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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film features Stewart Granger and George Lazenby as two ex-Nazi evil mad scientists that are trying to turn people into zombies. What else could possibly be better than seeing George Lazenby playing an evil Nazi mad scientist? Bond babe Maud Adams (The Man With The Golden Gun/Octopussy) is also on board. " WARNING: Spoilers Contained Herein" Granger and Lazenby are in South America working with the locals when they are attacked by mercenaries pouring out of the jungle, which sends Granger fleeing. This horror flick is truly one for MST3K. Adams plays a Nazi hunter who is bent on killing Granger and stopping his evil work. Adams is killed and her daughter then goes on a mission of revenge. This is by far one of the truest examples of the genre. A perfect example of the cheap horror flick genre. This movie is hilarious, for having some really classic action scenes, and for having three well-known actors like Maud Adams, Stewart Granger and George Lazenby, and still being cheap.
  • Maud Adams (of "Octopussy" fame) is a Nazi hunter who tries to get close to an infamous Nazi war criminal (Stewart Granger) by marrying his nephew. But the Nazi finds out her plans and has her killed. Now it's up to her daughter and a young soldier (who saves her life) to go to Paraguay, discover the Nazi's secret base and take him out. Despite being shot on location in Brazil and Paraguay, and having some semi-big names in the cast (it must be noted that George Lazenby has a very small role), "Hell Hunters" is a low-grade, fairly unbelievable action film that moves in fits and starts. Main point of interest, for me at least, was a strong action-girl supporting role for the beautiful Nelia J. Cozza, who helps the heroes in their mission. The female lead is not bad either, she looks a bit like Martha Plimpton. (**)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    HELL HUNTERS is a low rent but engaging little action thriller that benefits from location photography in Brazil. This movie was a collaboration between the USA and West Germany and once more features Nazi scientists hiding out in South America, a subject matter well-mined in the 1970s with the likes of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL.

    HELL HUNTERS has no such highbrow aspirations and instead seeks to deliver brisk action sequences throughout and it does this with ease. The early scenes of a hired assassin working his way through the main cast members are quite suspenseful, but once the action shifts to Brazil it becomes more of a bombastic blow-'em-up adventure along the lines of COMMANDO. It's not a particularly violent film although there is a rather explicit sex scene at a waterfall.

    The film is of interest for the old-time actors who feature. Maud Adams and George Lazenby, both famous for their participation in the Bond franchise, appear, Adams giving the best turn as a professional Nazi hunter and Lazenby cameoing. Best of all is veteran screen star Stewart Granger in one of his final roles as the chief Nazi, Martin Hoffmann. Italian actor William Berger is also present. The main roles are played by unknown young actors but they're not too shabby either.