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  • I always felt that this series was underrated. It was entertaining, imaginative and should have been given more credit than it was. True Barbara Bosson was a bit annoying, but the show was entertaining. John Ritter will be missed.
  • I am one of maybe a few people who thought that this show was the greatest show on TV at that time, and boy oh boy do we need a show like this on TV now.With all the stupid reality(Better known as crap TV) shows on TV, it was really refreshing to turn on your TV at 9:00 on Wednesday night and not only hear a great opening theme but get a beautifully written well acted entertaining show to boot.For me Hooperman was that good friend that you knew you were going to see every Wednesday night for one hour. And that's a feeling that none of these silly reality shows will ever, ever be able to give any real TV watcher.

    And it's a shame that now he's gone forever, and the magic of Hooperman is gone as well. God bless you Hooperman wherever you are.
  • I totally agree with the other comment. Here in the UK we are also besieged with moronic reality TV which, with the odd exception, is pure garbage. "Hooperman" was a wonderful 'dramedy' and the fabulous John Ritter was a sheer delight in the lead role, as, indeed, he was in every single role he undertook. Why isn't the series on DVD so fans can at least relive the show?! My God, we need it to watch when others are gawking at the ghastly 'Big Brother' and the like!! Like the amazing David Kelley, all Steven Boccho's shows were well written and observed, with large doses of humour mixed in the with the drama. Shows like "Hooperman" were hugely entertaining without the current 'need' to include sex, foul-mouth swearing, gratuitous violence or people throwing up at least once every half-hour. There was nothing to object to with "Hooperman", and John Ritter proved that he was a versatile, talented actor and not purely a comic actor as many people believed, following 'Three's Company'.
  • This wasn't the most memorable of TV series, but it was nice to see John Ritter back in a leading role again. I practically grew up on "Three's Company" and it was a switch to see him doing a dramatic role, but the episodes seemed to be peppered with comedic touches.

    Kudos for having that gay cop! Kind of stereotypical, being San Francisco, but hey - gay is good!
  • I saw this show a while back on re-runs and enjoyed it. It's one of those gentle comedic dramas that come along now and then, strong on characterisation and dialogue. It was amusing, involving and a nice ride.

    When I saw it I didn't know it had only lasted two seasons, but wasn't surprised; it really didn't have mass appeal. Not full-on enough for a 1980's audience - and even less so for today's viewers. Still, for anyone who can appreciate its strengths it has great appeal.

    The only real flaw was the inclusion of the homosexual character. Very PC, but not an enhancement to the show. Still, this is a small criticism; this was a very enjoyable production, and John Ritter was great in the lead role.

    When the show's run ended I missed it.

    Rating - 8/10
  • Harry Hooperman (John Ritter) is an unconventional irreverent police detective in San Francisco. His favorite move is to throw a watermelon off the ledge to scare jumpers. In the pilot, his beloved landlord Stella is killed by a robber and she leaves him her building and her ill-temper dog Bijoux. He hires aspiring writer Susan Smith as the handywoman who is his romantic lead in the first season. Captain C.Z. Stern is his emotional boss with an unstable personal life. Inspector Bobo Pritzger is an old fashion grumpy redneck and Inspector Clarence McNeil is the black one. Patrol officer Mo DeMott keeps making passes at her gay partner Rick Silardi. Betty Bushkin is the quirky dispatcher.

    It's a Steven Bochco cop show. Along with Terry Louise Fisher, it's the same team that created L.A. Law. It's gritty drama with some quirky touches. It's not really funny which is very odd for a show with John Ritter. The sarcastic quirkiness is a little endearing but no actual laughs. One does wonder if Ritter is going to take a pratfall. The half hour format also doesn't feel right for the genre. This show had too many things that are a little off. Otherwise this could have been a good show.