Louis Thibadeau: I am death, come with me.

Young Louis: Come with me. I am death.

Gordie: What about the bad guys?

Louis Thibadeau: What bad guys?

Gordie: The bad guys that are taking over the neighborhood.

Louis Thibadeau: Now where did you hear that?

Meg: Go watch TV, Gordie.

Louis Thibadeau: That's probably where he heard it.

Cathryn Bolan: Stay away from Louis Thibadeau.

Detective Isgrow: How come?

Cathryn Bolan: Your witness doesn't have any idea what a cocaine cowboy is. Why didn't you tell him?

Gordie: Everybody calls you Mr. Thibadeau. Is that because of what you did in the war?

Louis Thibadeau: No, Gordie, it's because I'm old. Besides that war was a long time ago, nobody remembers it.

Gordie: Paddy does.

Meg: [about the shooting] It's all over the front page.

Louis Thibadeau: Meg, if a dog has pups it's on page one.

Louis Thibadeau: [walking Gordie to band practice] We're late.

Gordie: So why don't we drive?

Louis Thibadeau: Because you need the exercise.

Gordie: What for?

Louis Thibadeau: So you don't have a heart attack before you're 12.

Gordie: That's why I gave up smoking and drinking.

Meg: I wish you'd talk to Paddy about giving Gordie so many donuts.

Louis Thibadeau: [absentmindedly] Yes Meg.

Meg: And Louis, no more war stories.

Louis Thibadeau: [absentmindedly] Yes Meg.

Meg: And we're gonna have rattlesnakes for dinner.

Louis Thibadeau: [absentmindedly] Yes Meg.

Meg: I thought you were going to quit playing with that tank.

Louis Thibadeau: So did Mrs. Whitehead.

Nurse Warren: Would you like something for the pain?

[Louis grumbles]

Nurse Warren: What?

Louis Thibadeau: Bourbon.