Danny Tanner: Okay girls. Lets pick a name for our new puppy. Michelle do you have a name for the puppy?

Michelle: Yes I do. Michelle.

Danny Tanner: That's your name.

Michelle: I like my name.

Steph: Mr. Bear and I have the perfect name. Mr.Dog!

D.J.: Mr.Dog? Steph when you have a kid someday what are you going to name it? Mr.Baby?

Steph: Not if its a girl.

Danny Tanner: I think we should name him something that fits his personality. Like... Puddles.

D.J.: Dad I have the perfect name! Comet. Because he's fast and he has a tail.

Danny Tanner: And he only hits the newspaper once every 76 years.

[repeated line]

Jesse: Have mercy!

[repeated line]

Michelle: You're in big trouble, mister!

Jesse: Joseph, it's finally happened! He's cleaning liquid soap!

Danny Tanner: Don't be silly. I'm just cleaning my rubber gloves.

Joey: Danny, there's no shame in therapy.

[repeated line]

Steph: How rude!

[repeated line]

Michelle: You got it, dude.

Jesse: [repeated line, answering phone] Talk to me.

Steph: [Danny holds up a picture of a little DJ] I was adorable!

D.J.: Steph, that's me!

Steph: My, how you've aged.

Steph: Michelle, you are old enough to hear this... How rude!

Michelle: [to Uncle Jesse] Why does she always say that?

[Joey sniffs Jesse's hair]

Joey: Gee, your hair smells like melon. What are you using?

Jesse: Oh, it's this new product called 'Gee, Your Hair Smells like Melon.'

Steph: Oh no, it's Kimmy Gibbleburger!

D.J.: Kimmy called me a geek-burger.

[repeated line]

Duane: Whatever...

Kimmy Gibbler: [talking to D.J] Your sister is such a tattle-tale.

Steph: I am not and I'm telling you said that.

Danny Tanner: [puts a record on and starts dancing] This is Danny Tanner reminding *you* that disco will never die!

D.J.: Cathy Santoni is a complete bimbo. She signed up for Shop Class cause she thought it was taught at the mall.

Gia: [the girls walk into Stephanie's room chatting away, while putting their shopping bags down, and heading over to the mirror] Alright. Now, let's work on our look. It should be vulnerable, yet tough.

[They pose]

Gia: Tougher!

[They pose a tougher look]

Gia: Come on, Tanner, can't get any tougher?

Steph: Not without spraining my face?

[They laugh]

Gia: Let's work on our hair.

[Michelle comes in with Derek and Lisa as the girls are fixing up their hair]

Lisa: We better go. It could be contagious.

Steph: We're practicing how to pose for our album cover.

Michelle: Oh, we thought you had cooties.

Derek: Actually, we're here because we maybe of some assistance to your ensemble.

Kimmy Gibbler: Look, unless you're here to help the band, leave.

Michelle: Kimmy, stay with me on this. Derek and Lisa are great singers. You let them in the band, you definitely win the contest.

Steph: Excuse me when I say...

[laughs mockingly, the other 3 girls join her]

Derek: I knew it. The risk of humiliation has born bitter fruit.

Jesse: [Coming into the room] Alright, Michelle, you and friends beat it. I got to work with the band.

Michelle: You can start on their personalities.

Vicky Larson: [Entering the studio after "The Perfect Couple" game show has ended] Danny, I know, I'm late. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

[Looking around and seeing the red and white Heart shaped balloons]

Vicky Larson: What did I miss?

Danny Tanner: Oh, not much. Estelle and I just won a trip to Cabo.

Estelle: [to Vicky] We'll send you a postcard

[Slaps Danny on his butt, then exits]

Vicky Larson: [Looking at Estelle in shock as Estelle leaves] Who is that?

Danny Tanner: One half of the Perfect Couple. Vicky, where were you?

Vicky Larson: [Happily] I know you're angry, but when you hear where I was, you're gonna be happy. I was in a meeting with the head of the network. Danny, I'm gonna anchor the network news in NEW YORK!

Danny Tanner: [Disappointed] New York? "The Big Apple" New York? "You can't catch a cab in the rain" New York?

Vicky Larson: Yes! Yes! And I don't need a cab 'cause I got a driver!

[She happily and excitedly hugs Danny]

Danny Tanner: [Still disappointed] That's great. But what's gonna happen to us?

Vicky Larson: Well, nothing, nothing. I'll just be based in New York instead of Chicago. I mean things'll be exactly the same between us.

Danny Tanner: I, I don't want things to be exactly the same between us. I, I want things to get, get better and closer, not... farther and..."worser". Vicky, I, I wanted to... sit down with you this weekend and finally set our Wedding date. When are we... gonna start our life together?

Vicky Larson: [Her happiness begins to die down] Well, this does complicate things. I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer.

Danny Tanner: [Even more disappointed] Yeah, yeah, I, eh, I can't do that. It hurts too much being apart all the time.

Vicky Larson: [Saddened] I know, it hurts me, too. I just don't see any other way for us, I mean, unless you move to New York.

Danny Tanner: You know I can't do that. I mean, I can't, I can't uproot my family. If it was just me, I'd be there in a second. But everything in the world that's important to me is right here in San Francisco... except you.

Vicky Larson: Oh, Danny, you're very important to me, too. But I, I, I can't turn down this job. I mean I've always wanted to be a network anchor. I mean, when I was a little girl, I played with a Barbara Walters doll.

Danny Tanner: [Saddened] I know how you feel. I had a Hugh Downs Lunch Box.

[Even more saddened]

Danny Tanner: Well, I can't ask you to give up your dream. So, I guess I'm gonna have to give up mine.

Vicky Larson: [Very saddened] Are you saying that it's over?

Danny Tanner: [Heartbroken] Yeah, I guess I am.

Vicky Larson: [Heartbroken. beginning to cry] I do love you.

Danny Tanner: [Heartbroken, welling up with tears] I love you, too. I guess that's not enough, is it?

Vicky Larson: [Heartbroken] I guess not.

[They embrace each other and hug, with Vicky crying on Danny's shoulder]