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  • What can I say about this movie that was already said? It is my favorite time travel sci-fi, adventure epic comedy in the 80's and I love this movie to death! When I saw this movie I was thrown out by its theme. An excellent sci-fi, adventure epic, I LOVE the 80s. It's simple the greatest time travel movie ever happened in the history of world cinema. I love this movie to death, I love, LOVE, love it!

    I firstly saw this movie in the early 90's as a kid on VHS tape and I was blow away by the action and the score and the title back to the future. This movie is one of the best masterpiece time travel epic adventure film. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are fantastic at acting. Music theme score by Alan Silvestri is excellent I could listen to it whole day.

    Back to the Future (1985)

    From the Academy Award "- winning team of Steven Spielberg" and Robert Zemeckis** comes the hilariously groundbreaking adventure that thrilled critics and audiences alike - and sparked one of the most successful movie trilogy ever! Directed by Robert Zemeckis the movie begins with Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) a teenager who has a really messed up family. His ultimate goal was to become a rock star which was heartened by his girl friend Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wells). But things went wrong when scientist Dr. Emmett Brown/Doc (Christopher Lloyd) wanted Marty's assistance for his new invention.

    At that night Marty went to assist Doc's invention the Time traveling Car "DeLorean". Marty was told to record Doc's first time travel to the future. At that instant they were attacked by some Libyan terrorists who were cheated by Doc for Plutonium.

    After killing Doc they turn towards to Marty and without any intention Marty enters the Time Traveling car. But it was previously set by Doc and when activated Marty gets transfer to 1955 from 1985.

    What will he do next, will he can come back to the future, or will he stuck back in the past for his rest of the life. More than that will his time travel make serious effects on the future? Dealing with time travel and time paradox Steven Spielberg presents this amazing journey of Marty set up in the time of 80's and 50's. Scripted by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale for the story of Bob Gale himself, tells a science fiction adventure in a family oriented tone.

    They really work hard to sculpt that sci-fi thread into a thrilling, culture clashed family movie. A good story with a great script. Also the soul of the movie was given by the legend Alan Silvestri. His composition was all memorable especially in the chasing and emotional scenes. Over the top the theme music, it was the most dazzling and recognizable themes in the movie history.

    More than that the casting was simply brilliant, each and every actor is born to play their respected roles in this movie. Michael J. Fox was the only actor who can play the role of energetic Marty McFly, which was considered for numerous actors. Also Thomas F. Wilson was brilliant in his performance as the Bad boy Biff Tannen. Lea Thompson did a great work in portraying Lorraine Baines's two different life times, as a teenage girl and a matured mother. Well the extra talented Christopher Lloyd had almost "chewed every scenes" in the movie. Mr. Lloyd's versatile performance as the madman and genius scientist Dr. Emmett Brown is one of the great memorable roles in his carrier.

    Last but not the least, it was Crispin Glover who steal the show as the nerdy teenager/father as George McFly. It was an interesting portrayal as a boy who was transformed to a man. Crispin Glover lived in that part. I don't know whether the movie would be a masterpiece without his unique performance. Above all I want to remember this as a romantic movie and it couldn't be made without the songs "The Power of Love," and "Earth Angel".

    The rating I am giving is 10/10 the original and the best one of all time. I love this film, it is my favorite time travel movie of all time and I love it to death! All in all it is the greatest sci-fi, romantic movie of all time. It is the part of the great Movie History, which consider itself as " A Modern/Classic Masterpiece! "
  • Back To The Future (1985) is my all time favourite movie. It's a thoroughly feel good film, accessible to all ages and enjoyable from the 1st to the 45th time of watching and never fails to bring a smile. Humour for all ages and a kick-ass car to boot, what more could a young kid want? Or those young at heart?

    From Marty's "Johnny B Goode" to Doc's classic "Run For It Marty!" You'll find that even though you know what's coming next, you'll still laugh. It is the ultimate feel good movie, the weed overcomes the bully, the dreamers wishes come true and all because a nosey old bird thrusts for a nickel "Save The Clock Tower!"

    It's popularity spawned 2 sequels and although it got decreasingly good in terms of quality as a film, Back To The Future remains the best film in my repetoire and a safe bet when you need to feel good.

    It gets a solid 9 out of 10, comedy, fantasy, the gorgeous Lea Thompson, the insane but comic Doc and the typical teenager Marty make this film a must for all young at heart.
  • Back To The Future is such an inventive and exciting piece of filmmaking that it is impossible to forget about it. The casting of every character involved was absolutely perfect, and the performances were spectacular. I first saw this film when I was six years old, and it is the only movie that I know of that I don't think I could ever get sick of.

    One of the best things about Back To The Future is that it really makes you think. You can have in-depth conversations about the plausibility of the story-line and spend hours discussing the film. The story is awesome, it is delivered cleverly and entertainingly, and the movie as a whole is just so much FUN that it can be forgiven whatever number of time-travel discrepancies that may be found in the plot.

    I cannot recommend this movie enough. I have never found a movie other than this one that provides such a huge dose of great fun, and it has the desirable quality where you are able to see something new each time you see it. The only problem is that they stopped at part III.
  • Zemeckis's 'Back To The Future' trilogy has been a childhood favourite for a long time. Having revisited it today, brought me to a nostalgic state. The 80's saw a lot of excellent original fun 'young' films like 'Back To The Future' (of course), 'Better Off Dead', 'Heathers', 'The Breakfast Club' etc. What really made these films immensely enjoyable then, and classics today, is that they really reflected what it was like being a young person in the 80s. The movies themselves were well written, well executed, well acted and they cut straight to the point.

    Back to 'Back To The Future'. This one is sheer fun, even today. There's an incredible energy about it but it still manages to stay an 'innocent' film. The music is very effective. It's slick and follows a steady pace. The special effects are decent. Though people might pick on the plausibility of the time travelling, I think this is really a very minor flaw because it is overall a well written movie and the point was to entertain. Yet, this is not to say that it's brainless entertainment. I think it cleverly brings forth some interesting themes and I liked how they funnily used some ideas of Oedipus Rex's story.

    The acting is superb overall. Christopher Lloyd as the over-the-top mad scientist is a laugh riot. Michael J. Fox totally owns Marty McFly with his natural charisma, raw energy and brilliant dialogue delivery. Lea Thompson is cute and vivacious and Crispin Glover is good.

    'Back To The Future' is one of the most enjoyable time-travelling classics. It's over 23 years old and it still hasn't gotten old. Sadly, they don't make it like this these days but then again we always can revisit them. That's why they're classics.
  • A funny sci-fi? Unusual but here it not only works but does so spectacularly. A whimsical but very clever time travel story that bedazzles you leaving you wanting more.

    The charasmatic Michael J Fox plays a wonderful bumbling high schooler searching for love, a guitar gig and his existence which he himself threatens to erase.

    Clever and humourous references litter this fun flick; references which are further improved upon in the sequels. Views of the same scenes from different angles, different perspectives and different timelines abound.

    Fun for the entire family.
  • mm-3928 November 2004
    One of the last movies I went with sister to see back in 86. The film blew my mind. My friends never wanted to see this one. I was happy I went. Many year's latter, I bought "Back to the Future" at Mc Donalds for $2.99 or for some other low price with a meal. The film ages well, and I love it just the same. The director and screen writer mixes science fiction, humor, and action perfectly. A big component of the script is time line theory which drives the story. Marty has many problems to fix, and finds out more than anyone wants to know about their parents. Michael J Fox and Christopher Loyd were excellently casted. Marty and Doc what a chemistry. With the film series one see the many dualities with time travel, that become a constant with the movie. The town clock, being awoke in a strange place, and letters. Keep this in mind when watching the 2 other sequels. The theory that time repeats itself is evident. What a time machine, the Delorian adds to this movie. Worth watch over again. 10 out of 10! Thank you TBS for showing all 3 films.
  • As a child, I used to watch this movie religiously. I loved the chemistry between Doc Brown and Marty McFly, I loved the all too familiar soundtrack and the ridiculous way in which George McFly laughs. This movie has become such a nostalgic and feel-good film for me. I had the good fortunate to see all three 'Back to the Future' movies in cinema last year and it was such an experience to watch this timeless classic with people who enjoy this film as much as I do. Everyone has to see this film at least once in their life! Such an amazing, funny Sci-Fi from the 1980's. I just can't get enough of this movie - it will just never get old. Cannot recommend it enough!
  • BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) **** Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Marc McClure, Wendy Jo Sperber. This generation's "It's a Wonderful Life"? Think about it. Very popular and very entertaining sci-fi comedy that made Fox a movie star after success with tv's "Family Ties", casting him, after Eric Stoltz was dropped, as Marty McFly who winds up in a nuclear-powered DeLorean time-machine and is sent back in time to 1955 by his quintessentially eccentric friend Dr. Emmet Brown (Lloyd doing a fine Art Carney). There he meets up with his parents to be and realizes his chance encounters have changed his future and he must see history repeat itself or perish. High-concept hilarity and some truly ingenious schematics thanks to screenwriter Bob Gale and director Bob Zemeckis. Wondering what it would be like to never be born and/or what it would be like if things were different...see what I mean. Oscar-nominated song "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis (who has a fun cameo) fuels this dynamo gem of a film. Classic.
  • Time travel movies never disappoint-that is because the concept of time travel is a very interesting one which most people must have thought about at one time or another. What would happen if you went back in time and an innocuous act changed the course of history for better or worse? It's something to think about.

    I won't reveal any plot details for this movie because it will spoil it for those who haven't seen it. Let's just say that Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly ends up back in 1955 where a sequence of events inadvertently orchestrated by Marty threaten his very existence. He is aided by Doc Brown played brilliantly by Christopher Lloyd who tries to get him back to 1985 without causing any damage to the fabric of time.

    The movie is great-and I feel it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their individual tastes in film genres. In fact, I find it hard to believe anyone could dislike a film like this. It has action, adventure, plenty of humour and some cool moments. All the actors involved in the movie play their parts great.

    Anyone who watches this movie will love it.
  • When you talk about Back to the Future, you have to talk about the whole trilogy. Because Zemeckis and Gale didn't make sequels they extended the length of one film, which is very different than a sequel.

    The ultimate film must allow the audience feel part of the film and relate to the characters. This film is the best because it takes a fantasy story and makes it adaptable to real-life. I don't know how soon anyone will be able to time-travel, but you can relate to Marty McFly's (Michael J. Fox) reaction to the change. Even if you're not a teenager you can believe it in someway. Back to the Future is the perfect and its been extended into a masterpiece with 2 sequels or extensions as I see it. Definitely a must see, if your pathetic enough not to have seen in at least the last 8 years.

    Amazing story by Gale and Zemeckis. Great acting especially by Michael J. Fox, but also great work by Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Tom Wilson. Such an exciting an involved story.
  • gavin694219 November 2014
    A young man (Michael J. Fox) is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and must make sure his high-school-age parents unite in order to save his own existence.

    After almost thirty years (2014), this film loses none of its charm, and actually gains respect. The movie has had such a strong impression on everyone, whether they have seen it or not, as it completely permeated pop culture.

    The script is genius, not only how it parallels 1955 and 1985 (some of the references are dynamite), but how it set the scene for the sequels (despite allegedly not intending to have any). This is just one clever gag after another, and may require repeated viewings to catch them all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is without a doubt, my favorite movie of all time. Back to the future stars': Micheal.J.Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Crispin lover just to name a few. I did that without checking ether which proves that I've seen this movie WAY to many times in a week (6 times to be exact). Lets get to the plot.

    It's about a kid who gets sent to the past, accidentally stop his parents falling in love and seducing his mum? Creepy.

    Real talk time!!!! (A time when I talk about whats good/bad about a movie) The Cajigger: (main plot item) it is the DeLorian the coolest time vehicle ever made. 88/100

    The feel: this move irradiates 80s' it has the cool guitarist, it has the girls with weird hair, it has the teen which just wants to rock 'n' roll... PARTY ON.

    The Doc: he is the equivalent of mixing Dr Frankenstein, Mel Brooks and Dr Evil. You get the idea. A funny, crazy scientist. It's as epic as it sounds.

    This movie is easily the best time travel movie and even the best movie ever made.

    don't do yourself a disservice and not watch it. GO WATCH IT.
  • This film is just one of a kind. The charm and wit are so good it will have you wonder how they came up with such a concept, Michael J Fox is at his best as are the rest of the cast. Humour,comedy, science fiction, this film has it all. This film will remain timeless,I would urge anyone who loves films to add this one to their list now. The special effects are still great looking and look far better then most effects today, your heart will still be in your mouth when Marty races towards the clock tower in a bid to get struck by lightning, this is a film you will watch again and again and will always put a smile on your face.
  • I just asked my friend that I'm speaking with through instant messenger if he had ever seen "Back to the Future" and he said "Yeah, who hasn't?", sadly, I never had the opportunity until tonite and he called me a failure as a movie buff, well, at least I've seen the movies now! Ha ha! I'm back on track! Well, obviously, this is my first review for the first Back to the Future and when I came her to IMDb, I knew this was a well loved movie, I was just amazed at it being on the top 250, but I can't give it a lower rating because Back to the Future was an excellent film that was ground breaking for it's time and still today.

    Marty McFly and his good friend, The Doc, are two science nuts. Marty isn't really happy with his home life and the fact that he and his parents are very square and strict, The Doc calls Marty and shows him his latest invention, his De Lauren that he built into a time machine. When the government go after The Doc and Marty has to get away, he jumps in the car and goes back to the year of 1955, when his parents met. Instead of the way his mom and dad met happening to his dad, he ends up being in the position and mom ends up falling for her son, not even knowing! But he has to make sure his parents are together in time so he can get back without altering the future.

    Back to the Future to this day is still a timeless treasure that I notice more and more is becoming part of a newer generation. Michael J. Fox should be proud, his work will be remembered for a long time. Back to the Future worked so well because of the great story and the humor was great, the whole cast worked together and made a terrific movie that will be looked back on thirty years from now and still be considered cool.

  • Back to the future is probably one of the best movies if not the best movie I have ever seen. This movie is just fantastic, awesome and flawless. The action and suspense of this movie still excites to this day. You can watch this movie over and over again and still be thrilled. Most likely This is easily one of the best movies ever made. A must watch movie for anybody, any age, even if they aren't a very big movie person. Not much more to say.The movie has almost no flaws at all, and will not disappoint anybody who views it. A true classic that will endlessly entertain anyone. Overall a truly entertaining, memorable and amazing movie with very few flaws. Ten out of Ten stars.
  • Back to the Future is one of those rare, almost forgotten, pieces of pop culture that, surprisingly, draws little attention to itself. Unlike such notable gimmicks as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and Independence Day, there aren't any low-budget leeches trying to imitate off this work and cash-in on its success. This is due to the near flawless script. Why it didn't win an Oscar, you're guess is as good as mine. Making a time-travel storyline as in this movie that doesn't fall into plot holes the size of Terminator's is exceptionally difficult. I'd know.

    The film starts slow, and gradually accelerates as it progresses. You could almost call it a Jerry Bruckheimer movie for kids with Spielberg's trademark nostalgia. The characters themselves are typical stereotypes for a movie like this and none of them, not even Marty himself, gel with potential. In some ways it's as if MAD magazine made the film in an attempt to be serious.

    With such an automotive obsession as this film has, one must wonder if George Lucas was involved.

    Overall, I have to praise this movie for its inventiveness and originality, even if it created most of our time-travel cliches. 4 out of 5 stars. Well worth your time.
  • I watched this movie again for about the seventh time after a 10 year lapse or so. If there ever was magic on screen, Back to the Future has it. By the end of the film, I was only thinking, "Wow, Hollywood was once capable of putting magic on the screen." It really makes you wonder if the best of Hollywood is behind us.

    To summarize a few components of the movie: The storyline and plot are superb, even with the minor plot holes. The acting is spot on in every scene. Today's film editors should watch this film a hundred times to see what editing should really be like, nearly flawless. The direction is unbelievable in my opinion. The screen writing and script are perfect as well and will make you laugh and smile throughout the movie. Every line by the awkward McFly family, every crazy rumbling of "Doc", and even the cheesy bully taunts of Biff fit together so well.

    When I sat down to watch this movie a few days ago, I expected to see an aged movie that I remembered being much better than it actually was. I'm so glad I was wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Synchronize your watches! If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88mph, you're gonna see some serious s***. Directed & written by Robert Zemeckis, this movie will forever remind me of what good-feel movie is supposed to be. The movie is about a teenager from 1985, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) whom is sent back in time to 1955. While, he was there, he meets his future parents in high school and accidentally becomes his mother, Lorraine (Lea Thompson)'s romantic interest, causing a time-rip. Marty must repair the damage to history by trying to get his parents to fall in love, and with the help of scientist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd), while, also finding a way to return to 1985. I love the fish out of water history time-travel comedy, with the high-stakes action scenes. It was very entertaining. I love how the film has its running gags, and inside jokes of historical pop culture events; of Robert Zemeckis's work, and what was happening in the 1980s at the time. The movie has everything for every audience member, at the time. While, most movies were risqué and adult-aimed at the time; this movie balance it, enough to make it watchable for both family and single house-hold settlings. Parents went to go see it for nostalgia reasons. While the movie is mostly set in 1950's, it's truly a mark of the 1980's. I have to give the movie props with its controversial movie dilemma, with the Oedipal relationship with his mother. In any other movie, this might be tasteless, and turn people off, but Back to the Future made it work. I can also buy that, teenager Marty McFly would be friends with an older mad scientist, Doc Brown without it being creepy. Both have this father/son relationship that I love from this film. Mad praise to Christopher Lloyd for creating this character for his own. I can't see, anybody besides him. The production was indeed challenging. There were some changes that help the film, a lot. First off, is the title of the film, the film was almost call, 'Spaceman from Pluto'. Gladly, somebody came to their senses, and went back into the title, 'Back to the Future'. Another is that, while, Michael J. Fox was the first choice to play Marty McFly, but he was committed to the show Family Ties. So they hired Eric Stoltz. I wouldn't say, Eric Stoltz would be awful in the movie, but indeed, Michael J Fox was the best choice for the film and they wait on production, until Fox's schedule opened up. The supporting cast is well-acted. Crispin Glover that played George McFly got all George's nerdy mannerisms, right. Lea Thompson is just amazing, and beautiful actress to play Lorraine McFly. Thomas F. Wilson as the bully, Biff Tannen was just hilarious. Every scene with him, made the film, so much better. You'll love to hate him. The set use for the film is one of the most famous movie backlot, previously being used in such works as 1962's To Kill a Mocking Bird, 1960's Inherit the Wind, and others works. The movie had a pretty good pace. There weren't a lot of slow or boring moments. Maybe, the beginning, it does take them, forever to get the time travel part of the film. Eight minutes were cut, including Marty watching his mom cheat during an exam, George getting stuck in a telephone booth and Marty pretending to be Darth Vader. Thank God, they cut the 'Nuking the Fridge' idea. An early draft of the Back to the Future script saw Marty travelling through time in a fridge and being caught in a nuclear bomb detonation. Spielberg would later use this in 2008's Indiana Jones & Kingdom Skull. Zemeckis almost cut out the "Johnny B. Goode" sequence as he felt it did not advance the story, but the preview audience loved it, so it was kept. The visual/special effects are just ground-breaking for the time, and it's just beautiful to watch. The opening scene, flawlessly sets up the film's central themes of time and space, provides heaps of exposition. The music by Alan Silvestri is emotional, epic and intense music. It's give the feel of two friends alone, fighting alone against two of the greatest forces ever know to humanity; time and fate. About Huey Lewis and the News, "The Power of Love". It's a product of its time. It doesn't hurt or help the film. It's just there. I do love the 'Earth Angel' song. It's romantic as hell. There are some nitpicks that I could focus on, like the time-travel plot-holes, but trying to understand the logic of all the time travel paradoxes, would take you out of the movie, and give you a headache. It's not worth it. Still, how his parents never find out that Marty McFly look like the kid, Calvin Klein from their childhood? Other faults of the movie are, the Pepsi product placement and its over used clichés. The movie also one of those films that would audience would see anything in it, as people see symbolism from 9/11 tragedy, JFK assassination conspiracy, Aliens, and others. Others see the film, themes taken from ancient and spiritual myths such as Kronos vs Zeus, the Bible, and others. One thing, it did influence is the skateboarding culture. The movie occurred during the 1980s infancy of the skateboarding sub-culture. The film was such a success, that it create two sequels, 1989's 'Back to the Future Parts II' and 1990's 'Back to the Future Park III'. It also create an animated series, theme park ride, several video games and a forthcoming musical. As with all great movies, Back to the Future, has stood the test of time. It never gets old. Overall: Power up the DeLorean, turn the time circuits on and get the flux capacitor! Where we're going, we don't need roads.
  • When I was little, my mom bought this movie on DVD for my dad. He turned it on one day and I brushed it off as "one of those weird old movies daddy likes". Eventually, I came out, sat down, and watched it. And the rest was history. I was so in love with this movie, that for 80's day at my school, I dressed up as Marty McFly. Nowadays, I love the movie more than ever. My favorite thing about this movie is the relationship between Doc and Marty. Most of the time, when a kid or teen hang out with an older person in movies and TV, people think they're more than friends. How many jokes have you heard involving Batman and Robin's relationship? However, Marty and Doc's relationship is pure friendship. I'm really good friends with one of my drama teachers, so I know how strong that type of friendship is. What else can I say? I love everything about this movie! If you haven't seen this movie, go see it now. Like...right now. Stop what your doing and go see it.
  • "Back to the Future" is a very smart film that benefits from likeable characters and an insightful screenplay. Michael J. Fox accidently goes back to 1955 in a DeLorean that has been turned into a time machine by the wacky Christopher Lloyd. Now Fox must bring his parents together after he inadvertently changes the future. It is not quite as complicated as it sounds. The film is great fun that seems brand new 15 years later. A great movie by Robert Zemeckis. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • One of the best movies EVER! Back the The Future is movie on time traveling. Time traveling has always been exciting and fun. I've watched this and About Time which are movies about time traveling and both are awesome. BTTF is TOO Awesome. Couldn't believe this was a 1980s movie.

    BTTF trilogy is an incredibly awesome adventure taken by Marty McFly and Dr.Emmett Brown. Dr.Emmett Brown a crazy, funny scientist invents the time machine, the biggest dream of his life. And Marty who is his friend gets to be a part of this awesome adventure by mistake. The best thing about this movie is how it shows whatever happens is bound to happen whether you want or not. And how with change in your attitude or with some help you can completely change your whole life. "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." - Dr. Emmett Brown Back to the Future is an amazing movie. This 1985 movie is so much better in quality as compared to the movies nowadays which have a shallow impact on the audience. You will actually feel connected to the movie and glued to your seats till the end There are not many movies of 8.5-like rating which are packed with Comedy, Drama, Adventure of such level... It's a MUST WATCH for all.

    Hope you all enjoy it too. Cheers!
  • hines_mark22 April 2015
    What else needs to be said? Anyone that knows anything about filmmaking knows that this is the best film ever made. Try watching certain movies over and over and see how quickly you get sick of it. This movie is different. The depth and richness of storytelling, the characters, oh my, the characters. Doc Brown is easily one of the best and most memorable on screen characters in any film ever. Biff, Griff, on screen bully ever! Compare this movie to other epic movies, such as Star Wars - while those types of movies are great in their own right, Back to the Future is different. There is a warmth and comfort to the way that Bob Gale and Bob Zemekis crafted this screenplay. It's pure genius. And for all of you fans that always have to mention "plot holes" or "minor flaws" - please make sure you have seen every second of the 25th Anniversary set of the trilogy that has an entire bonus disc, as well as more bonus features and two different commentaries on the main discs. Bob Gale is aware of every little detail about his script and talks about it in the commentaries. My true love of this film came as a result of watching all the behind the scenes material - which if you haven't seen, you must see it if you're a fan of this movie. It will give you a whole new level of appreciation for this film. As someone that is into filmmaking and a total nerd about directing, cameras, technical details, I can't get enough of watching and listening to these guys talk about how everything came together just right for this masterpiece to happen. I can't say enough about this film, its actors and all the people involved in making it. Truly something not to be rivaled and we will probably never see anything close to it ever again.
  • I feel that there is no such thing as a perfect film,but in today's cinema,"Back to the Future" comes amazingly close.It has laughs, AND thrills,always a great combination.I am amazed at the attention paid to nearly every single detail here.For example,at the start of the film,Doc and Marty are in the parking lot of the "Twin Pines Mall".Then,shortly after Marty arrives in 1955,he accidently runs over one of old man Peabody's beloved pine trees.Toward the end, after Marty returns,the name of the mall changes.This is something you just don't notice until you see the film several times as I have. Excellent casting,particularly Christopher Lloyd as the unforgettable Doc Brown,the humor of the Ronald Reagan bit and the Johnny B. Goode sequence,along with the ultimate heart pounding ending and the attention to detail as I mentioned make this film as close to perfect as you will see in modern cinema.The sequels? Forget them.This is the only one of the trilogy you need to see.
  • This is what movie making is all about,a time travel adventure from STEVEN SPIELBERG that is truly TIMELESS.This family movie has entertained generations and will continue to do so,MARTY McFLY is a smart witted softhearted teenager who slides on the rim of reality,his best friend is an absent minded genius and but for his girlfriend he is certainly outside the populous,MARTY is about to discover the realms of possibility through the madcap ideas of a borderline nutcase,soon his friend is in grave danger and MARTY finds himself in a race against time to protect him.sci-fi adventure at its best,beautiful set pieces now and then,brilliant story with comedy and wit and and an unlikely hero in the shape of a DELOREAN all add to this out of the box brilliantly executed 80s classic.....
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Marty's good friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, invents a time machine in the form of a sports car and because of unforeseen circumstances Marty finds himself trapped in 1955 where he ends up meeting his parents and inadvertently fowls up how his parents come together and fall in love. This blunder endangers Marty's very existence because if his parents don't become an item he will never be born so Marty must move heaven and earth to get his parents on a road to romantic bliss. Meanwhile the younger version of Dr. Emmett Brown must find a way to get his time machine working so he can get Marty back to his own time.

    Character Development

    The lead character Marty McFly doesn't experience much character development, but he is able to influence others dramatically. Only these developments aren't the focus of the story and mostly happen off screen


    One of the ingredients that are equal to the magic of the story itself is the acting. The characters come to life on screen and carry over to everyday life. This has become an event film that has worked its way from pop culture to film history that has helped mark a decade. There is nothing second rate when it comes to the acting for there are no false moments in any of the cast's performances. Though there is a lot of action and racing about, much of what makes repeated viewing of this film possible are the humorous situations that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) keep getting themselves into and how they react to them. All the lead actors do stellar work and make the trouble that Marty and Emmett get into very believable.


    There are a lot surprises that are both humorous and entertaining. Again the writing is on a level all to its own where one scene snaps perfectly with the next. There never seems to be a moment in time that doesn't connect to a later moment. It is quite brilliant and the transformation from the cast's older to younger selves is really amazing. Mix this with the energy of the soundtrack and this has got to be one of best movies of the 80s if not that of all time. Top marks all around.
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