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  • Cut and Run is one of Deodato's strangest films due to the bizarre mix of genres. The film balances horror, action and adventure elements with gritty cocaine smuggling and hostage situation subplots. There is even an Apocalypse Now inspired crazy Colonel living with natives in the jungle. To say that the film bites off more than it can chew is an understatement, but that the fact that the film works at all is a great testament to Deodato's unique talent.

    There is little point passing comment on the film's plot because it virtually makes no sense. There is, for example, no explanation at how the Indian killings in the Amazon jungle simultaneously take place in Miami and the entire subplot involving Colonel Horne remains a mystery. The jumbled plot does have the advantage of giving Deodato the opportunity to dabble in different genres and he shows yet again why he is such an underrated filmmaker. Deodato's direction is technically brilliant and he brings his usual sense of flair to the film's action and horror set pieces. The dramatic moments are less successfully handled and unusually for a Deodato film, some sentimentality creeps in towards the end of the film.

    The film really picks up every time the Indians attack. Horror fans might be annoyed by the infrequency of the gore, but when the killings do occur, Deodato does not disappoint. There are beheadings, spears through the neck, darts in the neck and one of Deodato's best ever deaths when a man is literally ripped limb from limb (according to Deodato, inspired by the Vietcong). Part of the fun is watching legendary genre actor Michael Berryman camping it up as a demented Indian. He has several great moments in what is one of his more memorable roles. The other actors are also pretty good. Lisa Blount makes an impression as Fran and Richard Lynch always does a good job of acting crazy, making a perfect Colonel Horne.

    Also worth a mention are Claudio Simonetti's great synth score and the beautiful photography of the jungle landscape (Venezuela doubling for Colombia). Fans of Deodato should check out the accompanying "Uncut and Run" documentary in which Deodato rather amusingly talks about the shoot, stealing Wes Craven's job as the director and even bluntly says which actors he did not enjoy working with. Cut and Run might lack cohesion but it remains a highly enjoyable minor work from a truly great director.
  • From Ruggero Deodato, the infamous director of "Cannibal Holocaust", comes this return to gory and sadistic jungle-based goings-on. It's an interesting mixture of the Italian jungle genre (albeit without cannibalism), drug-based action pictures, and blood and guts horror. Overall, it doesn't make nearly the same impact as "Cannibal Holocaust", but it's still a solid diversion for any cult movie lover who is into this sort of thing.

    Lisa Blount and Leonard Mann play reporter Fran Hudson and her cameraman Mark Ludman, who are hot on the trail of a story involving wars between competing drug cartels. They come to realize that a man named Brian Horne (Richard Lynch) is involved. It turns out Horne was a prominent associate of the notorious cult leader Jim Jones. Fran and Mark are also trying to find Tommy Allo (Willie Aames), son of their boss Bob (Richard Bright); Tommy has been prisoner to one of these cartels for some time.

    As you can see, there are a fair amount of familiar American actors in this rousing bit of entertainment. Karen Black makes a "special appearance", a young Eriq La Salle plays an informant, and the legendary cult actor Michael Berryman turns up repeatedly as a relentless and REALLY nasty white henchman. His scenes tend to be the most fun. Blount doesn't look too happy to be here, and Aames is too whiny and annoying, but the rest of the cast do some good work. Sexy Valentina Forte, Deodatos' girlfriend at the time, exploitation veteran John Steiner, Barbara Magnolfi ("Suspiria"), and Ottaviano Dell'Acqua (the worm eye zombie in "Zombi 2") co-star.

    One gory highlight involves a person being ripped in half. The location shooting adds a lot of atmosphere. And ever reliable Claudio Simonetti of the groups Goblin and Daemonia composed the groovy music score.

    Not too memorable once it's over, but it does hold ones' attention.

    Seven out of 10.
  • From the director of Cannibal Holocaust - undoubtedly one of the most impressive movies ever made - comes this action packed thriller about drug dealing and ruthless murder. The film has also a strong adventure-oriented impact that makes other adventure-films as the Indiana Jones-trilogy look like The Adventures of Winnie Pooh (oops - I'm not even sure how to spell this cuddly bear...). Michael Berryman and Richard Lynch give fine performances, and make sure you get the strong uncut version of this film: unfortunately, it was released in two different cuts, the more common one looks like an arbitrary action movie, while the rare version is packed with gross gore FX that strengthen the impact of this enjoyable pic.
  • Ruggero Deodato is most widely known for his controversial masterpiece "Cannibal Holocaust" of 1980, which makes him a genius director in my book. None of his other films comes anywhere near the brilliance of "Cannibal Holocaust", and yet most of them are extremely entertaining films that fans of the gory and nasty kind of cinema should appreciate. Deodato's repertoire includes a variety of films of different (sub-)genres such as "L'Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" (aka. "Jungle Holocaust", 1977), "House On The Edge Of The Park" (1980) , or "Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man" (1976, a Poliziottoesco which I have yet to see), and this "Inferno In Diretta" aka. "Cut And Run" of 1985. While this is certainly not one of Deodato's best films, it is definitely a must-see for his fans.

    "Cut And Run" is a film that, once again, takes place in the jungle. The film may not be as disturbing as "Cannibal Holocaust" or some other films by Deodato, but it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. There are no cannibals this time, but there's an atrocious drug-war going on instead, and Deodato is, as usual, not exactly stingy with explicit violence, nauseating gore and genuine nastiness. Horror fans should especially appreciate the casting of Michael Berryman ("The Hills Have Eyes") who, once again, has the creepiest role in the film. Lisa Blount ("Prince Of Darkness") and Leonard Mann, whom Spaghetti Western fans might know for films like "Forgotten Pistolero" or "Three Amens For Satan", play the leading roles as a reporter and a cameraman. The supporting cast furthermore includes Italian genre-cinema regulars John Steiner and Gabriele Tinti. The score is delivered by the great Claudio Simonetti, the genius composer and keyboard player of Progressive Rock band Goblin, who is responsible for most of the greatest scores in Italian Horror cinema. The greatest aspect of "Cut And Run" is the brilliant photography - Deodato sure knows how to to give the jungle the menacing atmosphere of a green Inferno. "Cut And Run" is certainly not one of his greatest films, but his fans should definitely not miss this violent dose of action-packed Deodato jungle-madness!
  • this movie is an italian action flick, with a lot of nasty things like rapes and chopped of arms and legs in it, if you can find the ita orig (105 min)the first one i caught was here in swe it was only 75 min ,then the eng about 85 min,then the us and danish it was about the same 90 min then i got the ita copy from a friend and it was 105 min and it was nasty,so the us vers is not uncut like it says!!
  • Make sure you find the uncut version. It is out there on DVD. However some of the scenes are in Italian only due to lost soundtracks. Deodato actually filmed several different scenes for censored and uncensored versions.

    On the whole it was great jungle action. And the Jonestown angle added more to it. A slight hint of conspiracy to go with the fear and tension. And Richard Lynch plays an excellent movie villain. If you find the DVD, watch the interview with him. Hard to believe it's the same guy. Karen Black basically phoned in her performance and Wille Aames supposedly was trying (and failing) to shake his teen image. Richard Bright was rumored to be drunk throughout most of the filming and in some scenes, specifically at the end, he looks it. And lets not forget Michael Berryman. Menacing. And the late Gabriel Tinti (former Mr. Laura Gemser) making an appearance as well.

    The drawn and quartered scene will NOT be easy to watch. And some of the carnage scenes are rougher than imagined. But it's definitely worth a look.
  • "Cannibal Holocaust"(1979)is one of my favourite horror movies ever.It's truly a masterpiece of gut-wrenching horror.In comparison to it "Cut and Run" is rather tame,but it features some nasty scenes of violence like where one guy is cut in half by the jungle trap.Sure,it's brutal but not as nasty as "Cannibal Holocaust" or even "Jungle Holocaust"(1978).There's no animal cruelty or sexual violence(apart from the rape scene near the beginning),but the action is fast-paced,the acting is decent enough(I love especially the performance by Michael Berryman-this guy is creepy!)and the script by Cesare Frugone and Dardano Sacchetti is fairly good.So if you like violent and sleazy action give this one a look,just don't expect another "Cannibal Holocaust".7 out of 10.
  • Intriguing and violent Italian movie about two journalists follow a lead to the former South American home of Jim Jones but they are instantly pursued by local guerrillas and natives . These journalists are the following ones : a reporter woman , Lisa Blount, and her cameraman Leonard Mann, both of whom go to South America to find clues of the son : Willie Aames, of a wealthy man : Richard Bright, and to connect a surviving Jonestown leader : Richard Lynch . There they become involved with drug smugglers, kidnappers and bloody native tribes led by Michael Berryman, being finally captured. This is the one story you won't be seeing on the 6 o'clock news. Assignment : survival.

    A strange mix of noisy action, adventures, jungle fights, grisly killings and gory scenes. Dealing with an expedition searching for a missing son when they are caught up in a drug war and violent natives that threaten to take their own lives. It is a mediocre but passable film and full of blood and gore. Main cast and support cast are acceptable. Lisa Blount plays an intrepid journalist, the Italian Leonard Mann is her camera helper, Willie Aames an abducted young, Richard Bright as his father, Karen Black as an Tv manager, Michael Berryman as an ominous, creepy native chief, being special mention for Richard Lynch as a nasty, mean preacher, Jim Jones-lookalike and brief appearance by Eriq La Salle.

    It contains an atmospheric and glimmer cinematography by Alberto Spagnoli. As well as an anticlimatic musical score composed by Syntesizer by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin, usual musician to Dario Argento's films. Being shot on location in Venezuela and Miami, Florida. The motion picture was regularly directed by Ruggero Deodato. He is a notorious Italian director especially known for today considered classic "Cannibal Holocaust". He has directed all kinds of genres with particular penchant for terror, violence, and adventure movies, such as Jungle holocaust, House on the edge of the park, Bodycount, Dial help, Phantom of death, The washing machine, The raiders of Atlantis, Concorde affair, Live like a cop die like a man, Lone runner, The barbarians, among others . Rating 5/10. Average
  • This is one of those movies I recall from the days of VHS tape rental stores. Cut and Run was one of the well know video nasties that had a reputation around it for extreme violence. Its an Italian made 80s movie of the "white people get killed by cannibals" micro genre. There are a couple of secondary narratives about drug dealers, the Jonestown Massacre and a missing man but the movie basically exists to show a few extreme murders. Nothing is really explained as to why what is happening is happening and there is zero character development, you couldn't care less who gets killed. It actually quite boring and despite a few well known faces, including Eric La Salle as a pimp in purple there is nothing really engaging or believable to keep you interested. The only real value in this movie is if you are inclined to see a few gory deaths using old style special effects. And thats pretty much it, what was possibly a cult 80s horror movie turns out to be a borefest by current standards. Its just not a very good movie.
  • Fine action film from Italian Ruggero Deodato that features a great cast of American stars - well you know what I mean when I say stars. I was fortunate enough to see the uncut version under the title AMAZONIA LA JUNGLE BLANCHE - although it was in French with no subtitles, I still enjoyed it though. Claudio Simonetti's bombastic score is a real treat and needs a CD release. Look out for the Anchor Bay DVD release due out sometime in 2002 - Uncut and Widescreen with an interview with good old Ruggero.
  • I held off seeing this movie until I was able to get the full-length version with all the blood and guts that were cut out of the original American release. The gore sequences are spectacular at times, and they also contain some information that makes the movie easier to follow than in the cut version.

    Other than that, though, there's really nothing about the movie that's compelling. The story is really boring, slow-moving, and with some plot points that remain murky despite the added footage. The action sequences, minus the gore, are unimaginative and barely can be considered "action". The protagonists are a snotty bunch that seem to have little brain material in their heads. Fans of Richard Lynch and Michael Berryman will be most disappointed; these two actors only appear for a few minutes each!
  • Scarecrow-884 March 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was nice to finally see Ruggero Deodato's "Cut and Run" uncut, as the only version I had seen before this solid Blue Underground release was a heavily cut Vestron Video release where practically all the affective gore was excised, leaving a somewhat exciting jungle action thriller which alternates between Miami and Venesuela as a supposedly dead colonel, Brian Horne(Richard Lynch, who believes his character was modeled after Col Kurtz from the novel "Heart of Darkness") long gone off the deep end and considered a mastermind in the Guayana suicide massacre, has natives led by two vicious henchmen taking apart cocaine operation camps throughout South America, removing the goods, distributing the drugs themselves. Miami is a city where he recently sent men in to remove drug dealers, as he has in other places like New Orleans and New York. A hungry news reporter, Fran Hudson(Lisa Blount) and her camera man, Mark(Leonard Mann) decide to seek out the location of Horne and their boss' missing son, Tommy(Willie Aimes, in a hideous performance), hoping to get a big scoop which will lift their careers substantially. What they don't expect is to be in danger of Horne and his dangerous army of homicidal natives, and in order to get the story they so desire, will have to brave the elements, the sweaty, uncomfortable surroundings of a jungle and what lies within, which could very well cost them their lives.

    With John Steiner and Michael Berryman as soldiers armed with machetes and natives who spit-shoot poisonous darts that sometimes go all the way through the neck of victims, Richard Lynch doesn't have to carry the burden of being a chief heavy, in fact, he's really only in the film towards the end, which, to be honest, for a fan such as I am, it was a bit of a drag to see so little of him. As he always does, Lynch commands the screen when he appears, and his exit is certainly a memorable one.

    Regarding the gore, you see one victim ripped from crotch to neck by a rope trap as two trees make a wishbone out of him. Three glorious beheadings, a stomach slit open with guts spewing out, a blade penetrating a poor soul's neck(Berryman relishes his role as a nasty brute who breaks through wooden floors, emerges from swamp waters, and sneaks from behind camp guards out of the darkness of the jungle)and one poor girl getting sticks stabbed into her legs(the most unpleasant scene, in my opinion, the girl struggling as natives rip open her clothes, stabbing her with great big smiles on their faces).

    It was great seeing Eriq La Salle as a Miami pimp whose whistle blowing gets him in deep doo-doo. Also featuring the ravishing Valentina Forte(Deodato's lover at the time) taking a shower, attempting to wash the filth of a helicopter pilot from her body after having to submit sexually or else perish at the hands of her boss, cocaine camp leader Manuel(the sleazy Gabriele Tinti), a real piece of trash who mistreats Tommy, only allowing him to live because he's white. Tommy just wants to leave and his father Bob(Richard Bright), desperately wants to find him, hoping Fran and Mark will run into the young man. Karen Black guest stars as the producer of a cable station helping fund the expedition into the jungle. I'm glad this doesn't resort to cannibalism just to recapture Deodato's past success(he admits that he had no plans whatsoever to go in this direction when others wished for him to). I also enjoyed the use of skeletal remains in a key sequence involving the attempt to secure a trapped canoe and accompanying crocodiles. Superb score from Claudio Simmonetti just adds pop to this well-paced actioner that rarely lets up.
  • Cut And Run is a shockingly violent film, that I've just seen, where even back in it's time, would of been over violent, like some of those one off shockers of the 80's. I almost regret not seeing it back in the 8O's, where with the not most inviting of covers, it would of been interesting to see my reaction back at 15, whatever. Even, in it's explosive start, it's shockingly violent, but worse comes later, believe me. The cover actually falsifies Berryman, as if one of the major stars. Like other flicks, his ugly dial only appears at a couple moments here, where he's mostly doing harm. The movie has a bad script, with plain dialogue I couldn't believe, as if through bits of it, a three year old stepped on board. It has some bad actors, where I think you can pinpoint them out. Lisa Blount as an impulsive reporter, Fran, is the real acting strength in this film. She and her cameraman, are on this mission to fly to the lush Columbian jungle to track down the boss's son Tommy (Aames, miscast) who's been used as a muel in the drug smuggling trade, with a hot young Brazilian honey, her nubile nude body, used as sexual collateral. Also, if she's lucky, Blount will score an interview with a enigmatic figure (Lynch) who escaped the Jonestown Massacre which saw a suicide pact of over three hundred people, an interesting angle to a sometimes disjointed story, or lack of it. I'll be honest, this is a bad movie, but it's bloody gruesome too. There are some good action bits and exciting ones, but other parts are slow and dull, you'll almost want something to happen or turn off, as the direction story isn't really one that grabs you, where judging by that, the future of the story doesn't look that much brighter. Being an Italian exploitation flick, the music again impresses, too, the score at the explosive opening. When finally seeing Richard Lynch, again it's worth the wait as the fine late great actor, again doesn't disappoint. I wish I could say more positive stuff about this film, a similarity shared to the director's earlier pic, Cannibal Holocaust is the run ins with deadly reptiles, etc.
  • Five years after he shocked the world with his controversial gut-muncher Cannibal Holocaust, director Ruggero Deodato returned to the jungle to deliver another dose of nastiness in the form of brutal adventure Cut and Run.

    In this entertaining slice of gory, exploitative action, Lisa Blount plays Fran, a TV reporter who, along with her cameraman Mark (Leonard Mann), travels to the Amazon where she hopes to interview Colonel Brian Horne (Richard Lynch), the supposedly dead right-hand-man of infamous cult leader Jim Jones, whilst also attempting to locate her boss's missing son Tommy (Willy Aames), who is being held in the jungle against his will by evil drug traffickers.

    Despite once again dealing with the themes of reportage and the media, Deodato stays clear of any attempts at a Cannibal Holocaust-style social commentary, preferring instead to concentrate on giving viewers a bloody good time (and I mean bloody!). Large amounts of graphic violence (which includes numerous decapitations and impalements, a disembowelment, and a guy being completely torn in half); frequent scenes of rape and female nudity (including welcome nekkidness from the gorgeous Valentina Forte); and a whole lot of nonsense involving a tribe of bloodthirsty natives (led by bald genre favourite Michael Berryman): all of this takes precedence over narrative cohesion, but it matters not a jot, 'cos you'll be having way too much fun to care.

    In addition to all the gory mayhem, we are also treated to a dreadful cameo performance from Karen Black, a nifty turn from ER's Eriq La Salle as a fedora wearing informant, an effective synth score from Goblin's Claudio Simonetti, lush cinematography by Alberto Spagnoli, and, perhaps best of all, a chance to see Willy Aames display his complete lack of emotional range in some unintentionally hilarious dramatic scenes.

    Nowhere near as horrific as Holocaust, nor quite as gruelling as Deodato's Jungle Holocaust, Cut and Run is still a worthwhile example of the jungle adventure/survival horror sub genre—just make sure that you watch the uncut version for full effect!
  • Cut and Run (1985)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Reporter Fran Hudson (Lisa Blount) takes her cameraman Mark (Leonard Mann) to the jungle to try and locate the son (Willie Aames) of a television executive who went missing. Pretty soon they learn that someone who was believed killed at Jonestown actually survived and appears to be building a new cult around the drug cartels.

    Ruggero Deodato's third film in his cannibal series isn't nearly as known as JUNGLE HOLOCAUST or CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST but in its own way CUT AND RUN is a memorable little movie as long as you don't go into it expecting anything like the first two films. Apparently this screenplay was originally meant to be directed by Wes Craven but when he walked the screenplay pretty much stayed. This isn't your typical Italian cannibal movie but instead an attempt to make a more mainstream picture. In a lot of ways this here reminded me of a Cannon picture.

    I say that because you've got an exploitation movie that has the budget of something you'd expect from Cannon. I will give Deodato credit in the fact that he managed to turn in a fairly good adventure and he didn't shy away from the sleaze. There's all sorts of nudity in the film, some insane violence and all of this makes for a very entertaining film. There are all sorts of violence in the film including some decapitations and various other body parts being chopped off. If you're idea of fun is gore then there's certainly plenty of that here. The sleaze factor is certainly up there so fans of that should be happy.

    Another major plus is the fact that you've got some very familiar faces. I thought Blount, Mann and Aames were all quite good in their roles but you've also got Richard Lynch, Richard Bright, Karen Black and cult favorite Michael Berryman. While none of the characters are well-written, the cast is at least entertaining enough to keep you into the movie. There's even a pretty good jump scare where the director puts your focus on some crocodiles only to have something else happen.

    CUT AND RUN doesn't have the greatest idea for a plot and there are some other minor issues but if you're a fan of this type of movie then it makes for a good adventure film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A gory return to the jungle for Ruggero Deodato and perhaps his last really gruesome film - certainly those which followed (a list which includes the likes of DIAL: HELP and THE BARBARIANS) didn't have as much gore and bloodshed in them as this or the director's own graphically nasty masterpiece CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Unfortunately, in the seventeen years since it was first made, CUT AND RUN has been the victim of censorship worldwide. The American print was heavily cut, the UK print butchered of all gore and the only uncut versions were in a foreign language - French I think. Thankfully this is looking to change with the welcome recent release of an Anchor Bay DVD which presents the movie in all its widescreen, letterboxed glory. This is definitely one film which needs to be seen uncut to appreciate the full extent of the special effects crew.

    It's not that the gore is graphic - aside from a couple of moments, it's really no worse than any other mid '80s horror movie, complete with splattery decapitations and a brief stomach-slashing followed by some entrail pulling. There's no cannibalism here as the natives are friendlier than most, instead preferring to kill their victims by shooting them with blow darts in the neck or sticking them with knives. Yet Deodato still knows how to shock and surprise his audience when they least expect it, throwing in a couple of neck-hackings complete with spraying blood, splattery gun shot wounds, females getting nailed through their limbs, stomach impalings and a brief gutting. However, all of these (superior) effects - notable through their realism, the special effects are magnificently realistic here - are put in the shade by one graphically nasty moment which features a man getting his entire body split in two after his legs are pulled in opposite directions by being tied to two different trees. Yuck! Certainly one of the strongest gore effects I have yet to see and unforgettably sticky.

    Otherwise the film takes the form of a straight action-adventure, throwing about three different sides into the midst of a remote jungle location and having them blast the hell out of each other. Drug pushers are being murdered across America and a reporter and her cameraman investigate the deaths, often arriving at the crime scenes before the police. They're employed by the wealthy Bob Allo to travel into the Amazon to rescue his son, Tommy, who has been thrown into a drug mining prison camp by dealers (shades of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST here as the pair film the various atrocities they discover and broadcast it via a satellite link-up back to Allo in the US). Unfortunately a third party is also interested in the dealers, led by Colonel Brian Horne who was a close friend of Jim Jones.

    The setting is effective as usual for an Italian movie, lush green scenery beautifully shot, and all of the typical ingredients are here - attacks by crocodiles, blow-pipe shooting natives, a machete-wielding Michael Berryman (okay, maybe that one's unusual), jungle traps, rape, prison camps, and a voluptuous girl nude in the shower (the last one comes as no surprise seeing as this is a dyed-in-the-wool exploitation epic). In fact when the cast members arrive in the jungle about halfway through it makes you release how unnatural the scenes set in America feel - Deodato really does have some kind of spiritual connection to the jungle and makes it his own unique gory stomping ground! Also in the film's favour is the great exploitation movie cast, plenty of familiar faces putting in solid if not spectacular performances. Lisa Blount gives it her all as the stressed-out female reporter, kind of like a Heather Donahue for the '80s and is pretty as well as being sassy and assertive when the time comes. Leonard Mann, Willie Aames and Richard Bright play three male cast leads with a fair degree of skill that makes you feel for the characters vaguely. Then there's Richard Lynch as Colonel Horne whose character and acting is definitely inspired by Brando's Colonel Kurtz in APOCALYPSE NOW!

    Karen Black is on hand as Allo's ally but has absolutely nothing to do with the action whilst Eriq La Salle (more commonly known today as a doctor on ER) plays a loud - clothes-wise - street friend ala Antonio Fargas. Two Italian action stalwarts - Gabriele Tinti and the British John Steiner - are also welcome playing a pair of drug pushers who get graphically murdered. Finally we have Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES) once again playing a very scary chap, a white indio who jumps out of rivers and murders people in some scary shock sequences (my favourite being the opening scene in which he jumps about seven feet out of the water to gut some poor extra). The cast and the gore make CUT AND RUN the last jungle classic to come from Italy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Fran Hudson (Blount) is a local Miami TV reporter who never shies away from a story that is potentially dangerous. After some drug-fueled murders in the area, an informant, Fargas (La Salle) points Fran and her trusty cameraman Mark (Mann) in the direction of a mysterious man named Brian Horne (Lynch). Horne was a disgraced Army Colonel who ended up in the employment of the infamous Jim Jones. He was said to have died in the massacre at Guyana, but recent photos have surfaced featuring Horne. Fran and Mark want to go deep into the jungles of Venezuela where they believe he is hiding out in order to interview him. This coincides perfectly with the wishes of their station manager, Bob (Bright) as well as Karin (Black). Bob's son Tommy (Aames) has been missing and thought to be in the same area. So Fran and Mark have their work "cut" out for them, as they must report on the drug killings, find and interview Brian Horne, and rescue Tommy - all the while dodging the many pitfalls of the jungle, not the least of which is the violent and frightening killer Quecho (Berryman). Can they do it? Out of all the jungle movies released in the 80's, Cut and Run has to rank as one of the best. While it sits comfortably with other items on video store shelves at the time such as Cocaine Wars (1985), Cut and Run has a lot more going for it. Namely the strong cast, and equally strong direction by Ruggero Deodato, who most people would associate with Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - but here at Comeuppance we associate him with Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976), Raiders of Atlantis (1983) and The Barbarians (1987). Though, truth be told, Cut and Run shares more of the themes of Cannibal Holocaust than any of the other movies we mentioned - jungles, white people entering them and facing hostile Indios, and gore a-plenty. So while lesser filmmakers were off making nondescript El Presidente movies or Jungle Slogs (as we call them), Deodato corralled an impressive cast and raised the bar on all films of this type. He set the standard for the 80's video store-era jungle movie, and it has yet to be surpassed.

    Lisa Blount makes an appealing lead, and she's an actress we don't often get a chance to talk about. Eriq La Salle - much like his co-stars John Steiner, Gabriele Tinti and even Karen Black - puts in a colorful and worthwhile, but brief, role. Fan favorite Michael Berryman is on board doing what he does best, as is fellow fan favorite Richard Lynch. Both Berryman and Lynch have loinclothed goons - presumably no jungle movie would be complete without them. It's hard to say exactly what's going on with Willie Aames (or is it Willie Bibleman; not really sure) what with his curly mullet and Mickey Mouse tanktop over a red sweatshirt, but like Blount, we don't get to talk about Willie too much on this site, so we were happy to see him in a non-Charles in Charge role. But seeing as how the movie was directed with energy by Deodato, and has typically-excellent Claudio Simonetti music, you can't really lose...or can you? Actually, you CAN lose if you view the New World VHS. The Anchor Bay DVD is uncut so make sure that is the version you see/buy. The moments of well-executed gore are one of the main ingredients that set this movie apart from its jungle-based competitors. So make sure you see it all on the DVD. Corman and New World have a tendency to cut movies and make sure they don't go "too far", and Cut and Run was sadly a victim of that back in the day. But it's been rectified now, so there's nothing to fear. Except maybe Quecho.

    Cut and Run is a solid movie, and the DVD is a solid addition to anyone's collection.
  • Oh my god, this is one is hilarious! Right from the get go, when we see Michael Berryman spring from a murky river and attack a native, we know this movie is going to rock.

    As usual with these Italian flicks, the acting is pretty terrible. The lead female is fairly decent though, considering the script.

    The plot is simple enough: a guy's kid is held against his will in the jungles of Columbia by some ruthless drug-dealers. A reporter and her cameraman go down into the 'green inferno' to save him. Along the way people get chopped up, mauled by crocs, sliced and diced and ripped apart. Definitely a gory action flick, kind of like "Contraband." The thing I really liked about this is that it includes all the violence and action of a flick like "Cannibal Holocaust" but there is no animal violence at all, which makes it a lot more watchable and fun.

    Yea, I'll be adding this one to the collection.

    8 out of 10, kids.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After Ruggero Deodato made Cannible Holocaust studios granted him with a budget, Because of it was a smash at the box office. Instead of doing a sequel he leaned more towards another movie. But the studios wanted something some what similar. So you get CUT AND RUN.

    CUT AND RUN staring Lisa Blount (AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN) and Willie Aames (EIGHT IS ENOUGH) is a bloodbath of fun. The story is written like any other Italien film from the 80's. In other words, if you are looking for something like Apacolypse Now, or a so called great film "Saving Private Ryan" or in the wrong DVD Section. This Story hold the Equivalince of Death Wish 3. Entertainment Value and thats it. But, hey, that is more then fine with me.

    The Film also Co-stars Karen Black and Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYE'S) and appearances by Richard Lynch and Eriq Lasalle. A perfect line up to an eighty's EuroShock feature. The film mostly takes place in the jungle like most Italien films at the time. And our main characters find themselves in the middle of an intricate drug war, and drug slave camps that appear to be the descendent's of Jim Jones. The characters at first wanted to film a story but now once "stuff" hit the fan, are in the game of survival.

    The Uncut version has great Decapitations, People being split in half, rape, and torture scenes. It is also shot slightly above average, the camera move's to the feel of the film. Nothing like Sergio or Dario, but above average.

    The score is by Cluadio Simonetti (The first time Cluadio and Ruggero Worked together) and actually fell short compared to his prior work with Goblin. But still, falling short from greatness is not to bad.

    Overall if you are an Italy film fan, and you like Fulci, and Argento, this is one you will not like to miss. Also, this is a great film to introduce Italien EuroShock films to someone new. It's got an American Style to it that many can Relate to. I hope this has been help-full, enjoy. (Oh and the replay value is very high)
  • This is a good film. Obviously this will not suite everyone as it is quite violent. The cut version however is very limited regards to violence and is quite difficult to follow as it limits certain scenes and lets the audience guessing! Watched the uncut version on italaian television but the version i owe is unfortunately cut.Nice ladies involved too.
  • Ruggero Deodato's Cut and Run (1985) is about same themes as his masterpiece Cannibal Holocaust (1979). Both these films criticize the way how media exploits and capitalizes on things that are necessarily not suitable for that. They also (thus) tell about human nature in general and our greedy and selfish sides that can be seen everyday worldwide.

    In Cut and Run, an American TV reporter and her cameraman travel to the deep jungles to search for the lost son of her boss as well as try to find some clues of a bloody drug war that has taken place during the last few months. They arrive there and learn that the gory hell is on the loose in the jungle, too, and that there's much more than they ever could have imagined. There are two versions of this film. The stronger and much more violent to the Italian market, and the "softer" version to elsewhere. I've seen the both, and all I can say is that the softer is much more noteworthy as a serious piece of work. The hard version serves only as exploitation, and very strong exploitation indeed.

    The themes of the film are universal as everywhere televison, internet and other forms of media show other people's suffering and pain as some kind of entertainment and amusement as it excites people, their deepest instincts. Cannibal Holocaust is easily among the most memorable depiction of this in the history of cinema. Cut and Run is more about media while Holocaust was also about the whole human nature and our faces, thus making the film even more global and powerful. Cut and Run shows some interesting expressions on faces at the end, and the characters definitely have learnt something, so again Deodato and his screenwriter (Dardano Sacchetti, the Fulci writer) had serious things in their minds while their producers were obviously more interested in exploitation and graphic violence.

    The violence is strong in both versions, but the harder version is very strong. The beginning massacre makes it obvious that none of the gushing close ups have any other reason than themselves, which is not good if we want to do serious film with message. More is coming as the carnage at the jungle includes various nasty traps and ways of killing a human being. The soft version is much tamer than this, and that is also its greatest improvement.

    The film has some very nice camerawork in the jungle, and especially the soundtrack by the great Claudio Simonetti of the Goblin is mind blowing and effective. It has its jungle themes and urban themes and they all work as fine as in their greatest Argento achievements.

    Cut and Run has some stupid reactions by its characters and also minor flaws and weak points in the screenplay and it can occasionally look unintentionally comical or irritating. Still it is among Deodato's best works and delivers its message with impact even though the film (both versions) is in every possible way much tamer and harmless than his one and only masterpiece. 7/10
  • Ruggero Deodato made Cannibal Holocaust in 1979 and it was banned everywhere. He was in court of jail for the next three years on obscenity charges. After all that I think he was trying to tame it down a bit for this movie, because it's nowhere near as good. It's basically an 80s action movie with some cannibals thrown in (they don't eat anybody though).
  • Terminator-227 May 2000
    I agree with the comments already made. I have the full uncut version & i think it's better than Cannibal Holocaust. It has more action, better acting and some truly gross gore scenes. If someone's not getting their head chopped off, they're being gutted, split down the middle or shot with darts. If you like gory movies with a lot of action, try to get hold of this.
  • "Cut and Run" has some pretty bad acting that tends to drag it down. Willie Ames, Richard Bright, and Karen Black are especially awful. Michael Berryman really doesn't do much other than grunt and pop up whenever least expected. Richard Lynch, although top billed, has very little screen time. The Venezuelan jungle locations are spectacular, and most of the special effects are acceptable, the best being a man torn in half by a native trap. The biggest letdown is with the script, which is unfocused, and at times makes very little sense. Thus, considering all the pluses and minuses, what remains is a very average jungle shocker, and nothing more. - MERK
  • Ruggero 'we need more animal deaths and rape here' Deodato manages to almost make a decent film without all the disturbing crap, just like he did with Atnaaanalanais Interceptors, only this time he does seem to be reminding the world that he was the director of Cannibal Holocaust (Emmerdale version) and Last Cannibal World of Emmerdale.

    This time some guys are killing coke dealers world wide and stealing their stuff, prompting a mong journalist to try and track down Richard Lynch, who seems to be tied in with all the stuff that's going on, plus his slim line bald murder guy. Michael Barrymore. Michael's fresh from drowning folk in his swimming pool and has graduated to killing everyone involvoed in the coke trade and my god polish beer is strong.

    Volvo? The jouranlist and her camera dude head out to the jungle to meet John Stiener (the best thing about this film) and see first hand the work of crazy cult leader Richard lynch. Blah blah blood, blah blah gore, blah blah boobs, blah bkah oucjhc#####

    There's pubes too.

    Ruggero did us a great film in Atalntis Raiders, and Body Count was good too. Other than that this is your usual Italian mid eighties set in Miami and Philiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipines type stuff.
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