When this film was under production many thought that this film will flop, Nagina was a different film with different subject, completly different from films made in those days.

Jaya Pradha was approached for the lead role but she refused because she was scared of snakes.

Actor Ajit and Harmesh Malhotra were good friends, Malhotra used Ajit in every film he made. Ajit had already retired when Nagina was made, so Ajit's photo was kept in the film as Rishi Kapoor's father. Jaya Pradha's loss was Sridevi's gain. Nagina pt 2, Nigahen was made by the same maker and was released in 1989. A 3rd was to be made titled Naghme, but this was shelved.

The song Main Tere Dushman was sampled by Madvillain in the song Do Not Fire.

During an interview, Sridevi confessed that the climax dance sequence "Main Teri Dushman" was her favorite dance.

Sridevi told that final dance sequence "Main Teri Dushman" was shoot on the final day of the film shooting. Just before that day, director told everyone that their work is done and asked choreographer Sarooj Khan to come up next day to shoot the song. She turned to Sridevi and told her to be on set by 7:00 am in the morning. Sridevi arrived at 6:30 am. While they were shooting the song, set was dissembled by the technicians. In the end there was only one wall left in front of which song was shot.

Mein Teri Dushman (Indian Girls Wine Down Mix) and Mein Teri Dushman - Wine Down were remixed versions of the song Main Tere Dushman from Nagina. They were in album 1 Nation by DJ Sanjay. This was in 1993.