Andrew Morenski: I used to be just like you: a short, horny, hopeless dork.

Patrick Morenski: And now look at you.

Andrew Morenski: Well, I'm not short.

Andrew Morenski: [drunk] Well, Ezzard, you are looking at a wanted man.

Ezzard: Hm, you don't say.

Andrew Morenski: [tapping his nose] You don't get a nose like this breaking stocks... I'm a stock broker, dammit!

[looks at his drink]

Andrew Morenski: What is in this stuff? This has a lot of proof in it. These... these high school kids - have you noticed this? - they're so, doc, am I crazy, they seem so - YOUNG!

Patrick Morenski: Okay, on one end of the spectrum you've got homo, and on the other you've got hetero. Then there's me, way the fuck over here!

Andrew Morenski: Do you ever ask yourself "How did I get here?"

Patrick Morenski: Yeah, I used to, but now I just ask myself "How do I get out?"

Patrick Morenski: You left the outside world; you've got to orient your thinking. You've got think repression, think limits. Think humiliation and despair. You're in high school for Christ sakes!