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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "E' arrivato mio fratello" focuses around the relationship between two men and brothers, at their antipodes. The first, an insipid middle-school teacher, however with a respectable life; the second, a libertine, famous piano-bar singer with doubtful relations. Both played by the good Renato Pozzetto.

    Principally directed as a comedy, anyway, this film shows how hard could be living overwhelmed by a "better" brother. What it's funny is that EVERYTHING Ovidio (the teacher) does is wrong, inopportune, tedious; while the same done by Ralph (the showman) is always what it takes, what fits in that particular instant. Ovidio plays the piano and the neighbors yell: stop, it's a shame, we're trying to sleep ! Ralph does it and they yell: well done, finally !

    The best scene is the REVENGE of Ovidio against the school principal, his class of pestilent children (paraphrasing D'Annunzio: It rains, on you, you retarded students...) and finding the courage to ask his girlfriend for bride.

    The whole work, anyway, is entertaining. Nice the original song "Chicago", irresistible the scene at the flowers' shop, the carrots-maniac and pedant Lidia and the scene at the parents'.

    Nothing to do with a good cinematographic work, but his sociological message can be read by fussy audiences too, making some smiles at last !