The radio voice of Bob Hope is contributed by an uncredited Dave Thomas, who had impersonated Hope several times on "SCTV."

Comedian Douglas Benson worked as the stand-in for Patrick Dempsey.

In-joke: Newsreel narrator is identified on screen as "Alan Brady" - in reality voice of Carl Reiner (who receives a "special thanks" in credits) using name of character he played on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Debut feature film as a director for screen-writer Phil Alden Robinson.

The nicknames of Ellsworth Wisecarver (Patrick Dempsey) were "Sonny" and "The Woo Woo Kid".

The picture began principal photography in August 1986.

The film is known under two titles in English speaking territories, "In the Mood" and "The Woo Woo Kid".

The film's opening prologue states: "This is the story of how one young man finally met a nice girl his own age. The story is true. Weird, but true".

According to a 28th July 2006 article in Entertainment Weekly by Chris Nashawaty about Hollywood producer Bob Kosberg entitled "They Call Him Mr. Pitch", "Sixty years ago, [Ellsworth' Wisecarver was a teenage Casanova who was written up as 'America's Greatest Lover.' When Kosberg read this, his light went on. That's a movie! He and Simon flew to Wisecarver's home in Las Vegas and optioned the rights to his life story for $500. Then they turned around and sold the pitch for $50,000. Looking back, Kosberg laughs at how easy the whole process was. 'All you needed to sell it was one line: He was America's Greatest Lover...and he was 14 years old!' That pitch later became 1987's In the Mood, starring a young 'Patrick Dempsey'".

The movie's closing epilogue states: "The real Sonny Wisecarver is alive and well in California. He is 57 years old, owns his own business, and sends you his best. The End".