Bukovsky: So, are you ready to sign the papers today?

Mickey Almon: If you blow me.

Diczek: [Discussing the impossibility of escape with Mickey] For a break to succeed, you'd have to *start* it a thousand kilometers away from here. And then you'd have to cross ice in winter, or tundra and swamps in the summer. Not to mention the problem of food.

The Englishman: Well, that's no problem. Just take along a sandwich. You know what a sandwich is, don't you, old boy?

Diczek: Let's just play cards...

The Englishman: [to Diczek] No, wait a minute, wait a minute! Look, we got a new boy here, and it's time he knew the facts.

[to Mickey]

The Englishman: A sandwich is when two prisoners take along a third, weaker prisoner on an escape. Someone they reckon can last maybe one or two days and then die. And when he does, they eat him.