May: Do you want me to finish the story, Eddie?

May: You're gonna erase me.

Eddie: What are you talkin' about?

May: You're gonna erase me.

Eddie: Watch out!

May: You're gonna erase me or you're gonna have me erased.

May: You smell. Your fingers smell.

Eddie: [sniffs his fingers] Horses!

May: Pussy.

May: You're just guilty. You're gutless and you're guilty.

Eddie: My horses have to suffer because of you.

May: Rich pussy. Very clean pussy.

May: So, that's how it is. Gonna get real mean and sloppy. Just like old times. Just like old times!

Eddie: There wasn't any fling with any Countess.

May: You're a liar!

Eddie: I took her out to dinner once.

May: You're a liar.

Eddie: Okay, twice.

May: You were bumpin' on a regular basis. Now, don't stand there and give me this shit!

Eddie: I hope this man comes over here. I really hope he does. I want to see him walk through that door.

May: What are you gonna do?

Eddie: I'm gonna nail his ass to the floor - directly.

Eddie: You know we're connected, May. We'll always be connected. That was decided a long time ago.

May: It's a big huge extra-long black Mercedes Benz.

Eddie: Well, this is a motel, isn't it? Rich people have to sleep too.

May: This ain't no black Mercedes Benz type of motel, Eddie.

May: You've been jerkin' me off for 15 years. 15 years I've been a yo-yo to you.

Eddie: If you ain't a cowboy, you ain't shit.

May: How crazy is that chick?

Eddie: She's pretty crazy. You just stay down.

May: Have you balled her yet?

Eddie: You got a job?

May: That's right. Why? You think I'm helpless or somethin'? That's what you think, right? Yeah, it is.

Eddie: No. It's - been a long time since you had a job.

May: Well, I'm a cook.

Eddie: A cook? You can't even flip an egg, can you?

Eddie: You can introduce me to him as your brother. Okay? Come on. Okay? Well, maybe not your brother.

May: Maybe not!

Eddie: Your cousin! Okay?

Martin: Is that true? She's really your sister?

Eddie: Half. Half. Only half.

Martin: Which half.

Eddie: The top half.

Eddie: Our Daddy fell in love twice. That's basically how it happened. Once with my mom and once with her mom.

Old Man: Yeah, well, you see, it was the same love, it just got split in two, that's all.

Martin: That's illegal isn't it?

Eddie: Only if you get caught.