Jaffer: Here are some blankets for the night.

Capt. Campbell: How about some beds?

Jaffer: You don't need beds, you're gonna die tomorrow.

Abdul: What is your name?

Father O'Malley: William O'Malley.

Abdul: I did not call you.

Father O'Malley: You called for all the Jews. I'm Jewish, just like Jesus Christ. You take one, you gotta take us all.

Nick Alexander: Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful legs?

Bartender: Oh, Nick! You can't see them from here.

Nick Alexander: No, but I do have a good imagination. Well, actually I'm just trying to be nice.

Harry Goldman: I was in Beirut 20 years ago. You should've been here then. It was beautiful! Beirut had casinos, dances, parties, concerts. It was the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

Nick Alexander: It's a go. TAKE THEM DOWN!

Bobby: I'll see you when I see you

Maj. Scott McCoy: [after taking out a terrorist] Sleep tight, sucker.

Maj. Scott McCoy: Better hurry, Nick... I think there's gonna be reinforcements on the way.

Nick Alexander: How do you know?

Maj. Scott McCoy: Something I heard on the radio.

Nick Alexander: I didn't know you spoke Arabic?

Maj. Scott McCoy: If we don't get outta here, we're all gonna be speaking it!

Father O'Malley: [Pete has succumbed to his wounds] Greater love than no man hath he gives up his life for a friend. Heavenly father, we humbly ask you that you cherish this most loving soul in the palm of your hand for all eternity. In the name of the father, of the son and of the holy ghost.

[closes Pete's eyes]

Ben Kaplan: [to his wife, Edie, after his name is called by Ingrid, the purser] We survived once, we can do it again.

Nick Alexander: Now, Ms. Harding, this will only take a few minutes.

Ingrid: What's happening?

Nick Alexander: The Algerian Commandos are going to break into the plane.

Ingrid: Oh no, don't. All the hostages in Beirut, they'll kill them all.

Nick Alexander: What hostages?

Ingrid: The guys from the navy and all the Jews they took off the plane when the other hijackers came on.

Nick Alexander: [panicked] What other hijackers?

Ingrid: All those men who came on board, 10 or 12 of them.

Nick Alexander: God! All sections! All sections!

Nick Alexander: [Coronel Alexander to Major McCoy] General Woodbridge is waiting for the 'Go Ahead' from the president, Im waiting for the 'Go Ahead' from General Woodbridge, and you are waiting for the 'Go Ahead' from me.

Capt. Campbell: By God, the women are safe.

Maj. Scott McCoy: [to terrorist that was hiding under the bed] Sleep tight, Sucker!

Maj. Scott McCoy: [to Abdul, who is running out of the house] Going somewhere?

Nick Alexander: [McCoy fires a bazooka from the roof] McCoy, what are you doing up there?... Drop that thing and get down here, QUICK!

Maj. Scott McCoy: What do you want me to do... JUMP?

Nick Alexander: I don't care what you do, get down here... FAST!

Jaffer: If you try to be clever with me, Captain, I will kill you.

Capt. Campbell: That would make you a real hero, wouldn't it?

Jaffer: Yes, yes. Now, you go back to the press, but you watch what you say, huh?

Capt. Campbell: Now, ask your questions please, one at a time.

Robert Levine: [to Mustafa after he is called to first class with the other Jewish passengers] You just keep your hands off of my daughter.

Abdul: [to Ingrid after she is released] Ingrid... you are a brave woman.