The character, Count Magnus Lee, is named as an homage to Christopher Lee who played Dracula in a long series of Hammer Films.

The sword D carries is a Grosse Messer (German for Great Knife)

The film takes place in 12090.

When the chariot of the count arrives in the village, in the population appear Kenshirô and Lynn.

There is a audio commentary track with Jonathan Clements on the Region 2 UK Manga Video DVD.

The name Count Magnus was also used by author M.R. James.

Hideyuki Kikuchi, the writer of the Vampire Hunter D novels that this movie is based on, uses more of the Hammer Horror universe of Dracula stories as his basis for storytelling rather than the original Dracula novel written by Bram Stoker. In the original novel, Dracula was more of a magical being who was able to walk around in daylight, could shape shift into multiple forms (bats, a wolf, fog), and could use hypnosis as a means of distant communication between himself and his victims/cohorts. There was also more of an emphasis on natural elements being the tools to fight him off (and fight vampires in general) that included - garlic, rose stems, communion wafers (bread), mirrors, silver, etc. And while Universal Pictures subtly changed and added to many of these elements with their own Dracula (1931) movies, it was actually the Hammer Horror studios who nonchalantly refined and created the more commonly known (and popular) rules that future vampire films adhered to: Crosses frighten, paralyze, and burn vampires. Holy water burns a vampire like acid. Sunlight turns any part of a vampire it hits into dust. If a vampire falls into a body of water, they would become paralyzed and fall into a coma. Human blood could immediately cure most ailments and injuries a vampire has sustained. Only pure wooden stakes through the heart would kill a vampire while anything else through the heart would just stun them. And any item associated with the Catholic church would automatically be a weapon that can be used against a vampire (cloaks, bibles, incense, and the building itself). These rules and regulations have all appeared in many of the Vampire Hunter D novels at some point or another. And so one can then assume that the main protagonist in the Vampire Hunter franchise, D, is the descendant of the Dracula played by Christopher Lee and not the Dracula from the original novel or the Dracula played by Bela Lugosi.