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  • gotoads18 November 2008
    I saw an episode of this soon-to-be-cancelled show taped in the Summer of '86. I remember having to laugh at things that weren't funny. The only thing I really remember clearly was a scene where Stamos made Klugman a breakfast sandwich and when Klugman bit into it, the egg yolk came pouring out all over the place, driving home the point that Stamos was an idiot in the kitchen. The audience responded with a loud "Ewwww!" during each take.

    Stamos was interviewed on Howard Stern recently (11/08) and mentioned Klugman as a close friend to this very day. If nothing else, "You Again?" formed a bond between a couple of guys you'd never expect to be pals.
  • This show was only memorable for basically one thing - John Stamos playing essentially the same character as "Jesse" in Full House (i.e. struggling pretty boy musician). In one episode he tries out to play drums for the Beach Boys, but is turned down because he doesn't read music.
  • Just wanted to echo the sentiment of the previous comment. I was watching VH-1 and they made a comment about how John Stamos once toured with the Beach Boys. That triggered a memory of this show, that same episode where he almost got to tour with the Beach Boys, but couldn't read sheet music. But I couldn't remember anything else - actually the name of the show doesn't even sound familiar - but I did remember Jack Klugman being in it as well. Funny how the mind works.