• WARNING: Spoilers

    When Nick Foley(a self-made millionaire from New Jersey)decides to manipulate his image for a business merger,he bites off more than he can chew. He adopts 6 orphan girls who refuse to be split up and makes sure the press is there to catch every glowing moment,all whilst planning to move them to a boarding school after his success. Raising 6 girls though is no easy task,even with his butler filling in from time to time, and they keep him on the edge of his last nerve. He doesn't like the girls coming between him and his playboy life he is so fond of. When things go awry,and Nina runs away,he starts to take notice of them as people instead of a merger. A little effort from both sides can go a long way.Soon, he changes his mind about the school and decides to keep them around permanently. He needs to smooth out his rough edges though and become the role model parent,which takes a lot of time and love. The girls go through their own angst's as they adapt to a having an adult who is actually trying. Used to being on their own,they make a lot of adult decisions without asking Nick, such as buying a food truck,falling asleep on a train,stealing a horse,printing a a political paper, to making a secret trek to Vegas to retrieve Elvis guitar,and quite often putting themselves at risk. Nick is always there to save the day and they start to realize they can rely on him.The girls constantly learn valuable life lessons. Cheating,stealing,arson,sex to even dropping out of high school are addressed tastefully and thoughtfully. They address the history of the time period and hit on events leading up to The Cuban Missile Crisis The series features a mixed diverse cast long before diversity was the norm.Set in 1961 and featuring period songs re-written to fit the plot line make this Family Musical Dramady one not to miss.