• WARNING: Spoilers

    Comments by Actor / Writer Roy C. Peterson

    Wonderful juxtaposition of the small pastoral southern town with the horrific events which soon invade it. One morning a local railroad employee and drunkard is found mangled on the train tracks. What else would have done this but the nightly train? The way he was passing out all the time it was long overdue.

    But it wasn't the train. It was a werewolf. A really big, unusually angry werewolf. In size he is more like a were-bear. In the first scene where we see him, he appears at a girls bedroom window, then disappears, then suddenly reappears smashing the through entire window casing. Then, with claws like a bear, he just rips that girl to shreds.

    This is an excellent adaptation of the werewolf legend to America. The story is engrossing with surprising plot twists and the acting is excellent.