Renaldo the Heel: I've never seen you here before. I like that in a woman.

Vic Ajax: Hello, Colonel. How are you this evening?

Colonel Rodgers: Adequate. One mother-lovin' hell of a storm comin.' Know how I can tell? Steel plate


Colonel Rodgers: in my head. Yes sir, Korea was no picnic.

Officer Garvey: Where'd ya get the Negro, Butch?

Jack Elroy Jr: Elevator.

Renaldo the Heel: Hey baby, why don't ya come on over to my pad. We'll have a scotch and sofa.

Renaldo the Heel: Well, maybe I'm a heel.

Vic Ajax: Maybe I'm a guy who hates heels.

Renaldo the Heel: Maybe I'm a heel who hates guys who hate heels.

Arthur Coddish: [Is about to electrocute Vic] How do you like it, medium or well-done?

[Evil maniacal laughter]

Nancy: Victor!

Vic Ajax: Nancy!

[She throws him a baseball bat, and he smashes Arthur's machine with it]

Arthur Coddish: You broke my shocker!

Vic Ajax: Mister, you've done some bad things and I'm gonna deal out some swift justice!

Vic Ajax: [after Nancy nearly got run over by the Exterminators] You maniacs! I've never seen anything like that... are you All right?

[Tries to open the door for her]

Vic Ajax: Oh, you've got the key!

Faron Crush: [the car backs up, and Crush comes out] One more thing child... don't you *ever* call me a maniac!

[Punches Vic in the face and bursts into maniacal laughter]

Girl in bar: You're cute.

Renaldo the Heel: Keep talkin', baby. Maybe you'll tell me something I don't already know.

Nancy: I'm not that kind of girl!

Renaldo the Heel: Well, with a little practice you could learn to be.