Eddie Cusack: When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.

Luis Comacho: [Camacho and Cusack run into each other in a public building] One day, I would like to give you a gift of a Columbian necktie.

[his underlings laugh]

Luis Comacho: It's very special. You slit the throat, pull out the tongue and on you...


Luis Comacho: it would look beautiful.

Eddie Cusack: [smirking] Why don't you give it to me right now?

Brennan: Hey Sarge! You know how a Camacho's like a cue ball? Cause the harder you hit 'em, the better their English gets.

Diana Luna: What do you do when you don't have someone?

Eddie Cusack: You find someone!

[Noticing some painters going into an apartment]

Music: What the hell are those guys up to?

Brennan: Going to work, what do you think?

Music: At this hour?

Brennan: Don't worry about it. Let it roll! They've got a hard ass for a boss, just like us.

Cragie: Take a shot, kid! Little nerve killing.

Nick Kopalas: Look, I'm not nervous, all right, Cragie? I just gotta take a leak.

Cragie: You gotta take a leak, do it now.

Nick Kopalas: On some poor bastard's grave?

Cragie: Who cares? If someone was smart, they'd rip out all these graves and plant tomatoes. These people are no good. They're dead!

Felix Scalese: [aboard Scalese's yacht] Listen, if you got some extra cash, buy oranges. The price is low, and I can promise you, there's gonna' be a trucking strike.

Eddie Cusack: Is that a bribe, Mr. Scalese?

Felix Scalese: It's a prediction. No... I wouldn't try to bribe Eddie Cusack. They tell me you're incorruptible. Untarnished. I hear they call you "stainless steel" on the streets. Me - I think you're a pain in the ass.

Eddie Cusack: I'm looking for one of your nephews... Tony Luna.

Felix Scalese: [coldly] Goodbye, Mr. Cusack.

Eddie Cusack: There's a shit-storm coming, old man. And you can stop it.

Felix Scalese: [more firmly] Goodbye, Mr. Cusack!

Eddie Cusack: Nobody talks, right?

Felix Scalese: That's right, sergeant. Just like the cops. Just like the Comachos. Nobody talks. Omerta!

Eddie Cusack: I'm gonna' find Tony Luna, and I'm gonna' nail his ass - and anyone connected to him. You got that?

Felix Scalese: Why, you punk! Nobody threatens me!

Eddie Cusack: It's not a threat, Mr. Scalese... it's a prediction.

Dorato: [at a bar] Hey Eddie, partner, come here! How you doing? Eddie, I want you to meet a couple of friends of mine. This is Ruby. She's a dental hygienist. She's very oral. And this - this is Marlene. She works for a proctologist. Don't turn your back on her.

Cragie: [at the bar] Look what's here. Nice to see you out with the boys for a change... They tell me my sergeant wouldn't sign for me. Want to tell me why?

Eddie Cusack: [coldly] You know why.

Cragie: No. Tell me.

Eddie Cusack: Mister, you don't belong on the streets anymore.

Cragie: Fuck you! Where do you get off?

Eddie Cusack: Right about here.

[walks out the door]

Commander Kates: Where's Cusack?

Cragie: He's saving the world.