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  • ...some deep feelings lurks inside all of us, as most of the people don't show what they feel, covet, love and wish.

    Inner motivation and passion - that is the core of this film and although it is very non-orthodox and also gloomy /well, 3-4 scary scenes/ it is worth watching. Really impressing. It has a thrill. Like you are watching the dark side of the moon /underworld /or rather deep inside yourself/.

    Alain Dellon's performance is unusual and charming, and the DEATH herself is very strong character. There is a small boy, so powerless, compared with the dark deadly figure, and the father's love is so hopeless. Each personality in the movie has some inner strength/weakness. The Grim reaper snatches Alain Delon. ( Gosh, I was dismayed that in 1986 they could invent something like BigBrother show ?!?). The Death controls and manipulates the whole world...all the people...uses computers ...scary! But what happens when these two personalities collide? Who wants what, who can sacrifice more? May be the HUMAN has the power and the strength, may be it is deep inside YOU too?

    It is an old movie, not the best dialogue, a story about father-and-son love-and-despair and the plot is a little scary, but, we are all growing wiser by experience, aren't we? And...tell me, are we growing more compassionate and better people?

    If you see, and follow through, you will remember this movie.
  • This is a strange movie. It shows the Death as a lone character with human feelings. But above all, it shows a very powerful love for a father to his son. This movie lacks the consistency of a great one, but it is very well-inspired in its own kind. And the Death ask the man to do a cartoon that seems pretty good !
  • yohjv7 February 2013
    I first saw this movie on a Bulgarian Television (Studio X) where the movies were not doubled so I understand most of it. I must say that, in that year, the national television program has around 3 hours per day, most of them was about Ceausescu's regime achievements and watching Bulgarian Television was best option for some good movies, especially on late Saturday nights. It was 1988 i believe... Since then, I tried to find this movie because, even I don't remembered the plot, I was very impressed about... After more than 25 years, I will sit on my couch and see it! It is an "obscure" film... Made people to think. A little naive by the actual "standards" but very deep about what we are, what we love, what we are able to do for our beloved. It's a must for any serious "cinephile".
  • It was a laudable attempt to get Delon out of his cops and robbers routine.But the results were not convincing,by a long shot,and when it was released the movie was slagged off.

    I might be wrong,but it seems to me that Delon and his scriptwriters wanted to do their Abel Gance act.The hero is called Jean Diaz ,like in "j'accuse" .Like Victor Francen wanted to stop the next war in Gance's opus (the impending WW2),Delon's praiseworthy deed was ,thanks to his movie,to save the world from violence.And Death who wants the end of the world recalls the comet which was to destroy the earth in Gance's "la fin du monde" Saying that Manzor is not Gance is to state the obvious.Really too bad because the idea was rather original in the ossified French cinema of the eighties (the golden thirties and forties were far behind).There are,here and there,some good scenes -notably the ghost train and the video tape sequence which "my life" starring N.Kidman and M. Keaton stole- but they are few and far between.For instance ,Death's representation is nothing but a cliché:the grim reaper indeed.It seems to be out of "tales from the crypt" (even if we do not see its face,of course),with a spooky hoarse voice naturally that is guaranteed to net horse laughs.The dialog is often ludicrous too:Delon screaming to Death "if you touch my child ,I'll kill you(sic)! No more scythe for Death,but computers which unfortunately seem obsolete today.The final scenes,whose purpose is to move the audience to tears ,use turgid music,slow motion and to crown it all a syrupy song by Francis Lalanne.

    Death is not the end,they say.