A movie theater showing the film Clue is briefly visible in the background. Carrie Fisher was supposed to be one of the stars of Clue, but she had to enter a drug rehab facility only a few days before filming was supposed to start, so she was replaced at the last minute by Lesley Ann Warren. Fisher found it difficult to work again after being released from rehab as insurance companies refused to give her bonding coverage. Director Penelope Spheeris had to convince the studio to cast Fisher and even cast Fisher's friend Alice Spivak in a small role (playing Fisher's mother) to help insure that Carrie would show up on set. Fisher later satirized the production of this film in her novel and screenplay for Postcards From the Edge.

This movie was the inspiration for the fictional film being made by in "Postcards from the Edge".

First feature film of Robin Wright.

Evan C Kim who plays Chang, says to his partner in the bus chase scene that he will be doing something like Bruce Lee. Kim played Loo, a character inspired by Lee, in the Kentucky Fried Movie in a segment that is a direct riff on Lees Enter the Dragon.