Patti Rasnick: Music is all that matters. One hour on stage makes up for the other 23.

Patti Rasnick: Well well well. They finally got to you. Welcome to the line up. Mom, Reverend Ansley. The whole gang, telling Patti what she can do.

Joe Rasnick: What about Benji?

Patti Rasnick: Already packed.

Joe Rasnick: Go. Go with my blessing.

Patti Rasnick: I will.

Joe Rasnick: Go, go blow out the fucking walls! But you're not taking Benji on the road, not with that metal band.

Patti Rasnick: He's my son, remember?

Joe Rasnick: He's staying here.

Patti Rasnick: With you? With mom?

Joe Rasnick: If necessary.

Patti Rasnick: What's your problem? You want be so clean, so one day you don't have to shit? Benji comes with me!

Smittie: [Joe pays Smittie for some tools Patti stole from his brother-in-law] I like you, you're all right. You've got real family loyalty. Too bad your sister ain't worth it!

Patti Rasnick: [during a fight with her brother Joe] You know, you got a real tune, little brother. You really oughta start your own band. Call it The Attitudes.