Amanda Peterson was 15 years old during filming, and Patrick Dempsey was 20 years old.

The Airplane Graveyard/Boneyard is located just outside of Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.

Patrick Dempsey is a car collector and race driver. He used all of his pay from this film to buy his first car, a 1963 Porsche 356 convertible.

Amanda Peterson's family claims that a traumatizing experience on the set led to her problems before her death.

Original title of the movie was "Boy Rents Girl".

The film was done non-union. The Screen Actors Guild sent representatives to the set to dissuade the students at the high school from being extras. While their plan ultimately failed, the school's Drama Club decided not to participate.

The school used in the film was Tucson High School, the home of the Badgers.

Amanda Peterson and Tina Caspary had previously played dancers/orphans in Annie (1982).

Patrick Dempsey and Seth Green reunited years later when Green did a two-episode stint on Grey's Anatomy (2005).

Quint says he is an expert on fine wine. The wine he spills on Cindy's blouse is ripple, a cheap dessert wine.

Courtney Gains and Patrick Dempsey also costarred in Sweet Home Alabama (2002).

The scene in which Cindy and Ronald jump the perimeter wall and explore the Regeneration Group Aircraft Bone Yard was shot at Bob's Air Park, an aircraft recycler just outside the Boneyard, which has since been sold.

Iris has intimate scenes with all three of the popular guys: with Big John at the first party at his house, with Ricky at the school dance, and with Ronald at the New Year's Eve party at Big John's house.

Takes place in Tucson, Arizona.

Gerardo Mejía And Courtney Gains also both appeared in movies in Winners take all (1987) and Colors ( 1988).

Cindy Mancini's House in the film is the the clubhouse in the Hill Farm community in Tucson AZ. It's off of Ft Lowell Rd, between Swan Rd. and Craycroft.

Corissa Miller was cast as Attractive Girl before being changed to Transfer Student.

Courtney Gains and Darcy DeMoss starred together in Hardbodies (1984).

Paula Abdul: a dancer.