Dr. John Matthewson: You try to tough it out with them, they'll lock you in a room somewhere and throw away the room.

[as he starts to take apart a nuclear bomb before it goes off]

Dr. John Matthewson: Anybody want to make a bet?

Elizabeth Stephens: Paul, did you build an atomic bomb?

Paul Stephens: Only a little one.

Lt. Colonel Conroy: You mean I'm gonna die because some asshole didn't bring a pair of pliers?

Dr. John Matthewson: What do you think you're doing?

Paul Stephens: Well I thought we'd start out with kissing, and then we might move onto the fancy stuff.

Official: Sir, what about evacuation?

Lt. Colonel Conroy: Evacuation? Of who?

Official: The people.

Lt. Colonel Conroy: Oh, you mean New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Canada... those people?

Paul Stephens: I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but I got to go get the atomic bomb out of the car.

Dr. John Matthewson: Look, he trusts me. Let me do it. I'll get it back. That's what we want, isn't it?

Lt. Colonel Conroy: How do we know this thing won't be armed?

Dr. John Matthewson: Armed?

Lt. Colonel Conroy: That's right. He used the phrase, "I'm a terrorist." Here.

Lt. Colonel Conroy: [reading transcript without sarcasm] "No, I'm a terrorist. Haven't you been watching television?"

Dr. John Matthewson: You people really live in your own world, don't you?

Lt. Colonel Conroy: Well, we don't have the luxury of living in yours.

Paul Stephens: Incredible! Dr. Strangelove is in there hitting on my mother, and watching my tapes!

Jenny Anderman: Why are you doing this?

Moore: Because life, my dear, is more than just freezing toads.

[first lines]

Dr. John Matthewson: Now, the beta synchrotron sends the electrons through this magnet which bends the course of them down to the reaction vessel. Stay away from that elbow joint. All right. Bran, you want to get that? Now, this is a tunable excimer laser. It's tuned to the exact resonance of the plutonium-239 that's in the reaction vessel down at that end. Now, I think we're all set. Hit it.

[last lines]

Dr. John Matthewson: It's okay. I did something.

Elizabeth Stephens: What happened?

Paul Stephens: Everything.

Dr. John Matthewson: Tell you about it later. Let's get out of here.

Jenny Anderman: This isn't funny. Do you know what this is like? It's like when you read about, I don't know, Anne Frank or something and you say to yourself, Jesus why didn't they do something. The whole world is collapsing. They just sat around, life as usual, maybe it'll go away, but it never goes away it only gets worse and nobody thinks about the future. What's the matter?

Paul Stephens: Who's Anne Frank?

Jenny Anderman: If we get killed we won't have any future.

Paul Stephens: Of course we will. You always have a future.

Ben, Night Guard Medatomics Lab: [sighs] Tell you the truth, I'd rather have ONE good dog than all that fancy equipment.

Paul Stephens: [sarcastically] And tell your pals no funny stuff. I'm very tense, and there's no telling what I might do.

Elizabeth Stephens: Paul?

Dr. John Matthewson: [sotto voce] Take it easy. You're fine.

Paul Stephens: [sarcastically] No, I'm a terrorist. Haven't you been watching television?

Elizabeth Stephens: Paul, what are you talking about?

Dr. John Matthewson: Look, just let us t...

Elizabeth Stephens: Paul?

Dr. John Matthewson: Paul?

[Paul has driven off, leaving the payphone dangling]

Ben, Night Guard Medatomics Lab: They got stuff in there that will zap your gonads right off.