McCreedy: The vault... I tried to warn you... those creatures... the vault... I tried... All my work! Thirty years, I have tried to prevent this from happening.

Nick: [Amy, Daphne, and Kyle are "fighting" the hobgoblins] Must be a new dance... pretty kinky.

Roadrash: Must have been a rowdy crowd tonight.

Kyle: [as everyone is making out and Mr. McCreedy hangs up the phone] Uh... excuse me sir, can I use your phone?

[repeated line]

Comstock: [to McCreedy] You're not as young as you used to be!

[first lines]

McCreedy: [Dennis is listening to his radio] Dennis. Dennis!

[takes off his headphones]

Dennis: Hey! What gives?

McCreedy: You're being paid to work around here, not just sit around and blast your eardrums!

Dennis: Hey, take it easy. I can do both.


McCreedy: [a phone rings, McCreedy answers] Hello? Hello?

[hangs up]

McCreedy: [to Dennis] Didn't you hear the phone ringing?

Dennis: No, I didn't.

McCreedy: They've already hung up!

Dennis: Then, it couldn't have been too important.

McCreedy: Don't you have any sense of responsibility? That could have been a very important call!

Dennis: At this hour?

McCreedy: Look, in the future, would you just answer the phone no matter what hour it is and not to make decisions about what is important and what isn't?

Dennis: Yeah, yeah, right, right.

McCreedy: It's time for our rounds.

McCreedy: [McCreedy and Dennis are roaming around inside the lot] Did I ever tell you about what this studio lot was like?

Dennis: More than once.

McCreedy: [smiles] Oh, this used to be one of the biggest lots in town!

Dennis: Must have been a wild ride to Metropolis.

[both chuckle]

Dennis: [They approach a room] Hey, wait a minute. What's this down there?

McCreedy: Oh, it's just an old film vault. There's nothing down there.

Dennis: Well, why don't we check it out anyways?

McCreedy: I'm telling you there's nothing down there and I'm not going to waste my time checking it out!

Comstock: [Through the walkie-talkie] McCreedy!

McCreedy: [to Comstock] What is it now?

Comstock: I need to talk to you now.

McCreedy: But I can't right now!

Comstock: NOW! I mean it!

McCreedy: I'll be right back. Oh, and remember what I said about the vault.

Dennis: [putting on headphones] Whatever you say, pops.

Comstock: [McCreedy is going to search for Kevin] I will not have you abandoning your job to go chase some foolishness! If you walk off this lot, you are FIRED!

McCreedy: Well, good! Saves me the trouble of quitting.