Biff Manard was actually drunk while playing Hap Ashby, and Tim Thomerson had to literally man-handle Biff because he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing or where to go.

Jack Deth's car is a 1955 Mercury Montclair that was heavily modified by Gene Winfield, who built the spinners and full-sized cars for Blade Runner (1982).

The pro-ball tooth that Ashby spits out was Biff Manard's actual tooth. Tim Thomerson gave Manard money after the shoot to get the tooth repaired.

Tim Thomerson had personally recommended both Helen Hunt and Biff Manard to the filmmakers.

Bette Davis had been considered for the role of Chairman Ashe, but was unavailable for the part.

The motorcycle scene marked the first time Helen Hunt had operated a motorcycle.

Jamie Rose was the original runner-up for the role of Lena before Helen Hunt got the part.

Anne Seymour had trouble with her character's lines during filming.

Anne Seymour and Art LaFleur later co-starred in Field of Dreams.

The film takes place in 2247 and 1985.