Steven: My Father's half-dead. My bride has been captured. And you're babbling on about seedlings?

Hawkwood: I didn't see the damn thing!

Martin: I did sir

[helps Hawkwood]

Martin: .

Hawkwood: Bless you Martin, your reward is in heaven.

Martin: I'd rather get paid sooner sir if you don't mind.

Cardinal: Why are you so scared? Everything is predestined. Life runs its own course. Look at this little angel! Saint Martin has sent us a little angel to play with!

Kathleen: Come on my soldier. My brave, brave soldier. I'll have you.

[during siege on castle]

Arnolfini: Steven, you stay right here with Father George.

Steven: Why?

Arnolfini: Fighting is for fools.

Martin: All we have to do is burn the meat... and our clothes. Take off your clothes. Come on.

Agnes: Will you show me how it's done? Then I'll know how to go about it.

Kathleen: Right here?

Agnes: No. Behind the bushes.

Kathleen: I don't feel like doing it right now.

Agnes: I insist you feel like it right now. You're my maid. You'll do as I say.

Steven: What are you doing in this filthy place? Are you looking for something?

Agnes: I read a book in the convent library, about love and black magic. There was a passage I found fascinating.

Steven: What was it about?

Agnes: A magic root. Mandrake. It grows in a place like this. If a man and a woman eat of it, they will love each other forever.

Steven: Did it also say why you have to dig in this particular spot?

Agnes: The nuns inked out that passage very carefully.

Steven: When a man is hanged, he comes and his semen spills to the ground. That's where your mandrake sprouts.

Agnes: Explains why the passage was inked out.

Martin: From now on, we'll eat like this. And whoever can't, best stay the stupid asshole he always was.

Martin: Let's see if this angel bleeds!