Robin: For me, when I'm out there tumbling across those mats, I change. It's like a whole other kind of world. Someplace... better. When that happens, it's like nothing can touch me. I guess that's how birds feel when they're flying.

Tommy: She said she didn't want me to wear clothes like this in her class. So I took 'em off.

Robin: You didn't.

Tommy: Yah, right down to my underwear. Miss Bukowski turned this really neat shade of purple. It was kind of artistic.

Stacy: He is... beautiful.

Jean: You're here to train, Stacy, not exercise your glands.

Tommy: From now on, I'm a free agent. Look out girls, it's open season on Tommy Wernicke!

Fred Stoner: You training, huh? Well, all right. You gonna give me a good show tonight?

Robin: Well, I'll see what I can do.

Tommy: I don't pay attention to her so that she pays attention to me?

Leo: Bingo.

Tommy: Leo, this is stupid.

Leo: Tommy, will you grow up? Girls go nuts when you ignore them. If she sees that you're not interested in her, she'll be drooling for you.

Tommy: If you need a place to stay, my parents are gone away for the weekend. You could sleep on the couch. I could sleep on the couch. You could have the bed. We could just both kind of... I don't know. We could both sleep with the dogs or something.