Clay: Are you happy, Blair? You don't look happy.

Blair: But do I look good?

Clay: You OK?

Blair: It's the cocaine... too much speed or something.

Clay: That's a relief.

Blair: What?

Clay: Well, you're fucked up, you look like shit, but hey no problem, all you need is a better cut of cocaine.

Julian: I was wondering if I could stay at home tonight. I'd just really like to wake up and know where the hell I am for once, it'll be a nice change of pace for me.

Benjamin Wells: I can't do that.

Julian: Well I wouldn't ask, it's just my options are really kinda limited right now.

Benjamin Wells: Julian, we've been through this a hundred times.

Julian: Yeah, a hundred and one, actually.

Benjamin Wells: You conned your way through rehab, you lied, you stole. And look what you've done to our family.

Julian: I know, but I just want you to give me a break, I need you to be my father for one goddamn day just... just help me. I mean, can't you tell when I'm telling the truth?

Benjamin Wells: No. Trust was the first thing you ruined.

Julian: [starting to cry] Yeah.


Julian: Okay, well I'm gonna go. There's this guy I owe a large sum of money to, yeah big surprise but, I'm gonna try and talk to him, I'm gonna try and do something right for once. I mean it. So I just want you to wish me luck, whether you believe me or not.

Benjamin Wells: [voice breaking] Julian? Can you stay clean, for one week? For one damn week? I'll do everything I can to help you. But I need you to help me too.

Julian: [with a blank stare] I could try.

Rip: This is not recess. Everyone is accountable.

Blair: Did you talk to Julian yet?

Clay: No.

Blair: Clay, I asked you to talk to him.

Clay: Okay, I'll call Betty Ford, you want me to get him a room, fine.

Blair: No, just talk to him, I mean, he's your friend, too.

Clay: It's funny. When you called me, I thought I was coming home to see you.

Clay: Just leave with me! There's no reason for you to stay. Not here, not in LA.

Julian: Jesus! Do I look like I'm ready for homework?

Rip: Julian, who the fuck do you think you're talking to? You're a junkie.

Rip: Well, don't slack off, man. Don't be a bum.

Clay: Like you?

Rip: Just like me.

Julian: I mean, come on. Can't you tell when I'm telling the truth?

Benjamin Wells: No. Trust was the first thing you ruined.

Julian: You *must* party with Julian and Blair! You must party *with* Julian and Blair! You must party with Julian *and* Blair!

Rip: Got a minute, sweetheart?

Julian: Surely.

Rip: We gots to talk business, friend.

Julian: Oh, no, all you need to do is relax. I'm gonna pay you back; all you have to do is *trust* me.

Rip: I don't wanna trust you, Julian, I just want my 50 K, all right?

Julian: Patience is next to Godliness, Rip, didn't I ever tell you that? Actually, it's the flip side of cleanliness, but it's still *pretty* fucking important if you ask me.

Rip: Then what the hell are we talking about, Julian?

Julian: We're talking about you giving me a G on spec.

Rip: No. No. No way.

Julian: Listen, listen...

Rip: You're crazy. Forget about it.

Julian: Come on. There's these girls... falling all over me... for some blow. Come on.

Rip: [pauses, hands him the coke] This is the last time.

Julian: As soon as the club deal goes through, I'm recashing you every penny.

Rip: I hope so.

Julian: Well, don't hope... trust!

Julian: Still pissed?

Clay: [pauses] No.

Julian: Liar!

Julian: I'm real tired. I'm gonna go to bed for awhile.

Benjamin Wells: [Pushes Julian] Not here!

Julian: How about here?

Benjamin Wells: We talked about this.

Julian: When? I forgot. Refresh my memory.

Benjamin Wells: You can't stay here. Live your life anyway you want, but not here.

Julian: Just give me a second. You're the father, and I'm the son. I'm your *son*. I'm sleepy.

Seth Wells: Dad?

Benjamin Wells: Get out. I'll call the police.

Julian: [long pause] Fuck you.

Benjamin Wells: [Grabbing Julian, and yelling at once]

Seth Wells: Get out of the house!

Benjamin Wells: Seth, no! Leave him alone.

Julian: It's always a pleasure.

[Julian leaves]

Clay: Do you know that you girls have televisions between your legs?

Rip: Do you have something for me?

Julian: I had it all worked out. Christ. At least I thought I did.

[long pause]

Julian: I fucked up. I don't have any money. I don't know... I don't know where I'm going to get it.

Rip: [long pause] Julian, this cannot go on forever. You owe me a lot of cash, and I'm carrying you like I'm stupid.

Julian: I know, I know. Just... just please don't cut me off, okay?

Rip: I'm not the problem here. Julian is the problem.