• WARNING: Spoilers

    At his engagement party, Jim Sanders (Michael E. Knight) seems not so sure about his engagement to Patty Winston (Phoebe Cates), a wealthy girl whose father Ed (David Dukes) is the head of a cosmetics firm. The party is cut short when 3 men enter in masks and take Jim away, throwing a grenade to the floor and sending everyone else scurrying from the vicinity. Shortly thereafter, the phone rings, and a voice claims that the grenade is a fake, infuriating Ed, and humiliating Patty.

    The kidnappers are actually Jim's friends, who shanghai him and return him to his place for a bachelor party, much to his chagrin. After leaving him drunk, Jim wakes up when a noise startles him, and going out back, he finds a woman with angel wings face-down in his pool. Taking her inside, Jim is now certain that she is a for-real angel, and notes that she appears to have broken her wing. The angel appears inquisitive but can't seem to speak except in a series of squawks and high-pitched squeals.

    The next day, Jim is surprised when his friends come over, and upon seeing the angel, begin to persuade Jim that he should exploit her for profit. Jim quickly kicks them out, but not before the three decide to proceed with their scheme without him. Patty also shows up soon after, but on seeing the Angel (but not seeing her wings), assumes that Jim has been two-timing her and leaves. Later that evening, Patty's father comes to see Jim about his daughter, but finds himself also enchanted by the angel. Her face soon causes him to consider trying to blackmail Jim to having her be his cosmetics company's spokeswoman (of which Patty's has currently been assigned, but has caused company profits to drop).

    In order to get the angel from Jim, his friends arrange for him to meet with Patty over a reconciliation. This buys them enough time to steal the angel away, while also rousing Patty's ire as Jim rushes off to save the angel.

    Jim manages to catch up to them the next day before they can reveal her to a press conference, and drives off with her. Soon, a search is made, but noone knows where Jim has gone. Secretly, Jim returns to a wooded area he knew as a kid, where he intends to help the angel mend her wing.

    Eventually, the others find Jim in the woods, from Ed, to Jim's friends (and his Dad), along with Patty, who has now become a murderous psycho intending to kill the angel. However, the angel soon reveals that her wing has since mended, and frightens off Ed and Patty, before ascending into the sky. In the aftermath, Jim collapses to the ground, and his friends and his Dad rush him to a hospital.

    It soon is reported that Jim had a cerebral hemorrhage, and may not survive. As he lays in the hospital bed, the angel appears to him, and Jim remarks that he thinks he knows why she landed near his house: she was meant to take him in death.

    The next day, Jim's friends enter, but are soon shooed away by a blonde-haired nurse, who claims that Jim needs rest. As they look at her, a familiar look crosses their face. Once they leave the room, the nurse turns to Jim, and we see that it is the angel, who has become human due to being on 'good behavior.' She also claims that she and Jim will have a long and happy life together.