At a cost of about one million dollars per minute of film, this was, minute for minute, the most expensive motion picture of all time.

Ran in EPCOT in Disney World from 1986 until 1997 when it was replaced by another 3D show Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (1994). Following the sudden death of Michael Jackson in June 2009, Disney decided to reinstate Captain EO. The original show opened once again in February 2010 under the title "Captain EO Tribute." This is likely the only occurrence where a Disney attraction replaced the attraction that replaced it initially.

The design of the Supreme Leader was based on that of a spider. Anjelica Huston accepted the role without realizing she'd have to be suspended from cables for most of the shoot. The Supreme Leader design would years later serve as the primary inspiration for the design of the Borg Queen (who also was suspended in midair by cables) from Star Trek VIII: First Contact (1996) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995).

This movie has never been released on video, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD or Blu ray, neither in its flat (2D) version than its stereoscopic (3D) version. Some illegal and bad quality copies may be available on the Internet but these are not Disney's or Sony official products.

Steven Spielberg was originally going to direct the movie but had to cancel because of a busy schedule. Francis Ford Coppola did the directing instead.

It was Francis Ford Coppola himself who came up with the title character's name. "Captain EO" was derived from "Eos," the goddess of dawn from Greek mythology.

Disney wanted to change Michael Jackson's voice because they felt his voice was too high-pitched and were afraid people would not take him seriously. Jackson was unaware of this decision until he was told writer/producer George Lucas vetoed it.

The movie was shot at 30 frames-per-second as opposed to the industry-standard 24 frames-per-second.

Before hiring the performers to play Captain EO's crew, Francis Ford Coppola had Michael Jackson improvise job interviews with the actors in character to test their understanding of their roles.

Three of the main actors from the film Breakin' (1984) appear in this film. Bruno 'Pop N' Taco' Falcon, Timothy 'Poppin' Pete' Solomon, and Ben Lokey. Coincidentally, all three actors played villainous roles; Bruno and Tim played the competition dance team against Ozone & Turbo and Ben played the films primary villain Franco.

The song "We Are Here to Change the World" was not officially released until 2004 (18 years after the movie's debut), where it was included as part of the "Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection" album. That version however, is a shorter edit of the full-length song featured in the movie.

The sequence where Minor Domo changes from a small robot into a synthesizer was done in reverse order from synthesizer to robot by Doug Aberle.

Shelly Duvall was originally going to play the Queen.

The short film is a tribute to space operas such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and the Star Wars movies.

Anjelica Huston spent three hours in make-up every day during filming.

Per Terri Harden, Michael Jackson was very afraid of Anjelica Huston during the filming of this.

Two years earlier, Angelica Hutston starred in the science fiction comedy spoof The Ice Pirates (1984) which parodied space operas and swashbuckling pirate flicks.

Originally the feature was going to be called "Space Knights."

Ben Lokey: The dancer in red who appears on the left side of the screen towards the end of "We Are Here To Change The World."