Kim Basinger replaced Jessica Lange as May. Lange was set to star opposite real-life partner Sam Shepard but became pregnant and the part had to be re-cast with Basinger stepping in.

Robert Altman said that he would not have made the picture without Sam Shepard.

The film's source "Fool for Love" play was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1984.

Robert Altman on the DVD says he has always been puzzled by the public's reaction to stage versions of "Fool for Love" wondering whether they saw the same play he did.

The original production of the film's source stage play by Sam Shepard premiered on 8th February 1983 at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco and starred Kathy Baker and Ed Harris in the lead roles of May and Eddie respectively.

The film was selected to screen in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1986.

The film's source "Fool for Love" was set in one room in a desert motel but this filmed movie adaptation opens up this setting so as to involve the whole motel complex.

The entire motel complex was a movie set constructed in a vacant block of land off a highway just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the USA.

The motel building set looked so real that passers-by dropped in to book a room. Told that it was not a real motel, they then asked if they could get a meal at the adjacent restaurant, whom they were then also told was also a movie set.

The Old Man character, played by Harry Dean Stanton in this film, has no personal name, and functions as a one-man Greek Chorus.

Trailers seen in the junkyard at the back of the motel complex were used by the production as dressing-rooms.

Sam Shepard directed his "Fool for Love" play on the stage but did not direct this filmed adaptation which instead was directed by Robert Altman.

The movie set motel rooms not used for filming for the movie were used by the producers as production offices.

Robert Altman's fourth filmed play in a row, after Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982), Streamers (1983) and Secret Honor (1984).

Trade paper 'Variety' said Kim Basinger's performance as and characterization of May "alternately conjures up Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits (1961) and Bus Stop (1956) and Brigitte Bardot in [Roger Vadim's] ...And God Created Woman (1956) [And god created woman]".

The setting of the place where the motel was situated was the Mojave Desert in south-eastern California. But the movie was not filmed there but in New Mexico, USA.

Sam Shepard stars in this filmed version of his "Fool for Love" play but on stage he did not perform in it. Shepard wrote the original play as well as this film's screenplay and also directed the play's premiere season in San Francisco.

The film was made and released about three years after its source play of the same name by Sam Shepard had been first performed in 1983. Shepard also wrote the screenplay for the film.

Robert Altman's has said on the DVD that though some audiences of the film have interpreted the film as a comedy or a thriller, this was never his intention and was not his vision for the film.

First of two films that actress Kim Basinger made with director Robert Altman. The second and final collaboration was Ready to Wear (1994) around nine years later.

The original source Sam Shepard "Fool for Love" play featured only four characters. This filmed adaptation almost triples that amount and has eleven.

Director Robert Altman told songwriter Sandy Rogers that he wanted title song called "Fool for Love" written for the movie. The tune is a country pop ballad.

One of a number of filmed adaptations of plays made by director Robert Altman during the 1980s.

Robert Altman designed some of the style of Fool for Love like the films of Ingmar Bergman.

'Time Out' described Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love" play as "a short, Strindbergian chamber piece".

The film and source stage play is set in playwright Sam Shepard's favorite milieu - the American Southwest.

The distance that Eddie (Sam Shepard) had traveled to see May (Kim Basinger) was 2482 miles.

One of a number of collaborations of cinematographer Pierre Mignot and director Robert Altman.

The 'Backstage Theater Guide' stated that the movie's source play was "a long-running success off-Broadway and a West End transfer from the National Theatre".

According to 'The Cambridge Companion to Sam Shepard' by Matthew Roudané (2002), some critics consider the film's source "Fool for Love" play by Sam Shepard as being part of a quintet of plays by Shepard. These include all three plays from Shepard's Family Trilogy, Curse of the Starving Class (1976), Buried Child (1979), and True West (1980), as well as Fool for Love (1983) and A Lie of the Mind (1985). Moreover, director Robert Altman actually once made a movie called Quintet (1979).

May (Kim Basinger) screams at least 14 times throughout the movie.

The name of the desert motel was the "El Royale Motel".

The make and model of the gun mentioned was a .357 magnum.

The Eddie character's most notable characteristic was his liking of lassoing a bedpost with a rope.

In this film, the "fools" of the "Fool for Love" title, are the characters May and Eddie, and are played by Kim Basinger and Sam Shepard respectively.