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  • Two things tickle me in relation to this never-ending saga: the illogicality of many situations, and the blatant inconsistencies, hypocrisies, contradictions and double standards displayed by most characters. These two ingredients combine to make up an insidiously alluring cocktail, which may explain why B & B, in spite of its cheesiness, has the potential for becoming addictive, as exemplified by so many testimonials, both within my own social circle and elsewhere (for example, on this website). The principal characters, who are rarely seen engaged in normal activities (such as work), are prone to proclaim their undying loyalty to one another, backed by strong moral principles, family values, marriage etc., then break their promises and behave like alley cats, just a few weeks down the track. One example amongst hundreds: when Brooke is confronted by Taylor with the question: 'How could you sleep with Nick the night you thought your husband had died?', she contrives to look dutifully repentant and says something like 'I don't know how to explain it'. Not very convincing. The endless proclamations of belief in the sanctity and permanence of marriage are contradicted with monotonous regularity by the behavior of most characters. In spite of this, all second, third etc. weddings take place in a chapel in the presence of an (ostensibly Christian) celebrant. Christianity of course, or at least the traditional view of it, is frequently set aside when characters indulge in bitching about one other, undermining the reputation of others, cheating in various ways, etc. The most common method of rumbling the frequent conspiracies is by eavesdropping behind a half-closed door, then charging into the conspiratorial environment and confronting the conspirators with dramatic remarks. Again, not very convincing. There seems to be a tendency, on the part of the scriptwriters, to demonize female characters to a greater extent than male ones. There are no male counterparts to Sheila, Stephanie or Sally Spectra, just to name a few. The glitzy ambiance and would-be glamorous surroundings are an obvious smokescreen, designed to hide the basically vacuous lives of the majority of characters, deprived as they are of any authentic ideals. The mirage works quite well. And one could continue ... in spite of all the above (and more), B & B remains an entertaining soapie which will be missed when, inevitably, the final curtain falls. PS. Incidentally, have any of the characters ever heard of contraception?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK. How in the world did this soap be the best? First of all, this soap is cheesy, secondly - the story lines are corny, and thirdly - they made love as trash!

    I mean come on, B&B would be the best but face it, the story is totally cheap and the characters keeps changing from one to another person. Like Brooke having her sex appeal to the rich guys, her daughter Bridgette keeps changing her temper of Nick like for example: I hate you - I love you, Thomas is always liking the ugly's and Nick is becoming to be playboy! IT'S ALL TERRIFYING! For all of you Soap opera fans, if you are choosing to watch this soap show: Don't watch it.

    I rate it 1/10. They should change the story lines.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    if i could give a 0 i would or even a negative number. i mean this show doesn't even make sense. i mean didn't Taylor die earlier in the show? and suddenly she is alive again?? and Ridge isn't Eric's son. this show is really full of NONSENSE! the people who are supposed to be dead aren't actually dead. in the end who will really die in the show? and Brooke is way to old to have children and she is like a baby factory. man, could this show get any worse? there is another that is so stupid. Ridge and Brigette? how could she feel that Ridge actually had any feelings for her? i mean they treat each other as brother and sister. this show is really full of thrash. can't believe it has been able to continue for so long!
  • lorna1024 January 2013
    Are the Scriptwriters all in the 10 - 12 year old age group? Anybody over that age could write better scenarios than they do - what is written is pathetic!! If I want to watch 'crap', I will from now on - I'll watch the 'Wiggles'!! It's an older audience who watches The Bold & The Beautiful,& we're not morons!! Pick your writing up, or get new people who can. I have watched this show for many years, & it used to be interesting - now, you can switch on after 4 days and not have missed a thing!! Have production costs been cut or what? Some of the scenarios are just beyond belief - nobody could be as stupid as some of the characters are made out to be, yet these are 'people' who run or are involved in multi-million dollar corporations?
  • ..And that's maybe not the worst yet!

    I love soap operas. Who can forget (Knots Landing) or (Falcon Crest)? But when some goods outlive for more than their competence; they transform into envenomed!

    At first, it was another, late 80s, so TV-ish, daytime soap. Namely sexy, melodramatic and yeah.. boring! But after that, it turned – while keeping itself outwardly glossy – into ugly huge farce.

    I can't say it's a diary of a family. I can't say it's a thrilling melodrama. I just can say that it's a living exploitation of soap. And you know what? It's successful. Very successful indeed !

    (The Bold and the Beautiful), after 22 years and counting, is a real fine example of the kind of drama which some viewers need everyday like a requisite meal to satisfy their hanger (for living a romance, feeling rich, beating enemies..) whatever the acting was, and whatever the manipulation is.

    I somewhat caught on its formula : a sexual desire, a sinful love, a separation between 2 lovers, a wicked plot and a surprise. Then another round. Then another one. Then another with other characters, with new characters, then between the old and new characters, then between them and us maybe!, then the same formula again with the same characters afresh, going on and on till the end of you, days or its time on screen (namely : its cancellation !).

    It's a perfect scheme. So loved and long-lived. But who can stand endless story lines, everlasting dialog, the silence of the actors before cutting to another scene or commercials, and – most of all – the changing of partners?? Whoever can stand all of this, for more than 5500 episodes, I'm surely not one of them. Why is that ? Because I don't have non-critic mentality, a desperate passion for melodrama, and that PATIENCE!

    Speaking about the changing of partners thing, I recall a line was said by (Dean Stockwell), in one of (Quantum Leap)'s episodes, talking about a soap opera "Here Sam, everybody is sleeping with everybody". (B & B) maybe broke this rule since in it everybody slept, sleeps, and will sleep with everybody! Sometimes I think that they have nothing to do in this world but sleeping with each other, then chatter and chatter and chatter, to re-sleep again yet with others. It's not the story of life, it's the life of very profitable story! I know that it got the power to make you sleep in front of it too!

    Did its success become a curse ?! I don't completely think so. Not for the actors since they're all well-paid. Not for the viewers since they get what they want. But maybe for the writers. These people got to write one work for over than 2 decades ?? OH MY GOD! This is, in spite of all the money in the world, so heavy mission to be done. So, based on my compassion, I'll forgive them for such events like the one of my title's line which was the first thing I heard when I tried to continue watching this series again after years of losing any interest in it (yes, first I felt panic, thinking that the mom slept with her own son, but I understood it right later!). Hence when things reach this far.. I invite you to do what I already did : Changing the Channel. Believe me.. You'll feel so bold and beautiful after!

    In the next episodes, I bet you.. the son will turn out to the real father of his sister, (Ridge) will turn out to be a brother of his mother, (Eric Forrester) will have a sex change operation, (Brooke) will turn into lesbian (if she didn't yet?!), and I can see the end right now; the aliens will take them all away (it kind of happened before, didn't it?!). And for that I'll salute the creative writers. Simply, what can a teleplay writer do…More ?!!!

    Originally, as much the viewers want it, as much it gains more time on air, and so…that's what has to happen. Nevertheless, it triumphed over any jesting, even its own, being the most-watched soap in the world, with an audience of an estimated 26.2 million viewers in more than 110 nations. So while I believe that it is provoking sitcom; running without laughing tracks or laughing.. Others don't, and that's in fact what makes it provoking. But everybody got their own classics. This show is classic for some. Classic crap for others. Heck, it is classic both ways!
  • Esmollin28 October 2013
    I can't believe how bad this is. I've only been tuning in about twice a week for about four months. I find the writing predictable and the characters annoying. It's almost as if someone decided to try to come up with the worst soap ever. Well, they succeeded. Wait - I think the ill - fated Passions might have been a tie, but that at least was funny. This is like soap opera 101, maybe geared to the junior high crowd. The men are all controlling and the women are like characters from the 1950s.

    I'm sad to see Jacob Young here. I was a big fan of All My Children, we all know what's happening with that. AMC was everything that this is not; it had great writing, it was classy and the actors made the characters come alive.

    Also I'm surprised that Bell also produces Young and the Restless, which is far superior to this drivel.
  • lawton379 January 2019
    The drawn out storyline of Brooke and Hope going on about how Taylor being a danger is boring and total boring as well as unrealistic. What makes it worse is the poor acting by Annika Noelle as Hope. With her over pronounce of words. Lack of pause in sentence. No range in voice tone. I only see glimpse and then turn it off, if it has these type of scenes. Unfortunate, as so many of the others have reasonable talent. PLEASE improve or get rid of this show
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I use to watch all the time but so over the evil hope only caring about self Having a line where she's going to have Liam child why do that? Let Liam and steffy enough baby Kelly. I'm just so over the story line That's why I don't watch anymore!!! I love steffy as a actress She truly brings her feelings out and to see a new mom hurt and her Life shattered after giving birth to baby Kelly it's not appealing to me!
  • I have watched on and off over a number of years. The story line is more annoying than ever before. While many of the actors have talent the casting of Hope Logan seems a big mistake. Because most of the others are at least average acting ability it makes Annkia as Hope stand out more as extremely bad. She over pronounces her words. Has no voice range, tone. Lacks the use of proper timing of pauses in her dialog and movements . She looks disabled when looking at the camera.
  • duraflex3 October 2006
    Boring, worn-out story lines of ultimately unlikeable characters have become the trademark of this once glitzy and entertaining soap opera.

    Essentially it's an endlessly repeated love triangle now 15 years running with Brooke, Ridge, Taylor - recycled story lines and people coming back from the dead.

    The current crop of writers has also found a way of making every good character go bad to the point where there's no one to cheer for - no one to admire - no one to even like.

    Most despicable character is Brooke Logan - the nympho-manical social climber who sleeps with her daughter's husbands and goes through men like so much Kleenex. 4 children by 3 men. This stuff is really depraved.

    This half hour mess is distributed throughout the world and what a distorted and horrible picture it paints of American families.

    Save your time and avoid this addictive tripe.
  • So far I've been watching this for the drama. Rena Sofer's character has been alienating viewers like me. She thinks that she's the center of everything. The dark version of Stephanie. It's like you enter in Quinn's crazy and wacky world. Quinn is overacting and exaggerating in the show. Most of all she's the annoying character. Sheila and Quinn are a mixture of chaos. Sheila was always #1 dangerous. Quinn is the advanced version of Sheila. Two women with the same personality. The writers keep screwing up with the story lines. What I've seen is that the popularity in here is so low but the fans are still watching it. The problem is always the B&B writers.
  • Why oh why and I'm talking the most recent, years. I walk out to find my dad, slouched down in front of the tube watching this very slow moving twaddle. Yes they are bold and beautiful, and they are really good actors. You can't fault 'em there. My favorite was Ron Moss, who fortunately left. I can't believe my dad tells me this crap (what's happening in the show) If he knew what he sounded like. The plots move to the grinding pace of a revolving restaurant floor, and of course, bits of the show too, provoking bits of unintentional laughter, kind of like a saving grace for those who have to grin and bare it. I believe the one quiet saving grace was Ron Moss who had to bail + some other meaty characters, one larger than life, who's presence many years ago to earlier times. I had only ever seen Moss in one other movie. Another attraction we don't see now, was the Insomnia cafe, with those really big cups. It's cool how they can use such a limited number of locations, but that's how I see every episode of this show, with stalling tricks. It's going nowhere and it's not being fast about it.
  • Ah, yes. I can remember when I was in high school. One thing I would do my junior and senior year when I was home from school was watch this classic soap opera. From that moment on, I was hooked on it. In addition, I also enjoyed the days when Agnes Bruckner played Bridget Forrester. At first, when Macy (Bobbie Eakes) left the show in 2003, I didn't watch it as much. Today, it's my absolute favorite. If you ask me, Macy was absolutely diabolical. You'd have to have seen the show between 1987 and 2003 if you want to know why. However, this is still a good soap opera. In conclusion, I highly recommend this classic soap opera to all you die-hard CBS fans.
  • awful,awful,awful is all i can say, I've watch this once beautiful show from the beginning, run into the toilet, new writers-new faces please. or just yank the show,this used to be my favorite besides the young and restless,but same writers same old story lines,even cross overs don't help this show any more,so for Pete Sake Pull The Plug and let this show go with Dignity, at least when mr. bell was alive and head writer he made quite a few good changes now the writing is very slack and repeat of everything over and over and over again,let brooke marry ridge again, stephanie and eric leave on a exotic trip around the world, nick marry Bridget,taylor leaves for some wild place, all the kids leave home ,thorn follows taylor,and everybody lives happily ever after
  • The Bold and the Beautiful is a must watch show. The drama and the romance brings you back day after day to find out what will happened to your favorite characters. Brooke and Bill have been fantastic. Now that Ridge has returned this can only cause more drama. The Liam/Hope/Wyatt love triangle will have you wanting more. Who will she choose? If it is humor you are looking for don't miss Pam & Charlie. The location shoots are definitely something to see, from Malibu, to Cabo to Italy. If you haven't watched it you should tune it! You will be addicted after just one episode! Tell your friends and family too. You won't be disappointed!
  • Juniore16 June 2000
    B&B Rules! The plot, setting and characters rock. I like how it has a complicated family tree, with practically every character being related in some way. And all the characters are rich on the show. Amber Moore is my favorite, at first she was a b*tch, but now she is nice ever since that secret! Kimberly's new hair style is cool, she is much sexier now. The show has changed so much. Some parts about it are better, while others are not. Many of the enemies are now friends. Like C.J. & Rick, and Sally & Stephanie. They did drop a lot of good characters over the years though. Like Jessica, Dylan, Jasmine, Sly, Sheila, Felicia, Maggie, Myles, and Ivana. At least they've kept other characters, like Brooke, Rick, C.J., Taylor, Macy, etc. The fights are so adventurous. B&B is so underrated. I wish they would extend it's time.
  • I remember being forced to watch this junk with my ex wife. Not a day without a new episode of this one (and preferably also yesterday's rerun) to lighten up dinner. This show actually proves the expression "bored out of my mind" to the fullest. Everlasting melodramas, bad acting and totally senseless plots. At least in the early years, the series' "outdoor" shots were always stills or clearly shot indoors.

    The all-time high for this show was when some actor other than Ronn Moss (Lane Davies, I see, from the cast of characters) stepped in for him to play Ridge Forrester - because Mr Moss was on vacation! And to top it off, they gave this information as a voice-over when the new actor appeared on the screen! Hilarious!
  • I first discovered this show back in the winter of 1999, and with the first storyline I watched being with the whole Morgan DeWitt thing, I was immediately pulled in. I, of course, watched it whenever I could (I didn't get out of school until 2:30 back then) and viewed many interesting storylines (Amber taking Becky's baby, Becky's terminal illness, Macy's "death", Bridget marrying Deacon, he getting Brooke pregnant, the aforementioned Taylor/Ridge/Morgan storyline, and so on.) But when Brooke started to pursue Ridge on a regular basis, Taylor's death and the untimely return(s) of Sheila (as well as other unneeded plots) just annoys and sickens me to the point where I can't watch this like I did in high school. The writers have certainly lost something in the magic of their writing, at least with me, and I'm truly sorry to hear that, not even the great talent of Jack Wagner on board, who shook things up on my beloved Melrose Place, can save this soon to be train wreck of a soap opera. *Sighs* And it had all the potential, too...
  • The Bold and The Beautiful has got to be one of the worst Soap Operas ever made in the history of television. The acting is atrocious and the storylines totally unbelievable. The entire show is a cheaply made set-bound excuse for a TV programme. People talk to themselves (characters like Brooke, Amber etc) and no one seems to think that this is odd abnormal behaviour! Where I come from people who talk to themselves are usually taken away by men in white coats and put in a mental institution! If you want to have a good laugh and want to see the worst acting EVER then watch this show-it is an example of how Not to make a TV show! It amazes me how such a bad show is still running after all these years!
  • mcamero317 January 2014
    B&B is my absolute favorite show on television. Drama, romance, suspense, intrigue... It truly has it all! I love riding the roller coaster of emotions that the writers put us viewers through on a daily basis. With all the other dramas that come and go, B&B has always been a consistent source of entertainment for both myself and my entire family. Three generations watch together on a regular basis; B&B truly brings us all together! After ten years of watching religiously, I even got my college roommates interested in the show, and they are hooked, as well! The sexiest show on TV is without question "The Bold and the Beautiful!"
  • The bold and the beautiful can defiantly be blamed for the mistreatment of its most important character, the divine Mrs. Brooke Logan, but in the last few years, under executive producer brad bell, it became one of the most surprising and shocking soaps. With plotlines involving the revelation of the father of Becky's baby, ridge's paternity proven wrong, Brooke's pregnancy by her son-in-law and what is referred to as `the best kept secret in daytime television history' - the return of kimberlin brown's psychotic character Sheila - B&B has proven itself as a must-watch soap. The once slowed-paced show has became a blink-and-you'll-miss-it TV with plenty of surprises and shocks still in store.

    If only the producers will look back to the show's roots and restore Brooke's integrity and character I would rate the show as `perfect
  • The Bold and the Beautiful is a soap about the Forrester family and their troubles. I have watched the show since day one, and the focus has really changed. I miss many of the old charactres (Ivana,James,Bill Spencer,Sheila,Macy), and don't think the new ones (Massimo,Decan) are really all that good. Ridge not being Eric's son totaly ruined the show. There are still great preformers (Taylor,Ridge,Clarke,Stephanie,Throne). One of the four remaining actors/actress is Brooke Logan who's job is to be a bitch, which she has pulled off well in the last 15 years. Overall a great show which has seen better times.
  • I started watching Bold in 1998 on Channel 5 in the UK. Channel 5 showed Bold in the mornings followed by Sunset Beach (not only the best soap ever, but one of the best TV shows ever!. I became a huge fan of Sunset Beach for the way it poked fun at itself and would tune in to Bold to wait for Sunset Beach to begin. Bold seemed bogged down in an endless triange between Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor. My husband thinks Taylor is foxy but Ridge is a lunkhead and I can't understand what Brooke sees in him.

    When Sunset Beach came to a much undeserved end, Channel 5 brought the Bold episodes up two years from 1997 to then current 1999. I was hooked! Amber Forrester is one of the sharpest characters ever and it has been a pleasure watching her change from world's worst liar to a caring mother to her cousin Becky's baby. Brooke is STILL hung up on Ridge but with so many entertaining characters like Amber, Bridget, and the divine Deacon I can put up with her whining. Bold is a fun half hour packed with glamorous women, gorgeous guys like Deacon, outrageous costumes (check out what fashion company employees wear to the office in this show ;-)) and melodramatic storylines that never veer into the totally vapid and unbelievable like other US soaps are prone to do. Many ex-Sunset Beach actors have graced the cast, such as Amber (Adrienne Frantz), Deacon (Sean Kanan), Kirsten (Tracey Melchoir), Lesley Anne Downe, and best of all the fabulous Sarah Buxton as Morgan De Witt, maneater and snake charmer supreme. Part of the fun is the Dynasty style acting: Sally Spectra must been seen to be believed. There is absolutely nothing better than Bold, especially when there's a wedding that's about to be interupted - or another fight between Stephanie and Sally -- or another plot by Stephanie to protect her children -- or another child who's going to find out Mama and Papa aren't who everyone thought....

    Bold has become the most broadcast and the most popular television programme in the world, and rightfully so!
  • I don't care much for negative reviews. I have watched soaps most of my life and Bold and the Beatufiul is one of the best soaps on the air. I love Susan Flannery as matriarch, Stephanie Forrester. Of course, the cast is first rate with actors and actresses like Ronn Moss, Darlene Conley, Colleen Dion, etc. This show was Bill and Lee Phillip Bell's second soap and it's one of the most popular soaps on the air today. The style is very similar to it's sister show, THe YOung and the Restless. Sometimes, I don't care for the story lines but I do find the show's history enduring. It came on in 1987 and there is always that rumor that it will be extended to an hour. They never have or intend too in my opinion. The show has a steady cast of players that have been on since day one which is a good sign. The fact that they set it in a major city like Los Angeles and it has succeeded immeasurably shows that major cities can be daytime drama settings. Some have failed like Ryan's Hope which was set in NEw York City. I wish there were more soaps out there in the waiting. I don't want to see American soaps become an endangered species.
  • I love "Bold and the Beautiful" !! I have been watching the show every day and I tape it when I am not home. It is part of my life. I have watched soaps for years and this one is the best. There isn't a character I don't like. I love Brooke and Deacon (We have 2 Beagles named after them) Samantha,Hector,and Caitlin are my newest favorites.I must say that I liked Amber better as a blonde. I really enjoy the show and hope it is on the air forever. Stephanie and Eric are 2 wonderful people. I just can't say enough about this soap. Jackie (who played Madeline on North and South with Patrick Swayze) is a very talented woman. Glad Masamo (who played Stephano on Days of our Lives) came to B&B. I love Pricilla (Sue Ellen on "DALLAS") She is talented and as beautiful as ever !!!
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