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  • This is the story of soccer coach Mr. Shi who after taking a pill developed by a perpetual student in the science lab (Ben Liu, played by the director Wong Jing) becomes a kind of superman. He is a do-gooder, stopping robberies and saving teacher/novelist Ms. Cheung (Cherie Chung). The pill only lasts for a while and makes you fly, stronger etc. The special effects in this comedy are fun, and this film is completely inoffensive. Even the violence, which consists mostly of bad guys being picked up and thrown against the wall, is of the comic book variety. There is nothing here that will offend, so its target audience is probably older kids/teens. Add the two heartthrob leads Kenny B and Cherie Chung, both big stars at the time and you have a movie which is entertaining, even to adults. Nothing profound, just a good time. So, have fun.