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  • "Ratboy" is not a good movie by any means. The freakish protagonist (despite the movie´s theme song) lacks personality. In fact, he´s disgusting in every way. The script is incredibly lame without being funny. As can be expected of a Sondra Locke movie, it is just as bland as her cutesy modern cowboy farces with Clint Eastwood. The plot is all over the place. In spite of all these flaws, though, the film is so unique that it´s fascinating. It pretty much gives the message that monsters do not necessarily have to have a hidden beauty and are best left alone. The plot concerns a reporter named Nicky (Locke) finding a rat-human hybrid named Eugene and adopting him while seeing him as nothing more than a news story that would dramatically improve her career. Her human associates don´t treat him much better. In spite of this, Eugene falls in love with Nicky (which is never particularly sad or funny). She does not love him back but is torn between exploiting him and feeling sorry for him. There are some crime related subplots too and Christopher Hewitt from "Mr. Belvedere" makes some appearances playing (surprise) a snooty British guy. This plot keeps the viewer interested if nothing else but only because it is so weird that anyone would wonder what will happen next. Basically, what´s great about the movie is that people with good sense would never have made it but Locke and company went ahead and made it anyway ! Therefore, "Ratboy" is every bit as punk as the Sex Pistols´ first album. Its audacity is remarkable.
  • When Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke were still an item, Eastwood helped Locke make her directorial debut with this movie through his production company Malpaso. Though Eastwood has typically shown a good batting average when picking projects, this movie joins efforts like "Pink Cadillac" that have you thinking, "What were you thinking, Clint?"

    Actually, much of the failure of "Ratboy" falls on Locke's shoulders. The first mistake she made was casting herself in the movie; Locke has never been a good actress, and this movie is no exception. As for her direction, the movie is a mess. Sometimes it's serious in tone, sometimes it's satirical, and sometimes its tone is downright farce. The movie never finds a consistent tone, so it's hard to get involved with what's happening.

    It also doesn't help that the characters' actions are more often than not unbelievable, even when the movie tries to be serious. And while the title character can speak, there is surprisingly little effort to get into his head and learn what he's thinking or feeling.

    In fairness to Locke, some of the mess was probably not her fault. The story, either through an inadequately written screenplay or (more likely) being hacked up in the editing room, has a number of moments where it's clear that certain plot details are blatantly missing. There are plot threads that seem to start in midstream, or are never resolved at all.

    What all this results in is a real mess of a movie, and it's easy to see why Warner Brothers barely released it to theaters.
  • PWNYCNY3 August 2005
    First, let's get off our high horses and stop ragging the movie like it's infested with the plague. Okay? It's a movie, a unique movie, about exploitation. Okay, the main character is a rat ... or is it human? ... or whatever. The fact is that this movie teaches us to be more sensitive to those who are different, in this case, REALLY different, even if this movie stretches the message a bit far. I know that it's hard to empathize with character that's a rodent, but Ratboy is a LOVABLE rodent, so why not leave it at that? At the party in the movie, Ratboy seems perfectly in place, nobody was avoiding him (I presume he didn't have fleas), which proves that when we want to we can accept those who are different. One criticism of this movie is that Ratboy is so trusting and naive that perhaps it would have been better if the movie had been about, let's say, a gerbil or a rabbit, and not a rat. Also, the movie fails to address certain obvious questions, like where Ratboy came from and how he is able to talk, but such considerations would probably take this movie in a direction that would undermine the movie's essential charm. For "Ratboy" is a charming movie and Ms. Locke is perfect as the lady who is orchestrating everything. Even though Ratboy is exploited, nobody wants to hurt him and everyone actually likes him. It's a unique and unpretentious movie which, if accepted on its own terms, is watchable and will not disappoint. But if you watch this movie expecting to experience some kind of Shakespearean classic, then either you have been grossly misinformed or someone is trying to play a joke on you.
  • Long ago, when I was a child, I had seen part of this movie. From what my memory had recalled, I had liked what I'd seen. Boy, was I wrong. I haven't seen this movie anywhere to rent for a long time, and then one day I saw it for sale for a few bucks in some discount bin in a video store. I'd figured I'd pick it up and see what I had missed since my original viewing. I watched it and was not sure what to think about it. First off I hated Sondra Locke. She was not funny, very annoying and had the worst outfits I have ever seen on a woman. The box of this movie promotes it as a comedy. Well I didn't really think that this rating was appropriate, since the only time I laughed was when the actors tried to act. Ratboy has no emotion (which was what the movie was trying to promote), and whenever he talked I couldn't understand what he was saying. Some of the supporting characters were alright, I enjoyed Nipsy Russell and Robert Townshend, and Gerritt Graham and Louie Anderson were okay, I also enjoyed seeing cameos from Bill Maher, John Lovitz and "Diz" from the TV show Out of Control. Other than that I feel that this movie should have never been made. But I cant change the past, so if your in the mood for a boring "comedy", and if you can find this movie anywhere, maybe you should check it out, but I don't recommend it.
  • Read the other comments about this "film" and you'll hear some attempts to treat it nicely; ie it was emotional, charismatic, etc. These people have no taste and are single-handedly keeping Jerry Bruckheimer (sic) in business. Ratboy is horrible. Horrible horrible. And, not even in a self-conscious manner, as if to poke fun of itself. People, i ask you to please go see this and start appreciating quality films again. "Ratboy the Pimp" is a moment worth remembering for the rest of your lives. It's so bad it hurts me in a special place. Horrible. In fact, it's so bad, that i need to invent a new word to describe it: Natoosh. A movie is "natoosh" when it extends the boundaries of bad film. When it redefines our core values of good and evil, well, that's natoosh. Ratboy is Natoosh to the extreme. I pray for humanity...
  • If you keep a list of the worst movies that you have ever seen, go and track this down and watch it. This movie is definitely a stinkfest that is about 105 minutes too long(That's the whole movie folks!!!!!!!) Two thumbs way way down.
  • I can remember seeing Ratboy for the first time as a young lad on TV. I recently rented it and I found that it sucked big time. BUT, I give it props for being funny as hell! The scene when Ratboy picks out his medallion made out of glass still cracks me up. His pimp daddy style is too much for my tolerance! He is just too funny. In retrospect, I find some of Ratboy's qualities embedded in my personality, which is scary. I find myself running away from bright lights, and making whimpering noises such as he does. It's a crazy world out there. Rats, pimps, hookers, and butt-ugly's amazing we're still here. -the ratboy
  • If you didn't get a sudden urge to kill Ratboy or any of the other characters in this movie, you were the lucky one who fell asleep! The amount of cameo appearances by some well-known actors was astonishing. Did they NOT receive the script before hand? Do they have no conscience? I do believe the writers had good intentions to make this movie heart-warming. I'm sure the director (Sondra Locke) had a pure dream to turn this story into a storybook fantasy about a loving and sensitive boy who just happened to be a rat (?!). Let me tell you, there are only two good things this movie has to offer; Robert Townsend and Ratboy's cool makeup job. Well, actually the makeup job sucked as well! I give it a resounding thumbs down!!
  • Look may have been like 10 to 15 yrs since I last seen this movie..but as a kid the movie left a deep impact..maybe having a sibling that is mentally handicapped may have something to do with this review ..but as i wasn't bad at all..lord knows i will probably never see this film again..but as a drama ..(and as one that doesn't like dramas too much)I can honestly say that this is a real good will leave u with emotions..real emotions).unlike movies today....this movie does its best to leave u with long lasting memories..whether good or bad ones..i recommend it!!! and i for one miss it dearly..I really ope for it to come out on DVD..maybe then people will be people get to see and judge for themselves..that this is in fact a keeper
  • Ratboy is, quite simply, one of the finest motion pictures ever made. It certainly earns its status amongst cinema's greatest achievements. Like It's a Wonderful Life and Freaks, Ratboy was a critical and commercial failure during its time, but will no doubt one day receive the accolade and recognition it so richly deserves. Sandra Locke's portrayal of Ratboy's friend/mentor is nothing short of galvanizing. Cinematography, direction, writing, and sound are second to none. And the whole atmosphere of the film (along with one of the most empathetic, intriguing, and likable protagonists ever), is nothing short of remarkable. Ratboy is a film that must be seen!
  • I hate this movie and I think it's hysterical that the only other person who voted on this was from Champaign Illinois about 45 minutes from where I live. I hate this movie with a passion in fact I rate all movies on "The Ratboy Scale". I wanted someone to drown Ratboy about 5 minutes into it. I can't believe it got a 3. This movie tried to endear you to the character as if this was a cute little waddling alien following a trail of Reeses Pieces instead of a whining, sniveling, cowering rodent with the charisma of Don Rickles.
  • i like rats. i like boys. why wouldn't i like this film? i can't rank it as high as "return to oz" or "the neverending story" or any of the delightfully twisted cinematic acid-trips of my childhood, but it has its charm as a modern fairy-tale. one of few "family films" that actually doesn't make me want to wretch. not one of the worst movies ever made, but not one of the best either.
  • The idea must have looked bizarre on paper: a poignant comedy-drama about a half-human, half-rodent orphan found living in an LA dump, groomed to be a media sensation, and exploited by various Hollywood hustlers in search of a quick buck. It could have been an intriguing fantasy of show-biz manipulation, but like its title character the film cowers timidly in a corner, unwilling to break free from convention. Actress-turned-director Sondra Locke doesn't shy away from unflattering characterizations (she herself plays a ruthless opportunist using Ratboy as her ticket to fame), and wisely doesn't disturb the air of unreality around the story (no one, for example, shows much interest in Ratboy's origins). But the title character himself is never more than a transparent metaphor, and once that idea is exhausted nothing is left except a few gratuitous car chases and an ending drenched in post-E.T. pathos. The French apparently loved it, but keep in mind these are the same cinephiles who consider Jerry Lewis a comic genius.
  • This movie is too under rated! I saw this movie when with my family when I was about 3 or 4, and the only part that I remembered was Ratboy running down the hill at the end. We occasionally brought up the subject of this movie and talked about it. A few months ago I discovered EBAY and bought a couple of movies and about a month ago I found it... and bought it! I recieved the movie had it for about 3 days and couldn't stop watching it! This movie is really fantastic! If you want to see a good family movie I suggest Ratboy!
  • "Ratboy" is a rather strange movie : one might think it's another of those "I-am-not-an-animal-I-am-a-human-being-" kind of film, but it's actually quite good. Even sensitive at times, without all the esthetic hysteria (see Lynch's "Elephant Man") that's so unnecessary to that kind of film. PS : The Ratboy character is touching too - not just ugly
  • rich_fisler7 June 2005
    Eugune, the Rat-Boy, is exploited by Sandra Locke, the first woman he ever sees, and her stupid brothers. He plays along because he is in love with Nikki (Locke), (as many Eastwood movie fans were in the 80s). This movie is a shining example of what the genius of Sandra Locke can accomplish when she takes the best from ET and the Elephant man and focuses on a heretofore unfairly represented species in film history (Ben, Willard, Indiana Jones). Tears, laughter and a deep sense of the struggle of the human condition as we are forced to examine the Rat Boy in each of us as this film progresses. In addition, this movie makes a not so subtle attack on the media and materialistic-centric pop culture that was common in many movies of the 80s. Ms. Locke has come a long way since Eastwood rode her coat-tails to success in Bronco Billy.

    Long Live the Rat.
  • Viewing this website, a majority of user ratings are substantially high. To see if this was correct for all movies I thought I would try and test my theory on other movies I deemed awful. However, these movies still were getting scores of 6 or 7. Then, what I believe to be the worst movie I have ever seen, Ratboy, entered my mind. Finally, a movie with deserved ranking, although a little generous if you ask me. This movie deserves a 1 or a zero, if I could give it that. No one should care for any of the characters, especially the hideous Ratboy himself. Unless you are in a coma, I strongly advise against seeing this movie
  • Well, when a couple of my friends told me to see this movie, I wasn't expecting it to be good, or anything even close to that. However, this movie completely shocked me in terms of how degrading it was. It was literally painful to watch at times. First of all, how did this "Ratboy" even come to exist in the first place? There are so many holes in the plot you would think that the poor quality of this film put you into seizures, which caused you to miss something, but that is not the case. Contrary to what the back of the box for the movie said, there is nothing "touching" or "heartwarming" about this story. In fact, I found myself wishing suffering upon Ratboy, just so I wouldn't have to deal with his nasally whines any longer. There are so many ridiculous stereotypes in this film, and it definitely sums up everything that was wrong with the 80's. Wait! Was that a young (and thin) John Lovitz there at the party scene! Wow, never in my life have I seen such a worthless cameo. There are so many things that were wrong with this film that is just frustrates me to type a few of them out. Please, unless you are stoned or have some insane motivation to see a movie about a fake rat thing and some idiotic 80's people, avoid Ratboy at all costs. It does not work as a family film thanks to the exploits of the hustling, sex-crazed guy that befriends Ratboy. There is nothing redeeming about this film whatsoever. It would have been a good movie to make fun of on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Do yourself a favor and opt to pass on this movie. Staring at a wall is more enjoyable than this, and as human beings, I think we all deserve better.