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  • One of the shorts from Jim Jarmusch's 17-year compilation devoted to two of the most accepted of habits brings together relations of director Spike Lee, and the then lessor known actor Steve Buscemi. The short pulls off it's laughs while being blunt as well as subtle, if that makes sense. The Lee's are stuck in Memphis, and Elvis conspiracizer Buscemi tries out his 'evil-twin Elvis' theory on them. There's not a whole lot too the short, but what it delivers is genuine, and funny. The music as well is placed in with the right gusto. It's hard for me to say if it's my favorite of the vignette's from Jarmusch's mix of caffeine and nicotene laden shorts, however it does strike up as being one of the most memorable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the second from 3 "Coffee and Cigarettes" short films written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. He made this one here 3 years after the first starring Roberto Benigni, over 25 years ago from now. I must say that these 6 minutes here are probably the weakest from the trilogy. Buscemi certainly elevates the material (as always), but Joie Lee and Cinqué Lee are simply not interesting to watch, no matter if they argue, talk at the same time or are simply there on screen. The parallel between Elvis and his twin brother compared to the two twins in the film was a nice idea, but could have been better executed in my opinion. The film is black-and-white like the other ones and fairly short. All in all, you can swap this one. Not recommended.
  • This is the second short film from what director Jim Jarmusch started in 1986 and finished in 2003: 'Coffee and Cigarettes'. This one stars Joie Lee and Cinqué Lee sitting in a coffee-shop in Memphis, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, argue about nothing. Then a waiter appears to ask if they want more coffee. After he has spilled some he joins their table, asks if they are twins and tells them a theory about Elvis Presley and his twin brother.

    I liked this short film in black and white. One the main reasons is Steve Buscemi who plays the waiter since I like him in everything I does. He knows how to bring a story in a way you just have to listen. I mean, the biggest nonsense passes his lips but you are intrigued anyway. There are a lot of smiles, most of them created by Buscemi, and I was not bored for a single second. The final moments seem to try too hard for a laugh though.