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  • ridley_6428 September 2003
    It is obvious what name this title is being copied from, "Sax Fifth Avenue". This is not uncommon in the pornographic industry to make refrences and parodies to other things.

    Basically this movie was made when pornography really started to go downhill for story, I mean REALLY downhill (keep in mind we are talking pornography). After '85, story was almost non-existent. This movie contains a variety of stars including Christy Canyon, Paul Thomas, Steve Powers, and of course our beloved Traci Lords. Ron Jeremy is in the credits, but that is somewhat of a mystery to me because I don't see him ANY WHERE! Was there a cut scene or some thing?

    Paul Thomas plays a half decent performance as the "Judge" and that butler provides some humour for us. I really do wish this movie was a bit longer or emphasised more on the story because it kind of sways off towards the middle with really bad editing that goes on and on making a 30 second scene last 10 minutes!!!! The story is interesting at the start and could have REALLY went some where. But nevertheless at least it does have some form of skit.

    The acting is not very good, even for a porn movie in this one, Paul Thomas is the only one who really comes out.

    When it comes down to it, however, the movie does provide one with the basics, gorgeous bodies, humour, etc. so it has its good points.

    All in all 7/10.

    Take a look if you have time.
  • russbgrant31 August 2019
    This one is more note worthy than it should be due to having Traci Lords in it. A bunch of rich types have a sex club, and snatch Lords and Canyon to be a part of it since at this point Tracy was already a legend. I guess? It's a fun script, and the sex serves it so it's not feeling like a loop carrier. That said, it's not up to the better Tanner films and I'm guessing that's due to Bruce Seven's input on camera. I like Sevens later work, but this 80's cam stuff is just too frenetic so there's not really a proper flow so the editing suffers. As a result, it feels more wall-to-wall and suffers in narrative which is a shame since there are some good gags and whatnot. That said, the cast is fantastic so it still holds your interest.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Judge Striker (Paul Thomas) pretends to kidnap Traci Lords along with Christy Canyon in order to convince her to join his swinger's club, Sex Fifth Avenue, where continuous group sex and a live show take place. The much too short scene with the kidnappers in the van, cutting back to Thomas and two girls, is about the only source of excitement. The show is overlong, and the best parts are diluted with too many close ups of spectators and guy's faces. Francois Papillion must have a lot of international fans, he often resembles Tom Cruise here when he's not leering with one half of his lip pointed up. Director Tanner seemed unfazed by the scandal when Traci quit. He still cranks out dozens of screw-ass operas today.
  • Here's another example of low budget cinematography suffering the slings and arrows of editing issues. Once again we have Traci Lords up to her usual stuff, and as always the movie effectively achieves what it intended to do. That alone can garner a ten out of ten, but this is where technique comes into play. There is one particular shot, not just the scene, but the physical action involved, that you see reused at least six times. And to top it off, the music runs out during a segment, and a new track starts up, sometimes even a second time. This is one of those things that points out the denied truth - no living man has that endurance. It is physically impossible, save for all kinds of deterrent techniques I'd rather not get into. Other than the editing disarray, I'll rate it appropriately.
  • Firstly, it's "Saks" 5th Avenue, not Sax! Albeit, NYC is known for its street sax players! LOL! Secondly, as my summary infers, one of many episodes of TV's "The Equalizer" (shot entirely in NYC), prominently features Times Square (crossroads of the world). Low and behold, the camera focuses in one of the porn theatres (a thing of the past in today's Disneyfied NYC - safest, largest city in the nation), where the above film can clearly be seen on a theatre marquee. For obvious reasons, this film is no longer available and/or has most likely been re-released with Lords edited out. Have yet to see it myself, but the Equalizer episode prompted me to search for it online. Was curious to see who starred.