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  • vpm2a25 March 2008
    The question is, can a movie this entertaining really be considered a "bad" movie? My husband and I picked this up at a used video store for 99 cents simply because of the title and the fact that the box had the words "Vestron Pictures" on it (Vestron has been highly regarded as a mark of quality ever since I first acquired the legendary films "Suburbia" and "Class of 1984"). We were not expecting a movie as full of win as this one was. Your basic plot as is follows: Grange, this goombaesque thug from planet Earth, robs "the bank of the Moon" and is sentenced to a penal colony on a remote planet (I don't even remember the planet's name) to mine for bauxite and other minerals. The "governor" of said colony and the owner of the mine are exploiting the prisoners for labor. Walker, a bounty hunter (apparently one of only three on the whole planet) reminds the prisoners that there is no escape, because there's only one shuttle out of the whole planet and they'd have him to deal with. Then there's the nameless "Colonel", a retired bounty hunter who suffers from a haunting reoccurring nightmare. Much of the movie centers around "futuristic" car chases (dunebuggies with plywood slapped to the sides) with explosions galore. The planet itself looks suspiciously like Hemet, CA or one of those other dusty Inland Empire outposts. But what makes the movie truly shine is a surprisingly awesome soundtrack featuring several LA punk bands of the mid-80s. I seriously doubt that this soundtrack was ever pressed to vinyl, but it's definitely worth buying the movie just for the soundtrack. I can't even remember the names of the bands (they're listed in the credits) other than Exploding White Mice, because that was the only one I'd heard of before I saw this movie, but I'm definitely looking into them.

    Basically, the movie is definitely not a waste of your time and would be best enjoyed with a 12 pack of beer and a few of your closest friends.
  • I watched the movie while recovering from major surgery. While I knew it was only a "B" film, a space western, I loved it. It may have lacked the flash of high dollar productions it non-the-less held my imagination and provided great escapism. Sadly our society has so much available, discounting small attempts is too easy. In the same way that I can enjoy a even a grade school performance of Shakespeare, I can appreciate many levels of achievement for the art sake. I am a cop and found affinity with the retired LAPD. Dreams like his haunt me that I will be unable in the moment of crisis be able to respond to save another's life (or my own). while it was a romantic ending where Farnsworth did take out the bad guy (predictable) I needed a little happy romance where good can triumph. My world is really too cynical.
  • charlieoso6 May 2019
    A super bad dude named Grange (Michael Pare) is sent to an off Earth penal colony called Botany Bay after he commits murder and armed robbery. There we meet the warden Gov. Tovah (William Windom) who looks like Boss Hogg when first introduced. Grange just wants to escape and cause mayhem. Problem for him is there is an old retired LA cop (Richard Farnsworth) who he must face in his attempt to escape.

    Sort of good premise is ruined by low production values and if you think about what you are watching at all sense is thrown out the window if you are to enjoy it. One question I had was could they not afford another song as the song 'Blood Money' is played 3 times over the film. And for a penal colony where you send the worst of the worst there certainly are a lot of escapes happening. Seems like one a day. Guess that happens when there are no fences.

    The car chase near the end is certainly influenced by the much better MAD MAX movies, but it is somewhat enjoyable. By the time Farnsworth rolls around to face Pare the movie has run out of steam, which is quite incredible as it runs only 77 minutes in total.
  • Richard Farnsworth is one of my favorite actors. He usually gives solid performances, such as in The Straight Story, and The Grey Fox. He also does fairly well here, but the rest of the film suffers from a low budget, poor writing, and so-so photography. The Miller-Movie formula gives it a 4. Richard gets a 5.
  • Butt Money. Throughout this movie, you will hear this song. It's supposed to be called 'Blood Money,' but it sounds so much like Butt Money (was the singer holding his tongue?) that it's best if you refer to it as that. Butt Money...YEAAAAHHH!!

    Cheaply produced music aside, the movie also suffers from not knowing what it is. It takes place on New Botany Bay, a planet of deserts (?) with a very familiar Southern California like landscape where prisoners are held and supposedly mine materials as part of their punishment. Also sentenced here is Richard Farnsworth, walking his way to a paycheck as some LAPD officer whose own stupidity lead to him being hit by a knife in some weird dream sequence. Called into action, he dresses up in his old duds to dish out old fashioned justice. In a planet wide prison inexplicably called New Botany Bay that has only five guards and a couple of dune buggys.

    Special notice to all the bad special effects, which include:

    --prisoners obviously pretending to fire guns which are just toys with no muzzle flare or smoke,

    --stunt doubles that, when hit by Farnsworth, do a flip in the air before turning into dummies who hit the ground and freeze all motion on the film,

    --General confusion when they hit the 'industrial' area of this prison planet and the conveniently located roadside diner (?!) on this prison planet.

    Bottom line: a very obvious attempt at something that went wrong. This is a prime example of something going very very wrong. This is the product of people with no talent, I'm sorry to say.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is remarkable sometimes, how much space can look like the prairies and desert of the American Midwest. But just add a few odd shaped buildings and drive around in dune buggies, and suddenly you're on another planet. Well, they just don't make these kind of low budget sci-fi flicks anymore. And it is a shame, because despite their faults, and bad effects, they got their own charm.

    Not much unlike a western, the bounty hunter Walker and the retired old "sheriff", the Colonel, must team up to stop the violent and extremely dangerous Grange to lead a prisoner rebellion off the planet.

    Bad props, bad effects, a overuse of explosives but good fun none the less. Simply put, it got good thoughtless action. And because of it is entertaining almost from the start. So, a lot of good fun. But to call it good would be a stretch.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't be fooled into watching some science fiction extravaganza, this is strictly action-adventure fodder packed with plenty of shoot-outs and buggy chases through desert locations which seem to have been simply inspired by the exploits in MAD MAX 2. Thanks to the short running time the usual prison clichés are brought up and gone through at speed, and the film-makers just can't wait to get to the action parts of the story hence the lack of any likable or realistic characters at all and the incredibly high death toll of just about the entire cast by my reckoning, with the one exception (I mean who the heck has Farnsworth got left by the end of the movie?). The special effects are limited to a couple of dodgy model spaceships but there's the usual quota of not-bad explosions and some well-executed stunts and shoot-outs for action fans to enjoy.

    Although the sets and props tend to look cheap, the low budget action is handled pretty well and the film is nicely violent, with lots of bloody bullet impacts and sadistic murders. The somewhat recognisable cast tend to come off badly though and you could say that this is a film where everybody simply phones in their performance. Michael Pare is an unlikable sadistic villain and plays it woodenly whilst John Laughlin is awful as the young, carefree hero bounty hunter who snaps when his wife is shot dead. As for Richard Farnsworth, well he plays his usual hard-mannered stubborn old self and is the best thing in the film. Thanks to the wealth of action, this film is never boring - instead, just dumb. Only of use if your brain has had a hard day and you need something painless and totally lacking in plot motivation or twists of any kind to keep you engaged with repetitive violence and lots of deaths. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
  • snortch15 August 2002
    This movie is really not all that bad. But then again, this movie genre is right down my alley. Sure, the sets are cheap, but they really did decent with what they had.

    If you like cheap, futuristic, post-apocalyptic B movies, then you'll love this one!! I sure did!
  • dknte2 February 2006
    Hey if you have a little over an hour to kill and find paint to be too exciting I'd suggest it. If thou you happen to like cheap b-movies like me it's good for a giggle! Other than that I wouldn't suggest that you rent it, I'd wait till it comes on the tube say round 4 am on the free access channel of your cable/satellite supplier. The band that did this sound track by the way was on the road after for about two years after this flick, and no they sounded just as bad live according to the two small town reviews I could find on them. So once again good if you find grass growing to much fun but good to watch if you like to see how NOT to shoot a low budget movie.
  • Richard Farnsworth( recently nominated for an oscar for THE STRAIGHT STORY)plays a retired space ranger. An escaped prisoner(Michael Pare) goes on a rampage, and it's up to already-crotchety Farnsworth to stop him.

    Yawn. This is some of the most dull filmmaking that is possible. The sets a cheap and resemble cardboard. The story is recycled from countless westerns. And, although the actors here have been good in other films, the acting is sub-par. If only someone could have figured a way out of making this 80 minutes so unbearably boring. There is hardly any action untli the end, and when it finally comes, you'll be sleeping.

    SPACE RAGE is pretty poor. I see where everyone has cast very low votes. It makes me wonder how long it will take for this flick to reach the bottom 200.

    Still, this is better than watching PIPPI LONGSTOCKING again. Now, there's a real painful experience!