Jeff Lynd: Mom. I'm a homosexual.

[explaining to his mom how he knows he's homosexual...]

Jeff Lynd: Other guys. Like, My friends... Pete... Ya know they *talk* about their girls and what they feel, what they dream, and what they do.

Jeff Lynd: I think of girls. A girl. And I try to feel what they feel.

Jeff Lynd: Mom, I've held a girl in my arms. And I've kissed her. And I've touched her. And she's touched me. But none of it happened. It's like I'm behind this thick glass wall, not a part of anything with no feelings.

Jeff Lynd: But, There's this guy on the swim team. I'm nothing special to him but a teammate, an acquaintance. But when I see him, or when I'm close to him, I feel, *alive*. The wall is gone.

Jeff Lynd: A few times, he's touched me. Hugged me. He doesn't give it any thought. But I can't think of anything else. I dream about him. I don't want to, but I do. Ya know, I feel the same things for him that I'm supposed to feel for girls. I know what it is to love. To be loved. To make love. Then I wake up. And I feel miserable and ashamed.

[first lines]

Ken Lynd: All right Pat. Just one picture.

[last lines]

Tess Lynd: I love you, Jeff. Bye.