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  • zerodegreesk8 April 2002
    It was GREAT back in the mid-eighties!!!
    This was on Showtime late night or something like that when I saw it as a ten or so year old. It was pure heaven. The exact film I was wanting to see at that age. A prison, a women's prison story, drug-dealing lesbians, murder and revenge. Aw YEAH!!!! Check this out for the SWEET shower scenes that I remember in the back of my mind. It was quite a few years back, so maybe it wasn't that good. But I loved it back then. The head lesbian gangster's great!
  • EyeAskance7 March 2008
    This trash delivers the goods!
    Exciting drive-in trash finds a stuntwoman purposely seeking a jail sentence in a reckless plot to avenge the murder of her sister, brutally killed by a scummy bulldyke inmate and her minions.

    Better than average direction and quite capable performances make this a WIP flick to watch for. Especially impressive is the primary villainess...a truly imposing lady with a tucked-in shirt and a Jack Lord pompadour. Nice, too, is a musical performance from legendary cowpunkettes The Screamin' Sirens.

    Great grrrl-fight scenes and every obligatory women's prison cliché possible make for one hell of a good watch.

  • Falconeer2 March 2007
    "Once you go brown, there's no turnin' around..."
    "Vendetta" is a tough, stylish women in prison flick, with a good, solid story. Here we have a classic revenge tale. An innocent young girl named Bonnie is unfairly thrown into jail after she defends herself from a scumbag trying to rape her; she blows his head off, with the very gun that he was holding to her head. Talk about justice! Almost immediately after she is thrown inside a very nasty prison, she becomes a target for the butch dyke, Kay, and her henchwomen. It is obvious that this girl has never been inside a lock up facility, and after rejecting Kay's lesbian advances, the badgirl gang kill her. Basically they give her a savage beating, and throw her from a ledge, after shooting her up with heroin, to make it look like an overdose! They think they have gotten away with it, until a mysterious new prisoner shows up, and soon after, Kay's gang begin to die, one by one. This new woman, professional stunt woman Laurie Collins, is none other than the murdered girls sister! This is classic WIP material. The acting is all around good, and the action sequences, which include a lot of kick boxing technique are believable, and exhilarating. Unlike other films of this genre, the women are not all beautiful, with surgically enhanced bodies and perfect makeup. And this lends the film an extra level of credibility, and realism. There are no CGI effects, just a raw and realistic story from start to finish. Vendetta is also filled with some hilarious one-liners that you will be repeating with your friends long after the film is over. The lead butch dyke is especially a joy to behold. Unlike a lot of these cheap prison films, 'Vendetta' is actually well filmed, and every scene was bright and colorful, rather than dark and murky like most others. Reminiscent of the "pink" films coming out of Japan in the late 70's into the 80's; super violent films featuring tough female protagonists exacting their revenge on the scum of the earth. 'Vendetta' is highly recommended to fans of the genre, although you might have a hard time finding it.
  • kittykitty50510 March 2006
    where can I get this movie?
    This was one of my favorite movies back in the 80's. I had rented it as a teen, & accrued a huge overdue fee for not turning it back it on time. I cant remember too much of what actually happened in the movie, other than, the main character gets sent to prison on purpose to avenge the death of her sister. She kicks butt & takes down all the bad chicks who were involved in her sisters death. Awesome fight scenes!! Loved it!! The heroine in this flick can totally kick butt! She was a one woman wrecking crew & didn't stop until everyone got their just deserts!!!If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please let me know. Would really like to see it again. :)
  • julikell17 February 2003
    As bad as it sounds, but the bad gal rules!
    VENDETTA is as bad as its description sounds. The shower scene in the beginning is the only reason for pre-pubescent boys to watch it. Sorry fellas -- no more naughty bits. Characters two-dimensional and trite, storyline as lame as it gets. (Don't worry -- no spoilers here!) BUT, it's worth one look for Sandy Martin, who plays the non-lesbian lesbian drug dealer. Ms. Martin has a field day with her role, acting circles around the others. Also check out Miss Dice, who is played by Roberta Collins -- though you'd swear she was Marta Kristen, Rebecca Demornay, or Tess Harper, depending on your generation.
  • honib200424 May 2005
    Good Movie
    I Love this movie it was so good and I cant wait for it to come out on DVD. This movie was a good 80's prison movie The acting was not that bad for it to be a b movie I think this is one of those good stay home on the week-enders and watch with your friends Does anyone know if this is coming out on DVD? There is another movie that goes with this hand and hand--it is called Concrete Jungle. They are both good and you can watch both together So please if you have not seen these movies run out and get them both. This hard trying to write all of this comment. I am running out of things to say. Why does it have to be a least 10 lines. I am almost at ten lines. Go out and get the movie Vendetta you wont regret it
  • videorama-759-85939114 March 2015
    V for vendetta
    Here's another example of typical B grade fare which made the eighties what they were. A slightly better prison/action vehicle here, though there are some "Are you' me moments?", especially as far at that Judge (Will Hare-that insane grandfather in Silent Night Deadly Night) was concerned. The premise isn't bad, also. Big Sis, a stunt woman, purposely gets herself arrested to avenge younger, cute sister's murder at the hands of a band of merciless female prisoners, led by notorious top dog, Kay (a nasty of acting from Sandy Martin, that female officer in Extremities). That's not the catalyst though, where I really did like how it was plotted. Sadly the film, again, gives way to sleaze, but does curb it a bit, where we again are in the sleazy confines of another corrupt run prison, though the staff aren't all rotten, although this is how it was intended. Of course, this doesn't make it excusable, but this is somewhat better than those Chained Heats, what have you. We see a familiar General Hospital face as a sleazy warden who services sexually starved prisoners. Not a badly made film, although a few amateur moments shine through, in a far from flawless pic. Oh, how you'll love it, you revenge fans, out there, you'll really crave this one.
  • kimberlymhn29 December 2008
    WIP at its best.
    Warning: Spoilers
    After watching Jess Franco's dreadful 'Women of Cellblock 9', where the women are simply eye candy torture victims, it was great to see this one. A hard as nails stuntwoman Laurie Collins (Karen Chase) gets herself imprisoned in the same jail her sister was murdered in and sets about wiping out those responsible. Like most movies of this type, the script leaves a lot to be desired, with prison guards who seem to vanish whenever convenient and nobody twigs that it just MIGHT be the new girl with martial arts skills who is reducing the prison population! What is good about 'Vendetta' is the cast (notably the head bad girl Kay played by Sandy Martin) really do look like convicts, rather than the perfect bodied playboy starlet types who usually end up in movies like this. Real life stuntwoman Karen Chase is no pin-up and is believable in her role as she kicks her enemies to death as well as showing decent acting talent. The ending of the movie is as daft as the rest of it - Laurie has killed several women and perhaps an abusive guard but she's released!. it is however made clear that she knows her killing rampage has not changed a thing - her sister will not be coming back.

    Vendetta is a must see for fans of female 'B' movies & deserves a decent DVD re-release.
  • david_barnett127 October 2007
    Pretty Satisfying (SPOILERS)
    Warning: Spoilers
    I highly recommend this movie to all who get a guilty pleasure from seeing good looking chicks beating the living crap out of one another.

    As has been said elsewhere, a stunt woman goes berserk when her sweet little sister (Bonnie) is unjustly imprisoned for doing nothing more terrible than defend herself against a would-be rapist, with fatal results for the nasty man! In order to avenge her late sister she hijacks and proceeds to trash in spectacular style, the valuable automobile belonging to the judge who had sentenced her sister. The same judge then sends her to the slammer for one year. By a happy coincidence it is the very same slammer in which Bonnie was killed.

    It does not take our heroine long to work out what had happened to dear little Bonnie and once she has identified the killers, they begin to be taken out, one by one.

    The fight scenes in which the evil ones are sent to eternity are truly excellent.

    I have to concede that any tenuous connection between the events in this flick and the real world is purely coincidental.

    The movie ends with the heroine, who has recently killed several women as well as gravely injuring a nasty male prison officer, being released to be driven away by her still loving boyfriend.

    As an aficionado of rubbish exploitation movies, I can recommend this to all similarly inclined persons.

    Great stuff!
  • Joseph P. Ulibas15 October 2003
    Sleazy 80's women in prison flick
    Vendetta (1986) is about a b-movie stunt woman who goes into prison just to find out who iced her little sis. I wanted to take a shower after I watched this movie, I've never felt so dirty. Typical, cheap, whitesploitation, low budget sleaze filled with unattractive female harness bulls, prison matrons and tired looking, road worn actors. I wouldn't recommend this movie to my worst enemy. It's that bad. No redeeming qualities, No fun. Bad acting, sloppy directing and no budget make this one a real dog. Movies like this give trashy films a bad name.

    Woof, Woof.
  • TonyDood10 August 2011
    Great if you're in the mood
    Warning: Spoilers
    Have you ever really, really been angry at the world, so angry you'd just about break the angry you just didn't think you could take it anymore? This film might be for you...

    "Vendetta" is an odd one. It rides the fine line between being sleazy B-movie and a "real" movie. A little bit more nudity and it would easily qualify as something made for the cable TV pud-pulling crowd. More bloody violence and it would work for the gore market. A little less of everything and it might just work as a TV movie for a niche cable market. It has some snappy dialog and some smart themes, but it also has female prisoners allowed to wander around at will, kill each other at random and dress in Madonna-inspired underthings. I found it hard to believe even in the 80's that these women were allowed to sport 10 foot high mall-hair, whore make-up and frilly lace bras. Would that really be regulation? Even functional?

    So a realistic view of a women's prison this is not. But who cares? It has Sandy Martin! She has to be one of the most under-used talents around...she is in lots of movies and always makes her mark on them ("Napoleon Dynamite" is probably what she's known most for today I'd imagine) but never really gets to show what she can do. In "Vendetta" she does, and she all but steals the show. As much as you want her to pay for the terrible things she's been involved in, she's so fun to watch you can't help but root for her too on some level.

    The rest of the cast is serviceable. The fights may seem strange today because they're rather more realistic than audiences might be used to--they almost look to be in slow motion considering how action scenes are cut today (which isn't necessarily a bad thing--Kill Bill for example). But the action keeps coming and is quite satisfying in a low-rent kind of way...if you're in the mood.

    This is a cheap film, 80's campy, very unrealistic most of the time, and hardly earth-shaking, but when I'm in a bad mood and feel like the world is against me I can think of few better movies to purge that feeling than one in which the wronged lead heroine, who is essentially a good person, destroys all the monsters who have ruined so many people's lives with vigilante answer the warden's very thought-provoking question, "Did it bring your sister back?" No, but watching this movie, I'm glad she did it all anyway, and I think I would've too, if I could've, and life was a movie.
  • merklekranz22 September 2011
    Girl kills rapist ...girl gets killed in prison... sister seeks revenge......................
    Although "Vendetta" is billed as a women in prison film, it plays more like women in a trade preparatory school, with conjugal visits. Once you get past the country club atmosphere, and focus on the stunt woman vs. the boss trustee, the film benefits. Sandy Martin as the head goon is a standout, while everyone else simply comes across as stereotyped "B" actresses. The movie is fast moving, has some welcome humor,and a mandatory shower scene. It is weakened by some seriously flawed stunt work that looks like no one is really hitting or kicking anyone. Nevertheless, the entertainment factor survives, as long as you suspend disbelief. - MERK