[the Misfits have been hang gliding and passing out promotional fliers]

Eric Raymond: Where's Pizzazz?

Tech Rat: She must be testing my new laser.

Eric Raymond: [frightened] You let Pizzazz loose... WITH A LASER?

Pizzazz: Why do you always think the worst of me?

Stormer: Don't answer that, Jem.

Synergy: Your father hoped you'd be strong.


Synergy: But I suppose tough is good enough.

[the misfits are eating after Kimber has been attacked by a shark]

Pizzazz: This food is delicious! What is it?

Zipper: Well, I figured since the Holograms were having shark...

[Misfits look disgusted and run off]

[Clash disguises herself as a film student filming a documentary on Jem and the Holograms]

Clash: Wow. Even at five in the morning she looks amazing.

Eric Raymond: Pizzaz! Wait! Don't slam the...

[Pizzaz slams the door and plaster falls from Eric's office ceiling on to his head.]

Eric Raymond: Door.