The movie's producer Jan Sharp initially originally wanted Phillip Noyce (her husband at the time) to direct the picture.

Actor Bryan Brown and actress Rachel Ward were married in 1983 about four years prior to this picture.

First cinema movie collaboration of actor Bryan Brown and actress Rachel Ward who both previously had worked on The Thorn Birds (1983) for television.

Both the Australian DVD sleeve notes and the prologue before the film on its DVD both feature the following: "NOTE: For THE UMBRELLA WOMAN'S release in the United States the title was changed to THE GOOD WIFE. In order to present the film on this DVD the best available source materials the US DVD master has been used and carries the title THE GOOD WIFE at the head of the film".

First collaboration of actors Sam Neill and Bryan Brown who would later go on to both work on My Talks with Dean Spanley (2008), Dirty Deeds (2002) and the television series Old School (2014).

This is the only produced screenplay of playwright Peter Kenna whose name prefixes the film's title in many versions.

Screenwriter Peter Kenna passed away later in the year in which the film was first released theatrically in 1987.

In an interview with Signet on 12th April 1996, director Ken Cameron said: "I think the reason that it didn't work was that there was something very difficult to understand about the relationship between Bryan [Brown] and Rachel [Ward]. They were at the height of their public relationship, very well known as a happy couple. It was terribly hard to cast them as a couple who had some unstated problem in their marriage because everything in fact denied that. So it was hard to understand why she would run after the barman when Bryan was there, because Bryan is quite iconic and quite wonderful as an Australian country man... Without wishing Sam Neill away, because I think he's terrific - it might have worked better had Bryan been the barman... I think that this was an example of how you can cast a film with great excitement, get all these wonderful actors but, at the same time, in the very act of casting, you're blighting it or preventing the drama from emerging successfully".

Steven Vidler was cast by director Ken Cameron whilst Sam Neill, Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown were all cast by producer Jan Sharp.

Final theatrical feature film directed by Ken Cameron who since has extensively worked in Australian television.

Director of photography James Bartle replaced cinematographer David Gribble as D.O.P when the latter took ill with hepatitis.

Ken Cameron replaced Phillip Noyce as director.

One of four major filmed production collaborations of actors Sam Neill and Steven Vidler who had both previously appeared in Claude Chabrol's 'The Blood of Others' (aka 'Le sang des autres') (1982) and 'Robbery Under Arms' (1985) and later both appeared in 'In Her Skin' (2009).

This motion picture's opening title card reads: "Corrimandel, Australia 1939".