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  • Worst thing ever committed on celluloïd, this piece of trash has been committed by shlockmeister extraordinaire Max Pecas. This was a summer vacation and someone said "hey, why don't we make a movie out of it"? everyone was already in vacation, some stupid camera operator took a camera and wam-bam-thank-you-ma'm : you got your movie.

    This thing I hardly call a film has nothing in it : no screenplay, no actors (even beautiful Brigitte Lahaie did it for free and only for the friendship she got with Max Pecas), no professionnal acting...plain nothing, really. A white screen would have been better.

    It's sexist, boring, homophobic in the worst way...conservative in its way of depicting relationshsips (extra-marital affairs are BAD, sex outside marriage is BAD, marriage is GOOD, etc.). The movie is repellent, disgusting...I was thinking : go away, disappear, desintegrate!!!!!!!!! But no, the movie was still in front of me and as I don't leave a theater until the very end of a flick, I had to endure this torture til the very end .A real piece of cinematographic has to be seen to be believed.

    It's the only time I've ever been ashamed going to a theater, pay for a movie and trying to go out of it without being recognized. Even the last Max Pecas flicks about St tropez (Deux enfoirés à St Tropez, for example) were bad but fun in a certain way. This one is painful to watch and seem to be made by a bunch of amateurs. Avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid.
  • This film is an utter pile of turd. it contains nothing worth viewing apart from young women's breasts, the filming of which amounts to about 1/3 of the footage. If you are interested in seeing half-naked girls with early 80's hairdos, this film is for you, provided you turn off the sound. if not, you will listen to such a display of vulgarity and meaningless junk as to want to throw up. Fans will be pleased to recognize French porn star Brigitte Lahaie in as insignificant a part as has ever been cast. The dialogue is pointless and the image ugly throughout, and there is indeed little else to say. To think that from time to time Max Pécas is hailed as a counter-culture genius by alienated critics only underlines their own abasement, as anyone who sees this piece of junk will recognize.