Captain Tuma: So, there was a girl from Lipovec with a deaf Grandnny.

Milan Kouba: Yes.

Captain Tuma: And the nurse from the hospital.

Milan Kouba: Yes.

Captain Tuma: And now, there is also the one, who you've been owning some money.

Milan Kouba: Yes.

Captain Tuma: And everything in one week!

Major Prucha: phoning "What? Women? And on the toilet?"

Captain Tuma: he starts smiling

Major Prucha: phoning "Look, Kouba was caught one hour ago, just outside of Lipovec, ok? Make the order there and don't confuse me, ok? They're fools, liars and lousers! The end!"

Captain Tuma: What? Something new?

Major Prucha: They're fools, liars and lousers, just like I said before.

Milan Kouba: They don't want to go to the forest... maybe they're afraid?

Captain Tuma: Army hen has to be afraid of nothing. Tell it the right command and you will see.