The guy from the Dirty Larry clip: What you say, honky sucker pig-head jive-turkey fool?

Mr. Jones: Winky Dinky Dog - isn't that beautiful? C'mon, say it with me: Winky... Dinky... DOG! Oh, yes. Oh, oh oh...

Mr. Jones: The Winky Dinky Ho Cake... hoes gotta eat too.

Speed: Welcome to Sneakin' In The Movies. My name is Speed and this is my homeboy Tyrone. And we are like movie critics and shit

Tyrone: Well not really. Peep this. Each week me and my boy, you know, we go to different theaters and stuff and sneak in and check out the movie.

Speed: Then we come back and tell you all what's up. Like if you should pay money and shit.

Bobby Taylor: I believe this movie. A dude could jump off a mountain and not hurt himself, 'cause he did brace himself, and knew something about the levels of gravitivity and polarity.

Bobby Taylor: We give "Dirty Larry" the finger!

Body Guard #2: [inspecting the limo] A bomb!

Body Guard #1: No, that's the muffler.

Bobby Taylor: I wish Tiny *would* bring his big fat ass out here... Tiny! I'm going to make it up to you, I'm going to be a star.

Tiny: No, you're gonna be *seein* stars!

Body Guard #1: Don't say "drugs" around the man. And don't say "coke" or "freebase" neither. Unless you got some.

Bobby Taylor: There's always work at the post office.

Uncle Ray: There ain't nothin to it but to do it.

Bobby Taylor: Mr. Batty, how do you tell a good script?

Batty Boy: Does your character die in the script?

Bobby Taylor: No.

Batty Boy: Then, it's a good script.

Bobby Taylor: But what about art?

Batty Boy: It's not about art.. It's about sequel! One film... ONE! You can make an entire career.