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  • I love this movie. I have watched it numerous times, and I still love it! It is one of those "feel good" movies that we seldom see anymore. No violence, no sex, no "strong language", etc. Just a strong woman, and a strong man, gradually falling in love. No negatives at all. If you want to watch a pleasant movie, and go to bed feeling happy, watch this. James Garner and Sally Field both play very non-Hollywood types, and we love them all the more for it. (Watch for the scene where they are dancing - it is hysterical!)
  • James Garner and Sally Field make an appealing couple involved in a May-December romance. This theme has been done before in films but Garner and Field bring a freshness that gives the production credibility as they form a casual friendship that intensifies as time passes. Field's troublesome and immature ex-spouse shows up to try to win her back and his presence causes an awkward, strained triangle that resolves itself in due course. Garner is a relaxed middle-aged pharmacist who is comfortable with himself and takes each day as it comes. Field is determined to make a new life for herself and her son as a horse trainer in a small Arizona town. Brian Kerwin and Corey Haim as Field's ex-husband and young son are good in supporting roles.
  • This is such a cute movie! I remember seeing it when I was a senior in high school and absolutely loving it. I'm a big fan of Jim Garner and romantic comedies. This is just a totally feel-good movie. Garner's dialog and character are perfect. His words are so snappy and funny. Oh, to find a man like Murphy in real life... It was interesting to find out that Garner and Sally Field are really only 18 years apart. He was 56 and she was 38 when they made it. I watch it whenever it's on TV. I hate the way they edit it though. They took out one of the best lines, "How do you like your eggs, Murphy?" Why? I highly recommend this film.
  • Murphy's Romance is a pleasant easy to take movie about a May - October romance between widower James Garner and younger divorcée Sally Field. It's set in modern day Texas and it moves with grace of a gazelle and the speed of a Galapagos tortoise. And that's not meant in a negative way.

    Sally Field with the ink barely dry on her divorce from Brian Kerwin has moved to a small Texas town where she's now acquired a ranch which could use a lot of improvement. She's got her son Corey Haim in tow and they aim to start anew.

    The first and best friend they make in town is 60 year old James Garner, the local druggist. He's part of a disappearing breed in that he owns his own pharmacy. Given the way things are 23 years after Murphy's Romance, Garner's store if it still is operating is probably part of chain now, even in small town America.

    A steady reliable guy like Garner is all any girl could wish for, but ambling back into the picture is Kerwin who swears on a stack of Bibles he's a changed man. Why he's even a born again Christian.

    The man knows how to ring her bell, but that's about all he's good for. In fact he furnishes his own proof before the film ends.

    James Garner got his only Oscar nomination and I remember how much I wanted him to win that night watching the Oscars. It would have been great, but William Hurt won for Kiss of the Spider Woman. Murphy's Romance got one other nomination for cinematography, but it lost to the year's Best Picture, Out of Africa.

    Murphy's Romance is a tender and touching story about a couple of mature people, one a bit more mature than the other finding true love. As Garner says this is his last love and Field responds this is her first. It's a film for romantics of any age.
  • This may or may not be a chick flick. But who cares. Growing up in the 60s and 70s, Garner and Fields were two of my favorite television stars. So to see them together in a movie is a treat. While Garner's character is about 30 years older than Sally's, there is an undeniable chemistry between the two.

    Also, there is a gentle, mature humor in this movie. It will bring a smile to your face without the gross physical comedy or profanity so prevalent in modern movies.

    I have to admit that I am a romantic at heart, and this movie certainly hit home. If you like a film with a touch of romance, humor, and good performances by the lead actors, this is a movie you should add to you DVD collection.
  • rustydog2 July 2005
    Sure, this is a romantic comedy, but I wouldn't call it a chick flick. It's a great story, and all the principals work effortlessly towards making the film just downright entertaining.

    Garner is at his best as an understatedly charming small-town pharmacist who becomes entangled in the life of a fiercely independent single mother with a deadbeat ex-husband. Field hits all the right notes with her character, but I can't tell if she's stepping back, or she just doesn't know how to play against Garner's lackadaisical style. Brian Kerwin gives his best screen performance as her ex, and sure, he plays a deadbeat, but he just oozes sex appeal.
  • Aging Garner makes the most of this showcase role, arguably among his best work. Sally Field is also appealing and believable as the much younger woman torn between romancing a ne'er-do-well but age appropriate peer or the warm-n'-fuzzy but still studly sexagenarian Garner. The dialogue exchanges between Garner and Field pop nicely and the direction is tight. Less polished is the plotline, which veers between the simplistic soap operatics in Field's life (boring and largely cliched) and the gradual courtship process between Garner and Field (sly, entertaining and winning).

    Overall, though, this is a satisfying portrayal of may-december romance with the mush women will love and just enough conflict and tension to keep the men around, too. We all know the outcome before the start but it's still a gentle and loving rendition of the blossoming of true love.
  • Cowgal_83 November 2004
    Murphy's Romance is a great movie. My husband is not a big fan of Chick flicks and he loved it too. I think everyone should see it if they haven't already and I think there should be more films like this. I can't think of one that compares to it. I loved the setting in Arizona and the fact that she was working horses. You don't get too many films like this anymore. It was about starting over and finding love in an unexpected place. Sally Field and James Garner were spectacular. Murphy's Romance contained all the features a great film should possess. It was funny, yet serious and full of romance. It portrayed a mother and son who were close to one another. It was about making tough decisions and real life.
  • James Garner (Oscar-nominated) stars as a small town pharmacist in this very good motion picture. Sally Field and her teenage son (Corey Haim) move to the small Texas town and Garner and Field slowly fall head-over-heels for each other. The film is a showcase for Garner's sometimes hidden talents. This is his show and his Oscar nod was well-deserved. Sally Field proves to be a very capable supporter once again as she shares and also steps away from the spotlight throughout. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • This is a fabulously entertaining movie. Note that practically everyone reviewing it quite accurately describes it as 'feel good'. And it's not just a chick flick! My husband loved it and I'm hoping to get hold of it for my 18 year old son to watch.

    It's not your typical comedy romance, with two attractive young stars dating in a traditional manner or having sex shortly after the opening credits. The romantic leads are both wonderful in this unusual tale, with Sally Field engaging as the young divorcée, Emma Moriarty. The amazingly charismatic James Garner plays the older widower, Murphy Jones, an affable, laid back pharmacist 30 years or so her senior. Emma has just moved to Murphy's small town to set up a horse ranch nearby with her teenage son, Jake. Murphy gives Jake a part time job at his drug store to help out the young widow, tries to send business her way, and even recommends some eligible town gents for her to date (though he clearly has his eye on Emma himself).

    Barely has an attraction begun between Emma and Murphy when there's 'trouble in paradise'. Emma's sexy but ne'er-do-well ex-husband, Bobby Jack, shows up, convinces Emma to let him stay with her & their son for awhile, and tries to rekindle the fire, so to speak. Of course Jake wants his dad back, so pressure is put to bear on Emma. Meanwhile, right in front of the ex, Murphy is carrying on a rather unusual courtship of Emma! He ends up staying for supper with the 'happy little family of three' nigh on just about every night, even joins them for a hand or two of cards. Bobby Jack is naturally not pleased with this turn of events, and the competition between the two of them for Emma's affections makes for some pretty witty dialogue and amusing scenes, especially at a local square dance.

    Also, the contrast between the two men in terms of their inner character gives Emma cause for reflection...the charming but cheating, good for nothing Bobby Jack versus the easy going but hard working, caring, and principled Murphy. You're going to absolutely love Murphy's Romance! You just can't help it.
  • devreser1 January 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a romance/comedy that I'll never get tired of watching. (might contain spoilers) Sally Fields is newly divorced and moves to a small southwestern town to start boarding horses. She makes good friends with older gent James Garner and things begin from there.

    This is a nice movie to curl up and watch with a cup of hot chocolate (or iced tea). It moves along at a steady pace so you aren't bored and the ending will leave a smile on your face. I gave this movie 10 stars because I'm entertained every time I watch it. On a side note, I usually hate romantic movies, but this one is just different. Especially with the age gap that, in the end, just doesn't matter anymore.
  • Jim and Sally are brilliant in this easy yarn of a couple falling in love, even though he is a good 15 years old than her. Proves age doesn't mean a cracker. The ex-husband sub-plot is a waste of movie time, but it has no effect on the final outcome. Bravo for an excellent story and outstanding acting!
  • MURPHY'S ROMANCE is a lovely 1985 comedy about a divorcée (Sally Field) with a young son (Corey Haim)who is trying to begin a new life in a small town and finds herself inexplicably attracted to the local pharmacist (James Garner) who is several years older than she is and also must deal with her ex-husband (Brian Kerwin) re-entering her life. Aided by a strong screenplay, Field has rarely been more appealing on screen but it is Garner who really shines here in such a laid back and breezy performance that it earned the actor his very first Oscar nomination for Best Actor. If you're a fan of the stars, you will be utterly charmed by this warm and winning comedy.
  • susannah-511 December 2001
    Murphy's Romance is the kind of film that proves a story can be told about nice people, facing comical and/or difficult circumstances, and be as lively and attention-grabbing as anything else.

    Sally Field gives an understated performance as a woman with an unusual occupation (at least for the movies) who starts a new life in a desert town. James Garner, who patented the understated performance, is the local pharmacist (also an unusual occupation for the movies; the last time a pharmacist was even a minor character in a film was probably It's a Wonderful Life), who guides the newcomer toward potential love interests, all the while subtly romancing her himself.

    Complications ensue when the good-for-nothing ex-husband turns up, and Field's character's young son gets to contrast his bone-idle dad with a real man. The movie is warm, witty and well-filmed. Alas, James Garner, in his best role, ran into the same problem as Harrison Ford, in his best role: Both were nominated for Oscars the year William Hurt starred in Kiss of the Spider Woman, and at the Oscars, cross-dressing usually trumps everything else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After 30 years of only hearing about this one, I finally watched Murphy's Romance on Netflix disc with my mom just now. It's a nice drama with some humorous touches throughout. Sally Field plays a divorced mother with a young boy (Corey Haim) who's befriended by James Garner as a druggist who occasionally spends time with them. Ms. Field also has an ex-husband who comes by and tries to rekindle his romance with her. I'll stop there and just say both me and Mom enjoyed the light touches of many scenes. It took a while for something to be going on but it was never boring. Oh, and if you're a big fan of It's a Wonderful Life like I am, you'll probably get a kick of one of its players-Charles Lane-appearing here as an old man who takes a ride in James Garner's car and thinks he's going too fast even though he's only driving at 30 miles! He's also in a later dance sequence with a woman near his age. So on that note, I highly recommend Murphy's Romance.
  • What chemistry was created between Sally & Jim in this lesson learning story. You know when a film is top drawer when you catch it by accident on cable and you find yourself drawn to stay right there and enjoy it's beauty and warm, down home, simple message. This is truly a walk down the lessons of life road and the simple things that pay such wonderful dividends.

    The story is simple and yet special with it's well chosen cast and talented performances by all. This is a film that has no special effects, digital fancy do-dads or explosions and yet it makes you wanting more films like it. Hollywood could take a lesson from this gem of a movie.
  • This is such a sweet movie - James Garner and Sally Field hit the right notes in this easy-going movie. Garner is perfect in his role and one can see why Field slowly falls in love. I also enjoyed Corey Haim in the film but then remember how he wasted such a promising career and wonderful talent (Lucas, License to Drive). I own this movie because it's seldom on TV and it really leaves you with a good feeling when it's over. Garner still has "it"!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this film would merit a higher rating than it does here on the IMDb. It's a warm and touching, funny movie at times with Sally Field and James Garner portraying their characters with just the right amount of credibility. Not to sugarcoat this too much, I'm a guy, but I think the film hit the right notes for the kind of picture it was. There were only a couple scenes that I thought were forced, one was Murphy (Garner) and Bobby Jack (Brian Kerwin) deciding to dance together when they probably should have been coming to blows over each other's jealousy. The other was Emma's (Field) sneezing fit in the barn when Bobby tried to push his luck. It appeared that Miss Field never took sneeze lessons in acting school because it looked to me like she was about to crack up. If it was her way of putting off her ex, then I'll give her a pass. By the way, wasn't Bobby Jack just a perfect creep? Even the kid knew he cheated at cards.

    Now once I offer you this tip, I'm sure you'll take me up on the challenge. Just keep attentive during any modern flick and you're bound to see a product placement scene featuring Coca Cola. Usually it's a quick shot, but boy, the Coke folks got their money's worth here. There were at least six different Coke instances, more if you count a second glance within the same situation. This started out as a game between my wife and I after I first noticed how often the popular brand wound up in a movie, so it's second nature now. Just can't help myself.

    You know, Garner had a line that made me do some research. When he's invited to the movies, he mentions that he hadn't been to one since the Duke died. So I checked, and sure enough, John Wayne passed away six years prior to this film's release. Something else though, did you know Wayne's father was a pharmacist? Can you imagine that.
  • Murphy's Romance is a little gem of a movie. I like the way it defies typical Hollywood formulas. For example, When Emma's ex-husband, Bobby, shows up trying to reclaim Emma's affection, the usual Hollywood storyline would involve Emma using the situation to create jealousy, and for Murphy and Bobby to have fought (probably physically) for Emma's affection. Instead, the three of them live together (with Emma and Bobby's son) semi-harmoniously with Murphy competing in a more subtle way to show that he rather than Bobby is the right match for her now. A scene which stands out has Murphy and Bobby both attempting to cut in to dance with Emma at a party, and when Emma says in frustration, "why don't you just dance with each other," they in fact do, with Murphy saying, "watch your feet - I'll lead." Much of the movie's message lies in what the actors do rather than what they say. Only at the end, after a lengthy romance, does Murphy profess his love and give Emma a mild ultimatum to choose him as a lover, not a friend.

    The dialogue is terse and funny, the acting is superb, and the story at the end is very satisfying. This is a movie for discriminating adults tired of chase scenes, predictable dialogue, and tired formulas.
  • For 1 hour and 45 minz long feature it is not so long for this little piece of cake. It's easy-watch movie. Because it is real good movie. James Garner And Sally are very match for their roles in the movie.James is very Gently very humorous. He just Stoles the whole movie most of the time.

    If we lost him out of the movie is no life at all.He is also served for an Oscar nomination. Cory Haim is very good actor. The movie is funny, humorous and comfortable.

    The Cinemaphotograher William A.Fraker shoots the movie feel like a slightly kind of village. It's a good feeling of how the country village like and everyone is nice. It's a very unexpectedly good movie!Just add to your DVD collection now !
  • A low-key romantic comedy that pairs Sally Field with James Garner, and proves that the two actors have a great deal of chemistry together.

    Sally Field is a newly-divorced mom setting up house with her son. Garner is a good 'ol boy who takes a hankering to her and promises to be a positive male influence. The doofus stud of an ex-husband makes a nuisance of himself. Guess who Field winds up with?

    The film rides along harmlessly enough on the personalities of its two leads.

    Won Oscar nominations for Garner and its cinematography.

    Grade: B+
  • Utterly charming romance-comedy. Young, divorced mother Emma (Fields) buys run-down ranch turning it into a horse barn and training corral. With only her adolescent son to help, she's having a rough go of it. Aging town druggist Murphy (Garner) strikes up a friendship, but age difference keeps them apart. Still, the personality attraction is there. Then, out of nowhere, her no-goodnik ex (Kerwin) shows up wanting to move in. Emma is on guard, but he is the boy's father. So how will things work out in the hardscrabble Southwestern setting.

    The petite Fields is utterly winning as the gritty Emma. If you can buy her restoring and maintaining a ranch house and grounds pretty much by herself then the rest is easy. Garner, of course, is Garner, but with a little more edge than usual. There's no Maverick here (except for the poker game), still the natural charm surfaces when needed. It's a rather laid-back screenplay, in no hurry to get where it's going. But the dialog is superbly calibrated, the humor more subtle than snappy or obvious. Also, small town atmosphere is well integrated into events, especially the community dance with its ordinary-looking people. And scope out that hay bale contest, seeing who can roll a hay bale fastest. And catch Charles Lane as the cranky old man. Here he's already 80, and lived to 102!—with a career that started in 1930.

    This is really Fields' film. You can't help rooting for her small winsome woman against such big odds. But it's hard to imagine anyone else in either of the two leads. All in all, the film's a fine character study with comedic overtones and should not be missed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is nothing like a good, clean "falling in love" movie between two very sweet characters. It gives hope to single people who are afraid of remarrying. I absolutely love James Garner's personality which shines through in this movie. His Oklahoma accent is endearing. (One of my previous MDs sounds just like him and sure enough, he was from Oklahoma, too. If I closed my eyes while he was talking, I would see James Garner! :-)

    We used to live in a small cowboy town similar to this one and the people are very friendly! I wasn't into rodeos and cowboy hats but I miss all the friends we have there.

    Can anyone tell me if Sally does her own horseback riding? Whoever it is REALLY knows how to maneuver a horse ♥ Thank you!
  • Emma Moriarty (Sally Field) is a divorced 33-year-old, mother to Jake (Corey Haim). She moves to the small town of Eunice, Arizona to fix up a run down horse ranch and train horses. She befriends the local druggist Murphy Jones (James Garner). Her ex-husband Bobby Jack Moriarty (Brian Kerwin) shows up and she lets him stay. He promises to be better but he continues to be a thieving cheat. The two men starts competing for Emma.

    This is better than most May to December romantic movies. Garner is utterly charming. The beauty is their hesitation. The characters know their age difference and keep pushing away the romance. Sally Field is just as charming. Her horse riding is probably the most impressive thing in the movie. Garner and Field make an adorable couple despite their age difference.
  • I saw this film on a whim. I had no real knowledge of what the film was about. All I knew was that Garner and Field were in it, and they were known to put their names to some fine work. So, when it aired on HBO I took a chance on it, and I was very delighted with what I saw.

    This is old fashioned film making with lots of heart and a decent cast and crew. You can tell. The shots are professional, and not over done. There are few overstated moments, and the story moves along at a nice pace.

    This film comes from a time when Hollywood didn't have to placate to the aging boys of America by throwing in lots of foul language, nudity, obvious and strong sexual references and body function jokes. All the adult humor is there, but it's placed in a more respectable and grown up perspective.

    The acting is solid. The location perfect, and the characters are right on the mark. In other words, it's a fine little film. A small film with some big names to tell a very endearing tale of tried and true feelings that everyone feels. A reminder to all about what life is all about.

    I guess the best clue I can give is this; it's like my cousin says, after a while age is just a number.
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