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  • this is a film about two very stubborn people who fall in love with one another in the 1970's. Tony Kaiser and his girl friend maria move in together and begin planning their lives when he is suddenly drafted into the army during the Vietnam war. He serves 14 months and right before he is scheduled to go home he is wounded. He feels helpless and he does not call Maria because he does not want her to know what has happened to him. There are some moving scenes in the film and some scenes are sad. THis is a decent Tv film from the 1980's and is above average when it comes to tv movies of the week. Anderson is very good in the role of Tony Kaiser but Maria, played by val bertinelli(?) is a bit annoying but she kind of grows on you.
  • It is a sad movie and it almost made me cry. Tony Kaiser (Richard Dean Anderson) finally finds the love of his life. But when then he has to go fighting in the Vietnam War. Because of a stupid accident, he gets blind. This ruins his life. He doesn't want any visitors. Even his girlfriend Maria isn't allowed to see him. His best friend - and also the person he saved in the War - succeeds in bringing him home, although he swore never to return. That part is the most heart warming. I'm not gonna tell more, just wait and see!