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  • This is a film appreciated most by those who enjoy nature and animals. There is little speaking in the film as the star of the film is Benji, and he is lost in the wild and away from humans. (There is maybe a minute or two of dialogue at most in the entire film.) This film entirely focuses on Benji and some wild kittens that he takes care of in the wild and tries to keep from danger. It's a cute film, but it also shows us the not-so-cute side of nature when some of the kittens end up in fatal situations. A touching film, Benji the Hunted will be enjoyed by children and it sends a good and honest message to us about nature and survival.
  • It's been years and years since I've seen this one but I remember it very fondly. Perhaps one of neatest things about the movie is that there is little to no dialog so we don't have to worry about horrible actors.

    Benji is great. He is extremely convincing when he stops to ponder various situations like when he knows his owner is nearby but he decides against going home right away.

    I just happened across the page for Benji but now that I have, I think I need to get to Blockbuster to pick this one up. I highly recommend.
  • I remember seeing the first two Benji movies as a kid, but when this came out, I was in high school and didn't have an interest in seeing it during that time in my life. Just now watched this on DVD, twenty years later after it was released in theaters, and I can honestly say that my girlfriend and I truly enjoyed this movie. Some of the peril might be a little upsetting for small children or sensitive viewers, but it simulated drama that was more compelling than the first two Benji movies. The first movie will always be a classic, but this movie seemed to be more effective, probably due to the setting and the plot. Having less cheesy human dialog like the first two movies had was refreshing as well. Just letting the animals "act" made for an enjoyable movie watching experience. Anyone who is an animal lover will really love this movie! I highly recommend it!
  • bobbiwibble27 December 2010
    I'm 20 and this film just came on the day after Boxing Day, it looked like a cute easy-going Incredible Journey sort of thing so me and my Mum settled down to watch it and we were just blown away. I'd never heard of Benji so there weren't any expectations although it made it harder to understand the beginning. But I wish I'd seen something like that when I was a kid, and I don't care how different films are in the future - when I have children I will DEFINITELY sit them down to watch Benji the Hunted! The acting was frankly astonishing for a dog, and I laughed out loud when the little dark kitten went up to the bear and tried to growl. How they got a small male dog to run up and down and even climb cliffs with cougar cubs in his mouth I will never know. In short, a 20 year old and a 49 year old give this movie 4 big thumbs up and even Dad watched it all the way through, although he'd never admit to liking it
  • a number of times. Just happened to come upon again this past weekend and I was really not in the mood for a tear jerker, but I sat back and watched it again.

    What a wonderful film. The dedication that went into the training of these animals and the time it must of took.

    This film tells a wonderful story of a mutt with love in his heart and the courage to take over a situation that would be very hard for the rest of us to do.

    Some of us can't take care of and protect our own children sometimes, imagine getting four more kids added onto your waist belt and then having to protect them from predators that walk on four legs with giant fangs or slide upon the ground in quiet with poison in their mouths. Never mind the two legged predators you would have to deal with. Then there is Mother Nature and the other elements of the forest to worry about. Then food - oh my goodness. This little dogs heart is the size of the Earth. Thank you Benji. Thank you for teaching me a little something for when I have kids.
  • Truly truly remarkable filming ....would love to know how they got a male dog to cart around wild baby cougar kittens...totally fascinating! To see how they made this film would be awe inspiring! Many direct tv stations are now showing this film...its about time...the music alone is fantastic and right in rhythm with the events in the film. Benji is trained superbly!!...need more films like this....
  • Benji the Hunted is a movie that will surely bring a warm joy to animal lovers. The biggest strength of the movie is the detailed portrayal of emotions by the animal star-cast. It is nearly impossible to miss the perfection with which director Joe Camp captures even tiny details like the trembling legs of cougar kittens that followed Benji, the innocence of their faces, or even their spontaneous playful nature. The movie is not about Benji performing breath-taking complicated maneuvers to save the day, rather how Benji faces the day-to-day challenges of living in the wild with the added responsibility of four orphaned cougar kittens. The challenges of the wild are plentiful, enough to keep your eyes hooked to the screen. Yet it's not a fast-paced thriller which would have cost the movie its credibility as a realistic one. The human actors in the movie have very limited role, and the director wastes no time in bundling them out of limelight. Benji again emerges as a hero, showing a big "human" heart, and the message of peace and non-violence is very effectively communicated in the movie. The background score is average, yet does its job efficiently by not distracting the audience from the movie. It is a family movie suitable for all age groups, and a recommended watch for all animal lovers.
  • I saw this movie when I was little on vhs after it came out in 1987, I loved the wildlife element and the fact that benji was so loving and caring for those he protected against the wolf, it sucks that this movie benji the hunted isn't in none of the benji dvd movie collections or on blu ray but hopefully one day it will, and I'd love to see deleted scenes to if there are any, I saw this benji movie before any of the others actually, and later in school I saw a different benji movie and I did not like it, this a certain realness to this movie, not a lot of talking in it, there's a certain sadness or odd feeling that this movie gives off, but benji sacrifices a lot and it shows he is a great dog, I still love this film
  • Our great K-9 Friend and Rescue Helper Benji is on his way to the forest to help bring a mountain lion's cubs back together again. But on the way, Benji faces the lion, birds and a killer wolf on his persuit. This disney movie is great for the family and not to be missed and a great award to Director Joe Camp and Benji himself. Astonising Forest Photography!
  • Its such a pleasure to watch this movie.. Its nostalgic and carries out a message like helping when i watched this as a child.. Disney movies always make us feel special when we are in childhood and this movie is an example.. A dog alone in the wilderness teaches us something about a world called "humanity" which we think the word only refers to humans.. Such a feel good and heart warming experience ... Its a treat to watch this movie again and again.. Action speaks louder than words is the perfect proverb suitable for this movie, there are no dialogues but we can feel the warmth in every frame of the movie... Totally its a perfect movie for the whole family.. :)
  • As with the first two adventures the performance of Benji in this movie is amazing. What's more the makers have a bigger budget so the set pieces involving wild animals and the photography throughout is really sensational. Again this film got largely ignored - which is truly a shame.
  • It's very difficult to fault a movie with imagery as superb as 'benji the hunted'. The score alongside some of the most touching wildlife scenes leave modern, high-budget 'blockbusters' in the B-movie category.

    Like most reviewing this title, I too grew up watching Benji countless times with a passion to travel overseas and volunteer with wildlife ever since. Any movie that leaves such a lasting impression and consistently delivers thoughts of awe decades after its release deserves an excellent score.

    This is one of those films!
  • jgraziano229 August 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    After re-watching the previous Benji movies I had a difficult time locating this one. I loved it and am actually glad I got to see this one last. It just may be the best one. It really is heartbreaking( and somewhat annoying) to read some of the negative posts about the Benji films because these people seem to be unfairly comparing the movies to the hit-and-run stuff that is cranked out by Hollywood today. That's right, Benji movies have no big special effects, no big stars, no foul language, etc, etc, but they have something more important than those things, they have a lot of HEART. Director Joe Camp has clearly earned his place in movie history with his desire to create family entertainment in these films and they are even now being regarded as classics. Deservedly so.
  • Every once in a while there comes a great cinematic masterpiece that encases some of the most engaging acting, writing, cinematography, direction, and production design a valid work of art should entail. Benji: The Hunted, has become the benchmark in cinematic mastery that all films that follow will struggle to achieve. The vast, majestic cinematography echoes the brilliance of nature, much like Kundun and Ishtar. The acting rises well above thespian mastery with brilliant nuances displayed by stars Benji, Lion cub 1, Lion cub 2, Lion cub 3, Lion cub 4, the bear, and the coyote. The true mark of cinematic genius lies in the protagonist's struggle against its antagonist, and the eagle's portrayal of the villain is nothing short of diabolically genius. The full character arc of Benji's character, Benji, tells the story of an inner soul struggling with emotion, as well as a sense of duty. While many actors act with their movements, true genius actors act with their eyes. With every blink and vacant stare throughout the film, Benji told a million stories. Every film struggles to achieve its primary goal: to entertain. But every once in a while there comes a cinematic work of art that does more than entertain, it touches lives... it monuments human emotion... it breaks through barriers once thought to be unbreakable and much as in Benji: The Hunted... it very may well change the world. I thank you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was looking for something family friendly for Thanksgiving and came across Benji the Hunted. I didn't even know this film existed. Just about the entire film is absent of any human beings. The animals do the acting. Benji of course dazzles with all his tricks, but it's just as remarkable that they were able to get the cougar cubs to act the way they did as well as the wolf and other animals. It must have taken quite a few takes to get it all right, since you can't exactly "train" a cougar cub to do what you want it to do. There are a few demented scenes that small children might find shocking, like the cougar mother getting shot, one of the cubs getting swept away by a hawk and the wolf being tricked into plunging to its death off a cliff. Since the film is absent of any plot other than Benji trying to get the poor cubs to another cougar so that she can adopt them, some of the scenes drag on way too long, like the ten minutes it takes Benji to carry the cubs up the mountain in his mouth, but otherwise this is perfect fun for animal lovers and to keep the kids busy.
  • gaqliveshere24 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is hilarious. Not only does it have the completely bizarre factor of a dog barking at black bears, cougars and birds and then legging it, but one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. I was literally crying.

    Some of the more passionate Benji fans on this page will recall immediately the heart-stopping scene where our hero, Benji, is being chased by the terrifying wolf. Thankfully, the wolf meets his demise by tossing himself off a cliff, and then falling stiff as a board down into the canyon below as if the production crew had thrown a stuffed wolf out of a plane. On the way down the wolf goes... awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Make sure you take the time to preview this movie before you show it to your young children. I haven't watched this movie since I was 8, but I am still scarred. First you see the mother shot dead, and then one by one they pick off the kittens. I cried through the whole thing. Why would they do that to children?
  • I admit that I haven't seen every "Benji" movie that has been made - I still haven't seen "Benji: Off The Leash" - but I am confident that when I see that aforementioned movie, "Benji the Hunted" will still be in my opinion the weakest Benji movie that has been made. About the only thing it has going for it is some spectacular Pacific northwest scenery. But even the colorful backdrop won't stop most viewers from falling asleep while watching the movie. The movie blunders in two ways. First, there is really no edge for the most part to what we are seeing. Benji for the most part just wanders around in a quest that won't strike most viewers as being essential or life-threatening. That leads to the second problem, that being the movie is really boring. It just keeps repeating the same things over and over, and soon it becomes tiring and endless. The movie is capped by a really weak and abrupt ending. Not the worst family movie I have seen, but I would only recommend it to (very) patient little kids.