureen Lipman and Geoff Palmer. Is the ending heartbreaking or hilarious? Both? You decide.
  • synthrichie28 December 2013
    Some programs you never tire in watching and this is one of those gems. Lucky to watch this when it was first broadcast and a year or two later it was repeated so managed to video it. Nearly every Christmas I make a point of watching this and always relish in its excellence. From the superb acting, delicious and witty scripts and the clever way it is shot in such tiny studio sets you can only but wonder why the BBC didn't show this as often on TV as they did; it is an absolute gem of a play. For me Prunella Scales is the star but all the actors interact so well together this is a delicate interplay of different personalities cleverly forged into a ballet of mirth. This program should really be released on DVD or repeated again for future generations. A stonker.