• WARNING: Spoilers

    Charles Bronson delivers a powerful performance in this riveting story based on actual events. Bronson portrays Jock Yablonski, the united Mine Workers official who tried to refofm his union by challenging its ruthless, corrupt, all-powerful leader, Tony Boyle. In 1969, after a bitterelection battle, Yablonski was murdered. This critically-acclaimed film focuses on three different aspects of his death, interveaving underhanded union politics, Yablonski's personal life and a portrait of his assassins. A memorable performance by Bronson combined with Wilford Brimley's chilling, sinister presence as Boyle and Ellen Burstyn's sensitive characterization of Yablonski's devoted wife makes ACT OF VENGEANCE a compelling tale of a real-life hero who took a courageous stand and stepped into history.